Monday, September 21, 2009

♥Lurve Is So Far Away :(

♥Love & To Be Loved

Home sweet home, but mum went Thailand for hols.
i guess she never intend to bring me along cus i'm such a shopaholic :( Grr
Sis insisted she wanna stay at home even though parents are not home so yea i accompany her lor.
I'm 20 daddy, we can definitely take care of ourselves.
tell you guys what, he stormed into our room before he's going to shop and kept asking us to go grandpa's house , uncles's house or whatsoever. just dont stay home alone.
He kept mumbling and doing all the mumbo-jumbo but nobody speaks to him.
of course lar, we were so sleepy thus sis covered her ears with pillow and i just rolled myself and my head up in a blanket! -.-
Idk what he did after that but when we woke up, we saw two packets of chicken rice on the dining table.
Aww, that was so sweet :) i guess he still sayang us after all ?

To the dearest 同名不同姓 darling ever, Jiayi:
Dear, i'm so touched after i read your post.
Seriously made me shed tears T.T
Do you still remember how close we used to be last time?
We had been sharing the same classes since form 1.
and i still remember there was once we were taught by cikgu kang and oftentimes he shouted: '两个jiayi,不要再讲话了~'.
then we were like =X and only for a few minutes lar, we started chitchatting again. -.-
AND AND OH what about this one, we used to handmade cards or letters and shove it into each other's drawers every morning?
and since we are so gaga about Harry Potter, we even put the Harry-Potter-Secret-Code address on the envelope! :)
Gosh i just missed the good ol' times .
and yes, we were so stubborn back then , hence cold war like what twice or three times every week?? haha!
But you're right, we began to know each others better than we ever have before.
Just so you know, ILY heaps! :) muahx muahx!
& do take real good care of yourself over there kay?
I'll see you soon .

That's it then.
Until next time.