Monday, September 28, 2009

♥Wednesday Party Night :D

♥Love & To Be Loved

Wednesday Party Night was a blast.
The only flaw in an otherwise perfect thing, bffs V, Jeslyn, Wynne & Laura were not able to be there. Sigh
And the person who is most impossible to join us is -YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, LURVER!- Geez!
I'm sorry to say this but DJ that night was quite lame =X
Minus that part, i still had lotsa fun. the very first time i club with HER! :) I HEART YOU HELL LOADS!
and oh btw, that night supposed to be a gathering lah.
Shiao Wei , Yee Ping, Winnie, Yun Huat, Yan Kee, Sing Qian and so on were there! SO yea , it was real fun.

BTW, it was fun staying at Zhen Xiang's table as well.
His friends just cant fail to make HER and me burst into laughters XD
yea baby, that's how clubbing should be like, dancing (even we look like a fool when we dance) and throwing jokes. :P
i like enjoying the moments with babes :) i think that's the most essential point aye?

Lurve, Yun Huat. :)
I know i look hideous here :S

Urgh, i just hate Chivas!

Wackiest guy ever, Marcus.

The Peeps

The flow :D

Jian Chao and the gorgeous twins.

p/s; actually there's more pics but i dont think i'm going to post all of those up. :) LURVESSSSS !
To HER: can i post up pics of ours?

Next update: JJ's farewell :)

That's it then.
Until next time.

Friday, September 25, 2009

♥Emo-ish. :(

♥Love & To Be Loved

Will post up the Wednesday Party Night soon.
Btw, i'm so emo right now.
I cant find my prom dress yet.
This is awfully sick.
Do you guys think getting a long dress for prom will be one of a kind?
Some advises please?
Cus it's like knee-length dresses are more common aye?
I have no fashion sense in choosing a dress GOSH!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

♥Pure Ranting. >:(

♥Love & To Be Loved

Pretty upset for what happened yesterday. totally ridiculous!
& i feel like hitting someone -.-
Violence, i know right? well, that's me.
Anyway, i'm just toying with the idea, dont runaway from me LMAO~
Darren: You owe me many things ar! Let me hit & treat me BR! hehehe.
The only way i release my anger is to blast music with headset.
That works, try it out people! :P

Besides that , i still couldn't find my prom dress for god sakes! :S
Not to mention extra accessories to match it up lar GOSH
what to do what to do what to do??
Seriously! the prom date is on 2nd of October !
& Zhen Xiang, you havent give me your sis's ID!
As a conclusion, M'sian = Procrastinator.
Or rather Inti-ans = Procrastinator and they friggin dont give a damn about EVERYTHING.

Suppose to hang out today, but then JJ is not free, which already in my expectation. He's aeroplane king -.-
then bff Jeslyn is going to finish her exam on tues, so only can be back from Kampar tomorrow.
So plan cancelled like what, AGAIN?!
JJ, i so envy you lar.. Can go Oxford ~~~ Hate you nia~~~

Enough ranting.
Now is the good part,
Wednesday = GIRLS' PARTY NIGHT yo!
We're so gonna be good girls gone bad !
Hopefully this one gonna be a blast! Fingers crossed peeps!

p/s; Jac dear, faster transfer your gossip girl season 3 for me!! i cant even download the first episode wtf!

That's it then.
Until next time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

♥Lurve Is So Far Away :(

♥Love & To Be Loved

Home sweet home, but mum went Thailand for hols.
i guess she never intend to bring me along cus i'm such a shopaholic :( Grr
Sis insisted she wanna stay at home even though parents are not home so yea i accompany her lor.
I'm 20 daddy, we can definitely take care of ourselves.
tell you guys what, he stormed into our room before he's going to shop and kept asking us to go grandpa's house , uncles's house or whatsoever. just dont stay home alone.
He kept mumbling and doing all the mumbo-jumbo but nobody speaks to him.
of course lar, we were so sleepy thus sis covered her ears with pillow and i just rolled myself and my head up in a blanket! -.-
Idk what he did after that but when we woke up, we saw two packets of chicken rice on the dining table.
Aww, that was so sweet :) i guess he still sayang us after all ?

To the dearest 同名不同姓 darling ever, Jiayi:
Dear, i'm so touched after i read your post.
Seriously made me shed tears T.T
Do you still remember how close we used to be last time?
We had been sharing the same classes since form 1.
and i still remember there was once we were taught by cikgu kang and oftentimes he shouted: '两个jiayi,不要再讲话了~'.
then we were like =X and only for a few minutes lar, we started chitchatting again. -.-
AND AND OH what about this one, we used to handmade cards or letters and shove it into each other's drawers every morning?
and since we are so gaga about Harry Potter, we even put the Harry-Potter-Secret-Code address on the envelope! :)
Gosh i just missed the good ol' times .
and yes, we were so stubborn back then , hence cold war like what twice or three times every week?? haha!
But you're right, we began to know each others better than we ever have before.
Just so you know, ILY heaps! :) muahx muahx!
& do take real good care of yourself over there kay?
I'll see you soon .

That's it then.
Until next time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

♥Love & To Be Loved

Going to have hols soon. :)
if you guys noticed, a passerby's unexpected comment was a cruel blow.
and obviously this staggered my self-confidence
(not to mention i always lack self-esteem)
anyway, dont get me wrong, i can accept criticism and the facts
but please just put it in a nicer way aye?
i think it's not that hard right?
cus the sarcastic remarks hurt, just so you know.

As for all of my babes ,
thanks for being supportive & i'm so glad i have y'all :)
Dont worry, i'm alright ! Gee~
so tell me, how can i not love you guys?

