Tuesday, September 1, 2009

♥Up! :D

♥Love & To Be Loved

I dont feel like going back to Penang. :(
really sad cus i like being at home , spending times with my baby sisters or gathering with my old friends.

Speaking of which, outing with bffs on Saturday was a blast.
At first we were planning for picnic at beach, but then you know it keeps raining recently and we'd rather that we not to .
Thanks God we made such decision cus it did rain!
So ended up we headed QB for movie & did some shopping.
like DUH, can you think of elsewhere to go in Penang?

Okay peeps, i'm gonna share some hilarious codes of us here.
1st : We were chit chatting on the car and then suddenly...
Wynne: Jiayi, you got bring RM300? ( she was asking very seriously )
Jiayi: errr, nope why? ( answered very seriously as well & with a very confusing face )
Wynne: then why dont you fasten your seat belt leh? you want pay the police RM300 ar??

... ... ... ...
We all burst into laughing for the next second ! ROFL!

2nd : I forgot what Vivian said , something very vain if i'm not mistaken.
Wynne: Vivian, ???????????~

... ... ... ...
at the end of the conversation, we all exploded into loud laughters AGAIN! wtf! XD

BTW, we caught -Up- & it was quite a movie i might add.
The storyline & concept is pretty convincing ! :D
Up is like a combination of humours, love, & adventure!
funny yet touching story.
i really like the way they carry out the story of Carl & Ellie.
& how Carl fulfilled Ellie's unfulfilled dream ! So yea, promises are not meant to break , lovely guys out there ! :D
I was overfilled by emotions :)
and not to mention the meet up of a lonely old man & vigorous young boy.
In a nutshell, Up is an awesome movie and a heartfelt piece of work!

Do check out my fb for more pics!

that's it then.
Until next time.