Wednesday, April 28, 2010

♥ Love my healthy lifestyle! :)

It's been ages since I last exercise!

I played ping pong today which is the only sport that I adore! (:

I feel like I slim down a lil' bit already.

Hush, don't break my bubbles by saying ping pong is hardly a type of sport ar! LOL!



*giggling in happiness*

So yea, exercised at around 6pm, after that we went QB for dinner.

j'adore my healthy lifestyle! :D

I'm getting my mood back! Teehee!

I bought myself a pair of very nice and affordable lens already!

Plus the lens casing for my lens machine!

Thanks to Bi Jac for helping me to choose the lens,

and of course, Alvin who intro me there. :D

Heart you guys! :D

Btw, sowie Bi, I know I've been nagging you since morning!

Don't get fed up of me, okie? :D

Alright, enough craps.

I'm gonna crush to my cozy bed right nao!

Night people. Je vous aime!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

♥ Going Crazy.

Attempted yet failed to fall asleep before 1AM.

Not that I refuse to sleep, properly speaking, I can't fall asleep.

Ended up, pillow talk with roommie and I even showed her a –weally weally funny freedio-

(*translation: very very funny video!)

Hahaha! It's a insider joke.

I think most of you know what I'm talking about.

If you lovely people wish to find out, go Youtube and search for RUBY NEWS!

The best method presently known to de-stress, I think! ROFL!

I never thought it would be this difficult. Real difficult actually.

Plus I took some mushroom soup at 2AM cause I was way too starving! AH FRUSTRATION!

I'm such a failure. Wonder if I ever be able to slim down. ZOMG!

I needa rest so badly so I'm gonna tumble to bed nao!

Bye people! Love you guys!


Monday, April 26, 2010

♥ I hate myself.

First of all, I reached hostel for not more than 24 hours and I spent RM20 already. WTF


Here how thing goes, I was going toilet & by the time I slammed the door, I was stunned for like 5 seconds.

Quickly I turned the knob, praying hard that I did not just locked the door.

Stuck! It stuck ffs! I was in a completely daze at that moment. Not knowing what to do, I kept wandering in front of my room.

After that I ran to the security, hoping that the warden was still around.

ME: Makcik, is Irene around? I've locked my room accidentally.

Makcik: Oh, she just went back like 15 minutes ago!

WTFFFFF! That means I have to pay to have her come all the way to hostel to unlock my room!

And she charged me RM20 instead of RM10! What should I expect? She's Irene.

So yea, that's how I kena charged RM20 and finally have my room unlocked.

The next thing would be, every time I'm back at hostel, I'll definitely left out something! I don't know why, I just do!

Well, this time is… LENS! MY FREAKING LENS!

ZOMG, I'm so emo right now.

FML x2,308,429,038,402,398,402,934


Sunday, April 25, 2010

♥ Happy Family! :D

Me: Mi, I wanna go for hair trim.

Mummy: Go lar.

Me: I'm going to have it short. What do you think, mi?

Mummy: Please la, can you cut it short? Keep for so long for what? So hot!

Me: -.-

Mi, I was expecting you to stop me from doing so. LOL. Apparently, mi is not fancy of my long hair T.T

I love you mummy! :D

Plus daddy and I were having this cold war. And we were making a fuss all over the house and mummy couldn't bear it anymore.

Mi: yor, you father and daughter! Stop bickering like little kids!

ME: Daddy la! I hate him! He refuse to bring me to haircut!

Daddy: I got something to do mar.

ME: hmph! Don't talk to me!

Daddy: Hmph! Sayang you also no use one!

ME: NO, I sayang you no use jao got!

Daddy: Your head lar! You sayang me! You never do!

ME: I DID! You don't talk to me!





And the squabble went on and on until we laughed and call a truce.

Well, of course daddy was the first to compromise lar! Cause he sayang me more than I sayang him mar LMAO!

