Monday, June 30, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Have done something real wrong.
Can you believe how jerk i am?
I MISUNDERSTOOD my best friend.
& i struggled to ask her the truth.
I was so scare that it's true.
Afraid to lose her, I suppose?
God-know-what reason will I think this way.
Vv Darling, I'm glad I took the courage to be honest to you.
Truth revealed.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything is fine between us.
XO XO. (:


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Am SOOOOOOOO fed up with fake girls.
I mean, com' on! Don't ya think you're like a WHORE?
So f*cked up with your behaviours.
Acting like an angel while you're doing all kind of evil things.
Acting like you care while you're just digging some secrets.
Acting like you're i'm-ok-with-everything, while you're not.
OMFG! You are such a FREAKING PERVERT.!!
What the f*cking hell is this..!!
You backstab, boycott and talk bad about everyone, even your best friend..!!
ARE YOU PHSYCO..?????? HELLYA..!! you DEFINITELY are! you're such a wannabee!!
And oh please, you're such a pathetic behind. That's why you're doing all of these!
But let me tell you, this is not the right way to get people's attention.
In fact, you will be well-known as INSANE PERVERTIC eventually.!!
You are always jealous at one getting more and more friends, and you never stop to ruin others' PERFECT life..!!
You just love to see one to be alone, to be hate by everyone, to be criticize by everyone for something she never done.
Okay, you're rich, SO WHAT? Does it mean we need to tolerate whatever f*cking mean things you did?? Don't ya know ALL YOUR FRIENDS are so SICK of your-showing-off attitude?? This isn't make you C.O.O.L., FUGLY SLUT! For god's sakes, SHUT UR F*CKING MOUTH UP!
LET ME TELL YOU, don't ya think i do not know what you've done behind me. i ain't dumb! i don't mean to be rude and aggressive. but for such people, sorry, that's the different story!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Answers for Riddles.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I suppose to post up the answers yesterday but I forgot about it~ =p anyway, here's the answers.

♥ 1st riddle.
Wanhoe was the only 1 who get it right. *applause applause* All the goldfish turned into black colour because they gotta wear black to mourn their dead bro.

♥ 2nd riddle.
Nobody get it right. If one people is getting older, he/she tend to get ?? WRINKLES ON HIS/HER face..!! Therefore, she used her forehead wrinkles to 'kep' die the fly. LOL.

♥ 3rd riddle.
下雨~~~~~ *cold joke.. shivering......* xD

Thanks for those who tried. =D

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why must all good things come to an E-N-D ?

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

'We brokeup', said him.
And this shocked me. Unexpected, in fact.


Love's so unpredictable.
As if the couple is SOOOOOOO IN LOVE at first,
and within a minutes, he/she got no more feel for you anymore.
Ain't that horrifying?

Or should I say,
Love's so FRAGILE..??

Distance did 'killed' most of the relationship.
Thinking is immature in our age, i suppose..?
When your so-called soulmate is not around ya,
There is too much freedom, seduction, temptation or even gossips.
If 1 of them lack of DETERMINATION & TRUST within each others,
that's it. End of happy-ever-after fairytales.

LONG LASTING and TRUE LOVE do not coexist.
Am feeling freaking unsecure about these love stuffs. ):
Still, couldn't get rid of it.
Simply because I Love Him, I wanna be with him.

Love do hurt. After all, people grow up from pain.
Just ignore it, let's BEGIN MY OWN LOVE STORY..!!

Scratch that.

Dear friend, be strong.
We're always here whenever you need someone.
Hold the memories that both of you been through.
It's hurt,
But time will heal it.
SMILE, as life goes on.
LAUGH, as you're not alone.
BE GLAD, as you've been with her before.

Sincerely, FISH. (:

I'm Stuck. ):

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Havin' serious DARK-EYE-CIRCLE crisis here.
Lecturers kept throwing tests & assignments to us,
Pretty much down with these infinite tortures.
Have not been in mood of studying recently,
Or even to go out and watch a movie.
Hubby claimed that I am in FRUSTRATED condition lately. =/
it's weird. REAL weird, actually.

Oh crap.
Feel like I'm a walking zombie.
Waving-bye to joyousness, and Hello Boredom.
Boredom Kills, though.

