Thursday, September 17, 2009

♥CeCe HunnyBunny :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

The disappointment is eating me off bit by bit. Dang!
I feel so emo sometimes. it's like no matter how sincere you treat some of your friends, how much you care, they just dont give a damn! Awfully gloomy right now.
Somehow i cant help but wonder why is life so complicated.
like cant it be real simple and everything goes smoothly, carefree,lighthearted and jaunty?
There're too many craps to be taken care of, studies, friendship and lovelife!
all of these just knocked the wind out of me for god sakes.

Enough emo-ish talking.

Back to the point,babe Jac and I havent found our dress for prom .
in fact we never find anything like accessories, shoes and stuffs. NO NOTHING for god sakes !
We went both Gurney and Queensbay yet found nothing!
this sucks BIG TIME!

Our babies :)
Mine-♥Cupcake ; Jac-♥Candy
So it's C-C HunnyBunny :)

Jac mummy with her Candy baby.

Pyjamas's party? xD

Freaking ♥ this shirt cus it's HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Cool picha! :)

The pretty babe! :D

Love the caps!
Am so gonna buy a nice one.

♥ Cupcake baby & Mummy~ :)

Apex Coffee House

CeCe Bunnies are in the house! :)

That's it then.
Until next time.