Sunday, February 14, 2010

♥It's heart-breaking.

♥Love & To Be Loved

The old trouble issue kinda strucks my mind so much that it affected my mood.
yesh, i hate this emo feeling. i dont like crying like a child, stupid child.

i know it's defo silly that i still reck about this . Nothing helps.

oh please please, somebody take this out of my mind!
i dont wanna think anymore! T.T

♥Happy CNY & Happy Valentine!

♥Love & To Be Loved

Happy CNY to my lovely buddies and darlings! Wish you all have a magnificient & prosperous year ahead :)

Well, people says new year new image so yesh i'm kinda sick of my hair...
But i dont think i gonna re-curl it or do rebonding cause it's pretty dry & damaged right now.
I'll give it a break :p

I'm thinking of having it short . Perhaps up to my chest.
I always like the shiny chest-length hair with bright brown color plus some bouncy waves at the tips of the hair.
Yesh, that's my dream hair :)


LASTLY, iloveyouguys! :) Happy CNY!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

♥I shall switch off myself & go in a daydream

♥Love & To Be Loved

The oh-so-random KL trip was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
I shall blog about it soon cause that gonna be lengthy
but never-ending jokes, i assure you :D

Time is fleeting by so swiftly, i wonder why.

Childhood used to be so relaxing yet not insipid. Clock is still ticking at the same speed but we have to rush everything currently. Or else, you ll be discarded far behind of others.

Was able to catch Toothfairy with darlings (V & LM). i think it's quite meaningful and heart-warming awww.

Sudden comprehension of the truth forthwith...

We are not as lively and vivacious as before because of more and more burdens stacking on our shoulders.

We are not so innocent and naive anymore because of the ugly truths and cruel facts we confronted.

Hence, we stumble and fall; learn and grow up.

Now you know why we refuse to believe in fairytales and miracles. The fact is reality never fails to break your bubbles. ( or LM? lol. you know what i mean *wink*)