Gotta get back to my papers and notes. Sigh.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Riddle Riddle~ =D

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Ever wondered how long your brain have not been really functioning? Are you afraid at the end of the day, your brain will rust? Eventually, you can't analyze problems rationally or even think properly? Started to feel the fear? No worry..!! FishFish got several riddle for ya all~ *My honor to help~ ^o^* Think hard for the answers~ This could help to 'exercise' your brain, make it functioning~ Leave your answers in the chatbox or by leaving me comment on this post~

There is 10 goldfish in an aquarium~ They are orange in colour and they swim happily even in a small aquarium. Unfortunately, there is 1 goldfish died and the other 9 goldfish turned into black colour~ Why will they turned into black colour?? (:

♥ 2nd RIDDLE.
There is an old lazy grandma, sitting on the chair~ Suddenly, an annoying fly keeps flying around her.. She is so irritated and killed the fly. But she did not even move her hand and legs. She did not ate the fly as well.. How did she kill the fly? (:

♥3rd RIDDLE.

p/s: yingying darling, you knew the 3rd answer already~ so cannot tell others oh~ hehe~

Answer will be revealed on:
Thursday, 26th of June.

All the best. =D

Saturday, June 21, 2008

another test. duh~ ):

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Financial accounting test is coming next week~ i doubted whether i can answer all the questions. Lim Lee Yang supposed to be my finance lecturer at the first place. However, he's going to migrate to Australia, and so he's changed to Loo CH. I thought i was lucky enough as i couldn't understand a single explanation of him for all of the lectures during HSC. He was my accounting lecturer.

Too bad, the new lecturer ain't better, simply because he's NEWBIE~ =/ I' m worse off..!! >.<

took this pic during MacroEcon lecture. xD

QB 'trip'~

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

went QB today with hubby for shopping and movie. keanlit and jr join us afterwards. We bought ticket for Incredible Hulk at 9.30~ While waiting for the movie, I suggest we all try the new 大头贴 shop located opposite the GSC. XD
If you ask my opinion towards the shop, i think it sucks..! their machines are so LAME..!! no nice background and foreground..!! And the effect is so not vision, the price is not cheap as well.

our 大头贴

act steam, act strong, and finally act... GAY, i suppose?? XD

lame pose >.<

act cute 1~ *though they're not*

act cute 2~

act-cute couple~ XD

ghost pose.

GOH KEANLIT..!! I'M NOT READY..!! duh.. =/

hubby was not ready.. =p

poor them~ look at jr's eyes and hubby's face.. LOL!! it was my idea.. XD

do not learn this..!! leave rubbish there..!! DO NOT IMITATE GOH KEAN LIT..!!

I'm so tired. And so i'll stop here.. Good night and have fun reading my blog~ =D

Friday, June 20, 2008

Love Her. Heart Her.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Did i ever mention that i am FREAKING LOVE to hang out with her? yeah, it's her, yingying darling~

Actually, i never thought to be so close with her.. In fact, we do not know each others well last year in HSC~ we were just HI-BYE friends. As for me and most of my friends, we think that she is just a perfect lady, PRETTY*well-known*, hardworking*undoubted*, fashionable*obviously*, and friendly~ you know, it's SO HARD to find a girl which is SO CARE of her outlook but in the same time, SO SO SO CARE of her studies as well.. yeah, she did. she could sacrifie her leisure time, SLEEPING TIME just to study.. *which i definitely cannot..are you kidding me?!?! to sacrifie my SLEEPING TIME?? NO WAY..!!*

Thanks to DCMAU, i get to know more about her.. we spent most of our weekdays together~ even though our lifestyle is just around college, hostel, college and hostel.. we still had alot of fun together.. We could spend all day long by only CHATTING~ *dunno where to find so many topics to talk about* and she really cares of people around her~ especially friends which treat her nice, she would definitely treat them exactly the same way..

i guess both of us will get along with each others quite well.. i hate taugeh, she likes taugeh; she likes onion, i hate it; i like mushroom, she hate it; she hates cheese cake, i like it; she can't sleep if there is SLIGHTLY noisy, i can sleep even there is an earthquake; i don't mind sleeping with the light on*which i usually do when i'm alone*, she can't sleep if there is a slight of light; LASTLY, both of us are the same crazy, funny and easygoing.. (: i do appreciate her, A LOT.

