Monday, March 28, 2011


♥Love & To Be Loved

18. Being in love with you.



XX! Much lurves, Caryne.


♥Love & To Be Loved

XX! Much lurves, Caryne.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

♥Lovers & Friends.

Call me crazy but I'm kinda miss my hectic college life already.I miss those days which I have to stay up late to do my due assignments, LAST MINUTE of course as usual; dragging myself to college at night and spent the night memorizing notes for final & so on. I miss it. I miss being a student. I miss my classmates & I miss hostel life. GAHHHH, emo-ness.

'nuff said. :/

How can I survive without you, dear google. :)

Imma nerd.
Ignore me, I don't know why I'm posting this ugly picture.

I guess I'm too mad right now that I'm not at my right mind. -.-

XX! Much lurves, Caryne.

Friday, March 25, 2011

♥Outta Control.

'You've changed, I prefer the old you, the YOU that I used to know.' Stop throwing those horrible words at me. Yes, you KNEW me very well; but you don't KNOW me anymore. The moment you chose to give up, the moment you left me in the dark, that's the moment you disappeared from my life. No calls, no texts, no mails, no nothing. I was alone, swallowing the pain, licking my own wound. And you know what, I survived. You don't know what I'd endured or what I've gone through. Now you're back claiming to be my friends and asking all sorts of questions, trying to reminisce the past while I'm trying to move on.All these talks are bunkum to me. And what's with all these judging thingy while you don't even know a thing? You think you know me, you think you read my mind, oh please, give me a break.

Anyway, I appreciate that you were a part of my life. Ever being my sincere love, thanks for the happiness and the love you've given me.

XX! Much lurves, Caryne.

Monday, March 21, 2011

♥Imma let you walk me out :)

I tend to think a lot. I think it's in the gene, from mum.

I don't linger around something that is over. I think it's in the gene, from dad.

I'm emotional. I think it's in the gene, from mum.

I look happy & merry all the time. I think it's in the gene, from dad.

I fell down hard, I stand up stronger even I'm hurt inside. I think it's in the gene, from mum.

I'm stubborn. I depend on myself. I think it's in the gene, from – oh wellboth of them.

I miss my girls. Big time.

Another happy thing to share, I got in Grant Thornton. I have no idea why they take me anyway. I wish they wouldn't change their mind though :S Lol.

I wish I would get my car ASAP! I can't wait to start working already! :D PRAYING HARD THAT NOTHING GOES WRONG.

Pretty pretty PLEASEEEEEE!

Yours truly. :)

XX! Much lurves.

♥What the hell.

♥Love & To Be Loved

I had enough.
I'll stop trying because I don't want to feel like a FOOL.

Enough said.

XX! Much lurves, Caryne.

Friday, March 18, 2011

♥Happy birthday to ME! :D

Sorry for the long absence loves. I've been gone missing from FB for one week because I went Penang & stayed with my girls with 1 whole week. And there's no wifi there, so I think that's pretty much explained why I've been missing in action for so long? ;)
Yours truly.

Well, time flies and my birthday is over! Anyway, I had very simple but very memorable birthday celebration with my loverboy & my girls! Too bad bff Jac didn't have time to celebrate with me. That's the sad part. :(

I always against in the saying of taking things for granted. Nobody is responsible for treating you good, so if they do, stop taking it for granted, appreciate it instead. And I always believe that simplest thing is blessing. I don't need luxurious birthday celebration, as long as my loverboy, my family and my close fwens are with me, I'm satisfied. And I really never expect anything, so it was rather surprising! :D

So, here goes, March 14, bffs Dayah, Justhrin, Vivi and Natalia went to Qbay and left me all alone at home. They said they have class afterwards, so I couldn't tag along. I had to rot at their apartment, doing nothing. And the worse part was, they don't have internet line!!! So, I don't know how I survived the whole afternoon. Glad that I did! Sooo, after they finished class, they came back and fetch me out for dinner nearby. They were discussing their gym plan or swimming plan later on, and I was like awww, no birthday countdown. I was quite blue sigh. But then I understood that they were tired for the whole day class and stuffs, so I'm okay with a simple celebration on my birthday itself.

