Friday, September 18, 2009

♥Love & To Be Loved

Going to have hols soon. :)
if you guys noticed, a passerby's unexpected comment was a cruel blow.
and obviously this staggered my self-confidence
(not to mention i always lack self-esteem)
anyway, dont get me wrong, i can accept criticism and the facts
but please just put it in a nicer way aye?
i think it's not that hard right?
cus the sarcastic remarks hurt, just so you know.

As for all of my babes ,
thanks for being supportive & i'm so glad i have y'all :)
Dont worry, i'm alright ! Gee~
so tell me, how can i not love you guys?

♥Cupcake baby & Mummy :)

♥Candy baby & pretty mummy :)

p/s: gosh i just hate rainy days.
Gloomy wet weather always depresses me for god sakes!
and the rumbling thunders never fails to startle me out of my wits! :S

Listening to : Silly Boy - Eva Simons