Tuesday, November 23, 2010

♥Feeling so fly, Like a G6!

Hey people, I'm back! Final ended. Study weeks had been like hell. Total madness!

Well never mind, now that I survived to the toughest weeks ever, I'm so gonna compensate myself!

Shopping therapy? Movies? Drinking sessions? Yumchar? I'M ON! RING ME UP BABESSS! <3

Bye books, hello partyyyy ;)

I salute my determination seriously, for not yielding any temptation during study weeks.

I literally stay at room for 2 weeks! Even Jac begged me to go out and see the world nowadays LOL!

Ahhh how I miss sunshines ;)

Gonna update about my outings soon with photo-spamming :p

And oh, I found something very interesting in Photoscape. Lame me.

I haven't figured that out until now. It's super fun weiii! :D

I'm so addicted with the Page function nowww! <3

Ain't this awesome?

I just need to drag my picture inside. No adjustment is needed AT ALL!

XX! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

♥My Forever Honey Bee :)

I am never good in handling parting issue.

And I hate it very much when I'm forced to separate from someone I'm already close with.

Emo much -.-

Whenever I hug the love goodbye, I try to gulp down my sobs but EPIC FAIL EVERYTIME! Sighh…

Bee Roommie, I'm missing you already :'(

I'm gonna miss you so much, it kills me whenever I think of we're not gonna see each others this often anymore.

We've been staying together for 3 sems, I'm so used to spend time with you this cute lil' babe.

Even though we're both busy with our own stuffs and never get to hang out together, but we never fail to update each others whenever we get back at room every night.

Days in hostel are not so dull because of your existence; there are always chatters and laughters with you around.

I like watching silly youtube with you and LOL together like mad girls; or just to mock someone evilly or envy-ing at some girls' pictures while we FB together.

And oh, who am I gonna show my awesome Korean band's MVs to without you around anymore? :(

And when are we going to have the chances of havin' unstoppable pillowtalks? Laughing at each other's awkward cases? :'(

Well, 3 sems might be not a very long period, but I feel like you're my baby sister already :)

I feel comfortable with you, I even don't mind sharing my darkest little secrets with you :)

A friend is one who knows all about you, but still loves you anyway.

Roommie, thanks for being a friend like that <3

They say good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. So I'll never ever forget you *hugsssss*

Your inner beauty is as exactly pretty and kind as how you look like ;)

Stay bubbly and lively always alright? My pretty cute roommie <3

In this case, I believe Two is better than One <3

Love notes from beloved roommie ;)

Sobsss :( It's so empty nowww...

Oh btw, I'm back to collect earrings for 3rd my ear piercing. I'm thinking of DIAMOND EARRINGS?

Dear someone: I'll wear it on your behalf :p LOL! *evil grins*


Saturday, November 13, 2010

♥She Owns The Night :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Ahh, I miss my girls :(

I miss get all doll up & hang out with friends!

And nevertheless, I miss Hoegarden & snow beers! :( :( :(

Alright, enough rants.
Gotta back to my studies already.
Ciaozzz lurves :(


Thursday, November 11, 2010

♥Ahh Crap! :/

♥Love & To Be Loved

I hate final!!

Kill me! :/

Grumpy Fish! Grrrr~

Anyway, currently listening to Khalil Fong to de-stress~ Lalala~

Wish me luck people! :)

XX! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

True colors? True self? You tell me.

There's a lot of temptation that is way too strong to refuse; allurement that are irresistible; strong seduction that is difficult to endure.

Once they yield to the temptation; to the allurement; to the seduction, they lose themselves, they lose their own world.

But this is not a solid reason for you to give up on your beloved bffs.

Never give up on her.

Believe in the real her that you actually know. The HER you've known for years. Believe that she's only blinded temporarily by temptation.

And when she's awake, turned to look, we're still with her.

No matter how rough the path is, we'll walk through it with her. Give her the courage & the comforts that she needs.

People lost, I lost. Have you found your true self back? Or you just revealed your true color? Same freaking questions right back at me.

Frankly, I have no clue.

Yours truly.

Anyhow life's too short for all of the worries,

So smileeee~! ♥


♥Poppin' bottles in the ice, Like a blizzard ;)

♥Love & To Be Loved

I'm blasting my ears with new songs that my song provider provided me.
Thanks Hendry! *huggiesssss!*

Well, let's cut down the craps & yeah, as Hendry says, sharing is caring ;)

Far East Movement & LMFAO FTW!!

Far East Movement - Don't Look Now

This is super dopeeee! Officially at the top of my playlist!

Far East Movement - She Owns The Night

She owns the night She owns the night~
I'm talking to you~

Lil' Jon - Hey (feat 3Oh!3)

Hey~ I don't care~ Heyyyy~

Dandee & Co-Ga - Kane Money

It's so funny that Hendry & I couldn't find this song! I googled Kanye Money & he googled Kinda Money.
Turns out it's Kane Money pfftttt..

Cassie Ft Akon & LMFAO - Let's Get Crazy Tonight

Nelly - Na NaNa Na

Alright, shall end the post by vain pichas of mine ;)
I miss my messy hair :(

XX! :)