Friday, December 30, 2011

Complication. </3

When you're unsure of your feeling/status, please don't mess with others'.
I know how hurt it could be so I mustn't do this again. No way.
So what should I do? :(

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Should I follow what my head think or what my heart feel? :(
Somebody please guide me. I feel really bad right now. I don't wanna feel this way. :(

Games over baby. :)

Experiment done. Result's out. Games over.
It's time to move on. :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Games over baby. :)

Experiment done. Result's out. Games over.
It's time to move on. :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Falling in & out.

♥Love & To Be Loved

Oh my, I can’t believe how fast time flies. It’s like I just stepped in year 2011 and now it’s the end of the year already. Let’s hope December will be better cause I really need that lol.

I’ve must say that this year is pretty harsh on me say, friendship, works, family, relatives and of course relationship. I breakdown I cry I stumble I fall, a couple of times. However from what I’ve encountered, I truly believe in the saying of everything happens for a reason.

On a brighter note, my work is my least concern right now I’m glad that I accepted this job offer. Despite some inevitable team conflicts, well, my colleagues are pretty awesome & I enjoy working with them.

And to be honest, it’s been ages since I feel this happy & blessed. I treasure everything and everyone I have right now right here. And one thing I realized, I can be loved by those I care this much. I mean how much they show me that I actually mean something to them., that I’m not replaceable or unnecessary, that they’ll make a lil’ effort so that I’ll stay, that my existence matters to them. :) Thank you so much loves, for all the supports when I thought I couldn’t make through it. Now I’m stronger than ever.

P/s: I just gotta thanks to that special someone. I don’t know what I’ll do without you around when I’m lost. You helped me HELL LOTS. Words can’t even describe how much you did for me. You’re always there you never lie to me. Thank you. You pointed out my wrongs, you taught me how to get over my bad habits, you won’t get sick of telling me how extraordinary how beautiful I am. You're like an angel sent for me. :)

I feel loved & precious. In fact I’m being pampered all this while just that I neglect the attention I already have due to the ONLY craves for the attention of SOMEONE.

Read something that I couldn’t agree more written by a friend, I was raised with first grade love so I’m not settling for second grade from no boy. I promised myself I wouldn't torture myself for someone who doesn’t even worth it. Be smart & be rational.

Btw, am back at home sweet home. I know I seem a lil’ bit like party animal for those who know me but the fact is I really love spending time with my family. Never mind just lazying around at home, watching DVD or just talk. I love my family more than anyone could imagine & I always know that they’re those who TRULY adore you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. They’re just gonna be there.And when I’m at home, I settle down & I take my time to order my inmost thoughts.

As I grow up, the world doesn't seem as pretty or perfect as it used to be. In fact it has its hideous side that I just wanna runaway from. Instead of pointing my fingers to everyone else for my dreadful year, I think it’s time to reflect on myself. My egoistic, my stubbornness, my intolerance, & my so-called principles. All I wanna say is my own attitudes contribute to my sucky year as well. I couldn’t throw the blames away because I myself are partly responsible for what happened as well. I guess my most humble & practical new year resolution would be working on my attitudes, I guess that’s a pretty good kickoff for my 2012! :)

And yeah, as for those who are still wondering why I disappeared from FB, please don’t blast my phone with the same question already. Lol. I’m just taking some time off from some chaos which really gives me severe migraine. I DIDN’T BLOCK ANYONE, I DEACTIVATE MY FB. The least thing I need now is drama, so I’ll activate my FB back when things are settled & when I feel better.

I’m really confused & bewildered right now. When you asked me to think on your behalf, please think on mine as well. How long or how much it gonna takes for you to KNOW/DIFFERENTIATE who to trust when your most beloved one betrayed you before. That’s the time I thought I SHOULD TRUST HIM/HER. Not even a slight doubts. But what happened in the end? I’m not blaming anyone here, I just want some to know how I feel. For the record, I didn’t want or I didn’t choose to be a mad girl who is full of suspicion. This is so tiring. I had insomnia, I couldn’t concentrate on my work. I had this before, I don’t wanna face this all over again. And yes, people change, everyone deserves a second chance. And yup, actions speak louder than words. That’s all I can say. :) I just want my simple life back. No drama, no conflicts, no lies, no hurts, at least not from my beloved ones. So am I asking too much?