After that, daddy fetch me back to my hostel. Right after I dropped all my things and wanted to take some pocket money from daddy...

Daddy: I thought you don't sayang me anymore? How come take money from me some more?

ME: I don't care! Faster give!

Daddy: Hahahaha! *taking money from his wallet with a big grin on his face*

I hate you daddy! :P

Thursday, April 22, 2010


♥Love & To Be Loved

Ahh, night alone during Thursday night. Surprisingly, I feel good. It would be better if my lovely roommie is around. I started to miss you already, bee bee! :'( I eventually get round to settle down and update my poor bloggie. Nevertheless, friends already complain about my major absence on MSN !

Oh my lurves, my genuine apology. I've been extremely playful recently. Like I said before, all those frequent late night outs. GAWD, i deffo need some restraint here. Life is great, in fact it has been way too fab! Hence, extragavance. Yes, I'm super broke right now fgs. And everything gotta stop right here, right nao.

Plus, I shall dedicate all of my time for classes and mid-term tests, resuming a student's everyday routines since regularity ought to be observed cause it is very conducive for health & of course, my skin. ZOMG!

I got so many pichas to post up, so many things to blog about. But I don't feel like to. No reasons, just plain lazy.

BTW, I've been doing loads of crazy thingy lately. Credit to Alvin. He simply rocks yo! I mean who can be so ready to risk anything? And I literally mean ANYTHING. We were playing games and the loser is dared for something crazy. Sounds fun aye? Well, it is. :P HAHA.

Alvin was dared to dance -Beat It- in front of Happy Mart cashier while babe Justhrin was dared to sing along. LMAO! They're freakishly steady wey! Damn salute them! Respect yo!

While babe Jac and me were dared to say I Love You twice in front of the 7-11 cashiers plus add in the I ♥ U actions! LOL! And yea, we did! :P But we were abit chickened-out at first, I admit. Fortunately babe Justhrin was able to break the ice :S Well, you can't expect too much from a newbie alright? Haha!

Waiting for Alvin for Raja tom yam mee!
& give babe Jac for a surpriseeeee! :P

A lovely bear bear from sweetheart Sin Nee.
Thanks lurve, I HEART IT! :D

p/s; Are you proud of me, V? :P Am I officially in your crazy group? Teehee!

pp/s; Don't be too excited, babe Joanne. You'll be the next! Lol!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

♥ They got nothin' on you baby! :DD

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hello darlings. First of all, sorry for not blogging like 234,908,023,293 years.
Been pretty busy lately.
Tonnes of mid-term tests to handle & not to mention assignments that would join the 'party' very soon.
Alright alright, I couldn't deny my major laziness too. Happy? Lol.

BTW, just finished another mid-term test . Don't ask.
My first day menstrual period & test happened to be on the selfsame day!
PLUS babe Jac & I got into a minor accident while we were going to the college,
and yes, it was the same freaking day!
An idiot guard who was riding a motorcycle bump into us!
Long story, i might blog about it soon.

1 word, DISASTER!
I was strugglin' with both the awful menstrual pain & the questions!
I don't think i was able to think straight with such crap!

The fact is, i wanna whack myself for being totally off the study mood!
All because of the frequent late nights out.
I think I ought to lock myself away in the room , seriously.
No movies, no shopping, no yam cha & so on.

I'm so hungry right nao.
Craves for chocolate fondeur (my big love), Sushi, Haagen Dasz & so lots more! :(
Alright, i should stop fantasizing now or I might starve to death :S


Monday, April 12, 2010

♥PC Fair! :DD

♥Love & To Be Loved

Went to PC fair last week, with babe Jac and Alvin. It was fun. Hot girls all around & if you ask me, i think it's not really people mountain people sea (chinese proverb) since we went on the very first day.

In fact, i think the P1 W1max promoters + Maxis Promoters + Digi Promoters + Celcom Promoters were even more than the customers. LMAO.