Once we back at apartment, these girls started to be real busy running here and there in the apartment, hid inside the room whispering silently & laughing loudly for I-don't-know-what reason. I was too bored indulged playing my stupid computer games that I didn't notice anything. Furthermore, I saw Vivi was blowing her hair so I asked her why washing her hair before gym since she's gonna get sweaty afterwards. She was like, "Err, no lar, I didn't wash my hair." And I believed, I believed someone who is blowing their hair and claimed they did not wash their hair. Okay, wtf, I don't know why I never doubted that. After that they said they were ready for gym so I said I wanna tag along since I was too bored. Then vivi said," she can follow us as well?" I was like, " Why roommie?! Why I can't go along?!" Then they all were like, "Sure sure, jom jom!" So when we were walking out, they all wore slippers. So I was curious, "Are you girls going to wear slippers for gym?" They looked at me, and smiled. Okay, I STILL believed they were going gym. You can call me stupid now. So we took lift and they were heading poolside and I saw a cake on the beach chair, so I knew it was a surprise by that moment. I hopped on my feet, clapping hands and shouted YAY MY CAKE! But then they kept looking around as if they were looking for someone so I was like don't tell me there were somebody else because I was wearing the freaking big tee & flip flops & specs! I went wtf when 3 of them walking out from the corner, the loverboy, Mugun & Ikhwan. I was in pure shock. Bie gave me a hug when he saw me & wished me happy birthday; Mugun, as usual, mocked me by 'COMPLIMENTING' my attire. Lol. Btw, Mugun, I know you like my tee don't ya? :P And I was surprised Ikhwan was there as well. Thanks for coming all the way from BM just to celebrate my bday! I'm touched! :')

And oh btw, I was thrown into the pool, thanks guys -.- And they tried sooooo hard to prank me by hiding 1 of my cellphone without realizing I still have the other one. So they were trying sooo hard to get me by the pool and took away my cellphone so that they can throw me inside the pool. So Vivi snatched my cellphone by chance while I was texting. Then I straight ran far away from the pool, but Bie acted like he was very furious about me texting someone so he approached me, pretending he was interrogating me. After that, all of them started to approach me and some of them grabbed my hands, some of them grabbed my legs and dragged me to the pool. And when I started shouting, they some more asked me not to shout. Like wtf, you guys were trying to throw me into the pool and expect me to accept silently? -.- Lol! Anyway, they succeeded. But all of us were in the pool in the end so it was quite fun after all! :P I had a lot of fun with loverboy and my friends. Teehee! I love you all soooooo much! *big bear hugsss*

My birthday cake!

My bieee! ♥

I expected teasing from them. Lol. These mindmakers are genius enough to ask us to share 1 cheery together -.-

P/s: I'm praying they would accidentally deleted the video they took. -.-

As on my birthday, I had dinner with my girls. Nothing can be better than having dinner with close fwens and yakking the night away with them.


Justhrin Yeoh.

Vivian Huang.

P/s: Aren't my babes gorgeous?! :D

Btw, I went for an interview in the morning. After that bie fetch me for his all time fave Nasi Bukit & my all time fave, TUTTI FRUTTI!

And lastly, tittle tattle session at my least fave spot. Oh well, who cares if your bffs are around ;)

BIE! How do I look with the shirt? :P

Dear Loverboy,

Thanks for the surprise bie! I really loved it so much. Love the cake, love the present & everything! And thank you so much for throwing me into the pool, you'll get yours soon *evil grins* You know I'm not good in expressing myself. But even if I didn't show it, but I felt truly blessed for having you as my boyfie. Thanks for the efforts you did for my birthday and I know you want me to have a memorable birthday for me and you did! :) This is our first time celebrating my birthday together and I wish you will still be by my side for my birthday every year in the future. MUAHHH! I feel like hugging you tight now. :)

Dear bffs,

You girls are the most awesome people ever! You know that? Thanks for being a part of the surprise! Lol. And you girls were brilliant in acting seriously. Gym with slippers, seriously? Lol! Well, luckily I was blur enough & didn't notice it was a surprise. I feel like I'm actually matter being around you all. I never feel unwanted. The feeling that I always searching for.

Imma happy girl! :D

XX! Much lurves, Caryne.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

♥A letter for myself.

♥Love & To Be Loved


♥Love & To Be Loved

Just keep smiling :)
Everything is gonna be alright.

Monday, March 14, 2011

♥Ice cream loves.

♥Love & To Be Loved

P/s: I know I'm having bad skin day. So ignore my huge zit! Lol.

Anyway, currently in Penang! :) I miss my girls!
So Dayah & me went for movie, did a little shopping & enjoyed yogurt ice cream @ Coffee Bean.
OH OH OH OH OH!! We just found out there's Tutti Frutti near Qbay! Mad awesome!!!
I'm soooooo going! :D
I'm so lazy to type so I'm gonna spam this post with pictures, AGAIN! :P

Yum yum yogurt ice cream! :)
Too irresistible!

Dayah's great smile & me, pouting! :D

W for... WACKY us? Lol.

Dayah is loving my spec! Woots! :D

I heart my bff! :D

Sexy and the... crazy? o_O

Thinkingggg! :D

We were so indulged in camwhoring that we almost late for 'Beastly'! Lol.
And in case you wonder, yeah, people must be thinking we were crazy for posing like 2 mad girls in front of the lappie. Lol.

Yours truly! :D

XX! Much lurves, Caryne.