Anyway, can’t wait for Christmas. Don’t you lovely people think the same way? ;)

Please listen to this song kay?

And you won't wanna miss this ;)

Yours truly, with happy grin. :D

Loves. Caryne. XO! :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Get up & go. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Love is blind.






make sense,只是都听不进去。












Get up & go, take a chance & be strong.

Or you can spend your whole life holding on.

Don’t look back just go, take a breath move along.

Or you can spend your whole life holding on.





My plans. (:





Gotta learn that it’s not easy, because life is not always pretty.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Black is Back with Arthur’s Day 2011

Black is chic, black is mysterious, black is awesome, as like the best brew in the world, Guinness! :)

I can't even believe that the very famous Taio Cruz who sings the US Billboard no. 1 singles "Break your heart" and "Dynamite" is coming over and I'm gonna have the chance to see him live! How awesome is that! *screammmmmm*
Taio Cruz definitely gonna be the DYNAMITE & take us all HIGHER in the party!

If you think that's all, then you're wrong. We're gonna have 6 talented local music artists vie the opportunity to perform with Taio Cruz based on the votes online and on ground at various performance venues. The top 2 favorites of Malaysians will perform at Arthur's Day 2011 as well. So what are you waiting for? Vote for your favorite RIGHT NOW! :)

The third annual Arthur Guinness Day 2011 is gonna be a worldwide event as it will begin in Ireland and Europe across to the USA and the Caribbean and finally ending in Malaysia. Get ready to party at 17:59 GMT on 22nd September 2011. Well, you might want a very good rest the day before because it’s 24 hours of global celebrations and live music events to mark yet another great year of Guinness goodness. TO ARTHUR! *raise & click glasses*

SO party people, make yourself very available during: -

Date: 23 September 2011
(Friday)Time: 6 pm onwards
Venue: Speed City KL, Selangor Turf Club

I'm very excited for Arthur's Day 2011 because Imma big fans of Guinness and what's more enjoying than having a pint of Guinness and chilling with our buddies? And how could we forget the Arthur's Day this coming 23rd September! Not to mention, Taio Cruz is the live performer that day and I can't think of any reason to miss such event. I mean to watch my big time fave Taio Cruz live and party with all the Guinness lovers, what could I ask more?

Well, I'm all prepared for Arthur's Day already! My black chic outfit! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

♥Dream High, Dreamers. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Came to realize I’ve been taking a break for way too long. All my dreams all my goals that I promised myself that I would work hard to achieve it, I can’t believe I wore it off in time.

Well, the thing is I tend to get about a great deal with several new close friends; I have sometime on my own to marshal my thoughts alone. A simple trip would help me to take me out of myself, so that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Intermingling with buddies from different states, meeting new friends & experiencing unlike customs help me to give deeper thoughts & see matters/things from different angles and perspectives. Frankly, I picked up a lot from them. I must say they’re a very great inspiration to me. They’re like very unlike people from different background & different states gathered together, but all of them have one thing in common which they dream high & they always keep faith in what they’re dreaming about. Should I say they appear just in time in my life to remind me that I used to be just like them? I have no idea that dream that I had, I ALMOST leave it behind. Thanks for the heads up GUYS. X.

Time to recollect the forgotten dream, pick up my pace and yeah, I’ll be back to my game soon. ;)

Good luck to you lovely people, me myself and my new job. I can do this; we can do this. Let’s make our dreams come true. And we’ll be what we want to be when we meet again. X!







Friday, August 19, 2011

♥Can I rewind so that we can make it right?

♥Love & To Be Loved

She all laid up in bed with a broken heart
While I'm drinking Jack all alone in my local bar
And I don't know how we got into this mad situation
Only do things out of frustration

Trying to make it work but man these times are hard.

She needs me now but I can't seem to find a time
I've get a new job now in the unemployment time
We don't know how we got into this mess it's a God test
Somebody help us cause we're doing our best

Trying to make it work but man these times are hard.

