Monday, July 21, 2008

When did your patient go missing, girl? =P

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Law assignment: Screwed up.
Hell yeah,most of our Law assignment get rejected.
Sir is so DAMN kind enough to guide us.
We're so fortunate huh.?
To have such wonderful lecturer. (:

And darling and I left our pendrive in Cyber Lab.
We not even realized it until we wanna use it.
Well,seems like darling's blurness will reach my level no longer. XD
Thanks my hubby for getting them back for us. <3

Am so madly in love with Sum 41 recently.
Idk why.
They're cool.They sing nice.!
OHgod,i just love them.And their songs,of course. (:
Somebody in our class just dont know when to shut up,isnt he.?
Gentleman, could you stop showing off your so-called-Australian accent,please.?Please!
You're stepping on Malaysia's land, mind you.
And most important, you couldnt speak with an Australian accent at all.!