Monday, September 28, 2009

♥Wednesday Party Night :D

♥Love & To Be Loved

Wednesday Party Night was a blast.
The only flaw in an otherwise perfect thing, bffs V, Jeslyn, Wynne & Laura were not able to be there. Sigh
And the person who is most impossible to join us is -YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, LURVER!- Geez!
I'm sorry to say this but DJ that night was quite lame =X
Minus that part, i still had lotsa fun. the very first time i club with HER! :) I HEART YOU HELL LOADS!
and oh btw, that night supposed to be a gathering lah.
Shiao Wei , Yee Ping, Winnie, Yun Huat, Yan Kee, Sing Qian and so on were there! SO yea , it was real fun.

BTW, it was fun staying at Zhen Xiang's table as well.
His friends just cant fail to make HER and me burst into laughters XD
yea baby, that's how clubbing should be like, dancing (even we look like a fool when we dance) and throwing jokes. :P
i like enjoying the moments with babes :) i think that's the most essential point aye?

Lurve, Yun Huat. :)
I know i look hideous here :S

Urgh, i just hate Chivas!

Wackiest guy ever, Marcus.

The Peeps

The flow :D

Jian Chao and the gorgeous twins.

p/s; actually there's more pics but i dont think i'm going to post all of those up. :) LURVESSSSS !
To HER: can i post up pics of ours?

Next update: JJ's farewell :)

That's it then.
Until next time.