Plus they were so terrifying. I'm not exaggerating cause they just won't let any customers who pass through their booth get away! It was like all the promoters lined up in two so that when you pass through in between, they could easily shove the browsers or mumbling about their packages to you! If you pass through the first one, there was still second 1, third 1, fourth 1, .... & so forth. You get what i mean?

So when we were about leaving, we walked to hard to pass through all the booths and suddenly there was this bit fatty guard stopped everyone and shouted," NO EXIT HERE NO EXIT HERE! WALK BACK TO THE SECOND FLOOR," then the other guard uttered," Pusing 1 satu round balik ke 1st floor! "

You thought we idiots is it uncle?! of course we knew we have to turn 1 big round back to the first floor!!! I don't care about taking the longer path back, but I JUST DON'T WANT TO GO THROUGH THE BOOTHS AGAIN FOR GOD SAKES! I just don't understand why we can't get out through there?! Stupid route! Doesn't make sense at all!

I seriously wanna whack the guards wtf!!!
Alright, enough ranting. It was overall fun minus this infuriating part.

& crazy me, I really don't know the reason I applied for Maxis Broadband seriously. It has a trial though, so I think I'm gonna return it to the maxis center. Not really likey the unstable speed and oh-so-limited quota. so yea.

BTW, applied for Streamyx for my homie. YAYYYYYY! :DD

Heart Ji-yeon's hair!!!
& her hood too! :DD

I want her hair so badly!!!
What do you guys think?

2nd row, the first 1 from the right.
Lurve, lurve, LURVEEEEE! :DD

- Time for a new hairstyle? -


Friday, April 9, 2010

♥Pain & Mystery.

♥Love & To Be Loved

Have you ever tried waking up in the morning without feeling like it's gonna be a good good day?
Or doesn't feel like sleeping even it's late in the night, EVEN when you're dozing off, EVEN when your eyes are barely able to open?
& all sorts of thoughts keep haunting you. The thoughts that have no solutions, no ending.

I'm sick of feeling like this. Seriously.

I'm masked, covering myself very well, hide away my truest feelings. My cheerful manner belied my genuine feelings, i think.

I'm feeling tired. Stop me from being like this.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

♥Brand New Blogskin! :DD

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hello darlings. Sorry for setting my bloggie private for so long cause it was under construction.

I think i ought to change a blogskin because:
1. so many people are having the identical one.
2. i'm started to lack of passion to blog due to this dull blogskin.
3. i'm too freeeeeeee ! -well, at least for now-

so yea.

Now i feel like i'm getting back the blogging passions back! oh yes! Feel free to leave a comment to voice out your opinion on my brand new piece! :DD * HUGSSS! *

Before heading to college!

P/S: i'm gonna make sure myself sleep earlier, like before 12 or something. cause i'm having serious dark eye circles issue here. like very very fcking serious wey. Samuel bro told me that he can tell by looking at every of my pic. Crap!!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

♥A very contradict post! :DD

♥Love & To Be Loved

I was used to be this girl who believe in fairytale. Disneyland is my BIG love. I whimper even if i watch Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs or Sleeping Beauty or so on. I had faith & i let the flawless no-matter-what-happens-a-couple-will-still-live-happily-ever-after-ending fact convinced me. Silly i know.

I used to let my mind wander & go bizarre. Somehow it stopped being so.

i discourage people's dreams, their fairtytales; and i discourage mine. My wild imagination is faded away into the mist of real life.

My faith is no longer available.

Everything falls apart. my friendship and my love relationship. and the latter one affect me no more.


Life's fab recently! i mean outings with ma girls and the madness time together, like i think of nothing better. Thanks my darlings for all the birthday surprise OMG i was freaking surprised! Heart you girls muah muah MUAHHHH! :DD

I've decided to get myself the watch! yay!
Anyone is kind enough to sponsor me some?? lolol.

My baby baby baby ohh~ :DD