being with her is just comfortable.. AND most people thought we are lesbian lol. don't be jealous lar~ xD

♥~`Love Her. <3 Heart Her.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Presentation T.T

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Here are some jokes for ya all.. I went back penang with yingying darling's car~ Once we arrived, i realized that I FORGOT TO BRING MY ROOM KEY..!! I was like never mind, roommate could open the door for me..hehe.. However, nobody answer the door when I'm keep knocking..!! Okay, thinking of calling roommate to ask where she was, worse thing is my hp is running out of battery.. So i rushed upstairs to borrow yy's hp..

Roommate: OMG, roommate..!! i'm still in Alor Setar..

Overwhelmed by disappointment~ My only hope.. ): The only way I can do now is, find the warden AGAIN..!! *kinda tired with my INCREDIBLE BLURNESS.. sigh.*

got my key at last.. got into my room at last.. LOL. yingying came to my room while I was touching up my presentation slides.. *here come the joke*

Yy: The presentation is on Wed..Omg..
Me: Is it?? *i have no idea about it..*Omg..!! i forgot to bring my formal clothes..!! Yy: Me too..

She looked at my laptop..
Me: you done your slides?

She looked totally blank..
Yy: huh..wat slides..?? Me: The slides that loke joo asked us to done before 12pm?? for the presentation??
Yy: omg..i totally forgot about the slides already..
Me: Deng..!! you remember the presentation date but forgot about the slides????

Yeah.. My pig darling was so blur right?? xD
*darling, thanks for help me to borrow the formal pants.. muahx*

Both of us were so nervous at the day before the presentation.. I was so afraid that i will be laughed by others if i've done mistakes.. ): *that would be so embarrasing..* And there was MacroEcon test at the very next day.. >.<>even darling and me don't feel like wanna present during the student conference at all..* it's great to know that everything we did finally paid off right? (:

And before i end my blog, i wanna shout out, I HATE ECON..!! =P

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

hooray~ Brand New Blogskin =D

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Yay..!! Finally i have my own blogskin~ I was so envy at Vv darling's blogskin and so I decided to make mine.. However, I'm not so brilliant to figure out the way to make the blogskin.. So i asked for my darling's opinion~
With some inspirations of the blogskin of Jasmine*super-duper-perfect blogskin designer*, here is mine~ =D
SPECIAL THANKS to my Vv darling because she helped me to post up my blogskin~ Omg..!! She is so PRO..!! *wonder she would further her skills in graphic design~ it is totally a waste if she wouldn't* ^o^

Love ya, Darling. <3

Sunday, June 8, 2008

trip trip~

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

This is the very first time i went for a trip with hubby.. *with his friends as well..* and we were like having Amazing Race all through the trip. LOL.

We went genting at first.. We reached there at about 4am and guess what, we've waited for almost 6 hours for checking in..!! *it is peak season.* I don't know how i went through these 6 hours actually. No bed, no games, no mp3. Pathetic, huh?

wohoo~ joyful trip..!!

in lobby..

waiting, waiting and waiting..

hubby was exhausted.

big fat snake on the tree~

finally, we were able to check in at about 12pm.. i was like, FINALLY..!! okay, never ever ask me to go genting at peak season..!! >.<>
Hubby and I went for a little shopping after dinner.. Then, they planned to go cashino but there were 3 people who are not above 21 years old. Kean lit, Jr and ME..!! So, hubby decided not to go cashino as well.. 4 of us spent most of our time in BUM city.. We had a lot of fun there.. We went snooker-ing afterwards.Skeleton shoes..~~

FREAKING LOVE this cap..!!

Lovely huh? ^^

cheese cake~~

toilet in bum city..LOL

we had our lunch there before we head off to nilai..

In the very next day, we went Nilai.. But I'm so lazy to write the places we went and things we did.. So, i just stop here lahh~ =p

p/s: So disappointed that I not able to meet the baby dino in inti Nilai~ sobs~ ):