♥Cupcake baby & Mummy :)

♥Candy baby & pretty mummy :)

p/s: gosh i just hate rainy days.
Gloomy wet weather always depresses me for god sakes!
and the rumbling thunders never fails to startle me out of my wits! :S

Listening to : Silly Boy - Eva Simons

Thursday, September 17, 2009

♥CeCe HunnyBunny :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

The disappointment is eating me off bit by bit. Dang!
I feel so emo sometimes. it's like no matter how sincere you treat some of your friends, how much you care, they just dont give a damn! Awfully gloomy right now.
Somehow i cant help but wonder why is life so complicated.
like cant it be real simple and everything goes smoothly, carefree,lighthearted and jaunty?
There're too many craps to be taken care of, studies, friendship and lovelife!
all of these just knocked the wind out of me for god sakes.

Enough emo-ish talking.

Back to the point,babe Jac and I havent found our dress for prom .
in fact we never find anything like accessories, shoes and stuffs. NO NOTHING for god sakes !
We went both Gurney and Queensbay yet found nothing!
this sucks BIG TIME!

Our babies :)
Mine-♥Cupcake ; Jac-♥Candy
So it's C-C HunnyBunny :)

Jac mummy with her Candy baby.

Pyjamas's party? xD

Freaking ♥ this shirt cus it's HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Cool picha! :)

The pretty babe! :D

Love the caps!
Am so gonna buy a nice one.

♥ Cupcake baby & Mummy~ :)

Apex Coffee House

CeCe Bunnies are in the house! :)

That's it then.
Until next time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

♥ I hate Curtin. =/

♥Love & To Be Loved

Finance (Portfolio Management) certified - FLUNKED.
Gosh, can you imagine how hard was the test?
it's like super duper difficult and really tax our brains for god sakes!

Obviously i did last-minute study again, so i was like rushing through all of the chapters the night before the test !
Well, if you wonder what time i go to bed last night, i can tell ya, 4.30AM! Crazy, i know right?
after that i woke up at 9AM for 10AM-2PM class, and then headed library after class to run over the omissive details.
Sat for the test at 4PM-6PM.
and then right after i finished the test and just stepped my foot into room, Zhen Xiang rang me up and said he was on the way to Penang !
so yeah, off we go to queensbay rightaway without taking any rest!
i was totally worn out after a day of craziness!
i'm extremely lazy right now to the extend that i still have my makeup on while i'm blogging right now.

p/s: Thanks Darren and Kelvin for keeping me awake last night btw ~ :)
you guys are awesomely Mr. Nice Guys! :)))

enough crapping, peeps.
gotta go and remove my makeup. Love you guys!
and oh, gossip girl season 3 is coming up soon!!! my hot chuck bass! omfg~ :D
cant wait

Any suggestion for my new rabbit's name?
Cupcake? Gingerfish? Any significant one?
:) Aww, it's adorable!♥
Joanne : thanks for helping me purchase it babe!

That's it then.
until next time.

Monday, September 14, 2009

♥ Sorry babe. :(

♥Love & To Be Loved

I seriously feel bad right now cus i cant meet up with bff, Cheryl before she depart yesterday.
Daddy, i hate you ! >=[
Am so sad and i started to miss her alrd. *sobs*
And not to mention, we cant even hang out before she depart cus our schedules were so packed up!
Blame it on the assignments & visiting lectures! Sheesh!
And even worse, i dare not to call her the night before cus i dont know what to say and i scare that i would cry. You know me girls.
It's like she's going so far away and i cant even see her in a year time, AT LEAST!
Silly aye?

Babe, do contact me when you reach there kay? :(
do take care of yourself and yeah, be strong to deal with the stuffs there.
Am gonna miss you sooooo damn much! :(

you know we girls love you! :)

p/s; to my babe Jac, dont be in gloomy mood already kay? Maybe we can fly over UK to visit Betsy after we graduate? I sayang you ar~ SMILEEEE~ :D

That's it then.
Until next time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

♥Hectic Week! :(

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hello lovely readers out there :)
Am having a super harsh week and it will stay the same for the next upcoming week.
Happened to have 3 assignments due date on the same day which was on wednesday wtf!
and like i said, we have to do the assignments using Chicago Referencing, which means every point you given has to be explained, argued & supported by quotes from journal articles (not from google cus that would be more convenient, instead we have to find the journal articles from Curtin library) and the each of the journal articles is bloody long for like what, 10++ pages?! and you have to find article per article for every point ! after that you have to follow EXACTLY how they want us to do the referencing and citations! otherwise, marks will be deducted even there is ONLY 1 WORD is wrong.
Dang, how dreadful, i know right?
Enough said , i know i made y'all yawn lol.
by doing those tedious assignment, i have not had an outing with babes for ages.
Hence, money saving! :)
Luckily we have some exceptionally reasonable & fullhearted lecturers that postponed 2 of our assignments to the next day.

And i look like a fugly hideous walking zombie in college recently!
Sheesh! i hate havin' messy hair + bad skin days
Bad skin = proved resting time is awfully inadequate !
Messy + oily hair = proved hell darn early class, hence no time for hairwash in the morningtide!
i wonder whether i frighten the innocent students :S
Sorry peeps, it's not that i want. :(

Btw, Randy ! i did not go out for 5 days already! Weeee~
told ya i can do it! officially proved myself a holy good girl 0:)
anyway, my assignments take credit for such victory !

Enough crapping, gotta back to my assignments .
Bye loves. Wish me luck! Muahx

Pics back then!
The Good Ol' Times.
How i wish everyone is still here. :)))
That's it then.
Until next time.