But we're gonna start by drinking old cheap bottles of wine
Sit talking up all night
Saying things we haven't for a while, a while yeah.

We're smiling but we close to tears
Even after all these years
We just now got the feeling that we're meeting

Oh these times are hard
Yeah they're making us crazy
Don't give up on me baby.

The Script - For the first time

When I ask you to listen to the song, there's everything inside that I wanna let you know. :)

XX! Much lurves, Caryne.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

♥A better day.

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hmm. I don't know why I'm still wide awake at this hour. Insomnia. My dark eye circles are getting super visible recently. I've been having mood swing and I think I seriously need a vacation. :) Friends are complaining that I was being way too emo for most of my posts because I used to have cheerful habit of mind. Lol. I'll be better loves. Following my path back to when things are not this complicated.

Well, enough with these craps. Let's continue with something happier. Remember my dearest roommie, Chiew Bee? We're very close to each others, we were roommies for almost 2 years? If I'm not mistaken? Reminiscing having pillow talks with her every night before we fall asleep, and how we got scared from the thunder & lightning during late rainy days, and how we showed each others our new apparels and catwalk inside our little room, and how we teased each others about our new flings she LOL at me/I LOL at her when any of us blushed, made me miss her even more. Haha. I still remember when we tease each others, our reactions would be exactly the same where we'll be rolling left and right with the blanket, blushed and smile, then shouted," NO ROOMMIEEEE, I DIDN'T!! / NO ROOMMIEEEE, WE'RE JUST FRIENDS!!" HAHAHA!

P/S: Still remember that roommie? ;) HEHE!

However, the funny part is, we never hang out together for the 2 years period where we stayed together. Funny aye? I guess it's because of the clashes of class schedules, hangout with our own gangs, assignments clashes, tests clashes and so on. Sad right? :/

Anyway, we had our first date recently! Oh well, I know it sounds cliche, but better late than never, no? ;)

Soooo, we went all crazy shopping from 1st Avenue to Prangin Mall, to Gurney Plaza and lastly B'worth (Pantai Bersih) for seafood feast! ;) Eh hem, and as for the seafood part, we were planning to go for Raja Uda tomyam mee as to fulfill my crave but I WAS FREAKING LOST and I ended up at Pantai Bersih. I seriously don't know how I got there. Lol. Luckily Nick and Kay Sen came to rescue. So we settled our meal there. But the food was freaking awesome though!

Very breathtaking seaview.

Very peaceful evening. :)

Being funny. Lol.

Camwhore tak henti2! Lol.

The so-so 'mee tiao'.

Soft shell crabs are fried with marinated egg yolk and slight spicy-ness due to curry powder makes it delicious and crisp. Highly recommend.
Mentis prawn fried with marinated egg yolk. It is so crispy that you can't stop eating once you have a bite of it.
A must for the order list. ;)

Since I missed my tomyam mee, so we ordered this tomyam soup just to fulfill my craves. Lol. Surprisingly, it was pretty good though ;)

I don't know whether this is LALA or not. I'm confused. There are so many types of LALA. I guess it's one type of it. Lil bit of sour and lil bit of spicy flavor. Pretty good choice as appetizer.


Windy evening. Hence messy hair!

Funny attempt. Epic fail! Lol. Roommie and I kept on laughing cause we were so close to each others that we felt like we almost kissed! HAHAHA! And look at Nick's expression -.- Like kena forced wtf.

Samsung Galaxy S2! :)

New way of camwhore. Coach: The Professional Mr Sim Kay Sen.
Without flash.

Flash! @@

My old time fave. Big head shots.
Big thanks to my super roommie! Me likey!

I'm so in love with roommie's Sony Nex!
Am so getting one! Tempted to request from daddy!
But no way! I'm setting Dear Jaclyn as role model. ;)
Earn money myself and buy myself! Good luck to me!

I'll end the post with vain pics of mine.
<3 Much loves, Caryne. XX!

P/S: No matter how rare we see each others, no matter how far we're apart,
you always play an important part of my life. :)