Tuesday, December 29, 2009

♥Ignorant. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

The music was blasting & we decided to yell out the great sorrow.

I feel better.

Is this it? Enjoy the life to the fullest & ignore those irrelevant comments, the craps?
Yea, enough is enough.

p/s; anyway, i'm anticipating for the new year eve's plan! :D


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

♥I totally can't believe this.

♥Love & To Be Loved

Of all people, i least expected you.

Please, just stop everything right now.
I dont wanna guess no more. Suspicious or not, doesn't even matter.
i dont really care.

First of all, for the record, i dont USED TO owe people's money.
I NEVER owe you money before.
this is the first time i owed you money.
and not that i DONT WANT to pay the money, i told you i DONT HAVE that much money right now.

Now that i returned you, you satisfy?

haha. i can't believe i'm such a douche.
i can't believe that WE actually defended you everytime people is talking about you.

That's it. No more dramas.
Want me out of your world? I quit.
So do you. So long bye bye.

p/s; look mature (or rather OLD?) is definitely not enough, please grow up as in your attitude. Plus, your boyfriend can bear with your awful attitude doesn't mean people around you got the responsibility to do so. So yeah, please change la.

If you got the guts, talk in front of me instead of backstabbing. Don't try to deny. it's too obvious.


Monday, December 21, 2009

♥Love & To Be Loved



♥Mind your own business.

♥Love & To Be Loved

She doesnt know what happened recently.
It's like some rumours are been spreading by you-know-who-you-are, she hopes she was thinking too much.
But instinct tells her, it's not.
No, she's not having a guilty conscience but things are too obvious that she couldn't ignore 'em.
A clean sheet speaks for herself.

She eventually understand gossip is a fearful thing.
It's not just some irrelevant topics during the chit-chats or whatsoever, it tears friendship apart.
Okay, let's take a celebrity as example, no matter how many charity she participated, how many good deeds she done, once she did something wrong (even it's no big deal), the negative comments of her will very soon overshadow her angelic roles.

What she's trying to say is, no matter how sincere she treats the bff, no matter how many obstacles they been through together, no matter how much lurves she poured, it ll be all irrelevant due to some gossips? nto to mention some gossips told by some people the bff dont even spend much time with? Ain't she deserved the opportunity to stand up & defend herself?

Not even close.
She wished the bff could just ask before she is judged.

One question, do you even know her true personality that you trust everything she said?

Some gossips just simply overshadow the friendship? so-called strong solid friendship?

She thinks that the friendship is totally ruined. Thanks to the rumours-spreader.
She doesn't know what his/her intention is, but if war is what she wants. Congratulations, he/she succeed.
But beware, she keeps quiet because she doesn't want to cause more troubles. She got his/her secrets, his/her ugly truths, & the badtalks he/she did. It's just that she wants everything to stop, right now.
She refused to believe that SHE'S THE ONE who teared everything apart.
Seriously, get a life. Don't you think it's so old-school for everything?
Mind your own business. Sheesh!
And wtf you do it you admit it. it's not like somebody gonna cuff you and extort a confession from you!
Or you're so afraid that your evildoing is gonna be exposed?! What a villain.

When the trusts fade away, there's nothing left between 'em, she sighed.

To her dearest bff,
You may not trust her. But think again. All the things you girls shared & been through, the feelings are something that can't be fake.
She never forget the promises made. How she wished you could have faith in her, even if A WHIT BIT of faith.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

♥Love & To Be Loved

Wednesday was definitely a MUST day to update y'all.
Total mad time yo!

Jeslyn came out with this idea to go clubbing on ladies' night. (the main reason is kept as secret *wink*)

You see, one surely stay up late for NIGHTS in order to deal with the test right? Hence, this makes one at his/her worst in terms of physical situation. As for this girl, Jeslyn Tan Wenli, she finished her last paper on Wed and without taking any rest afterwards, she rushed all the way from Kampar to Penang to club!

I tell you, this girl is crazyyy, but in a awesomely cool way larh! hah!

Anyway, V and me were not in the shade at all! In fact, i feel like we're such a genuine heartily friend omg! :D LOLOL
Why am i saying so? Cause in order to meet our dearly precious sweetheart baby, we did amazing race to reach penang! -.-

Okay, let me explain.
V has no car cause her bro needs it; definitely not me cause i'm not a qualified driver. So we decided to take a bus there and Jeslyn will fetch us at Gurney. So yea, off we go.

Dim the light, please. *drum rolls*
Amazing race mapboard:
- meet at bus station at about 2.30pm & waited for approximately 1 hour for the damn 501 bus.
- reached Butterworth Jetty but found out there's no bus straight to Gurney.
- took the ship ride. Reached Penang jetty.

- just missed the straight-to-Gurney bus and decided to take another alternative told by the info guy.

- nearly heedless of the bus to One-stop cause it stopped at some inconspicuous corner but was able to ride on.

- have no idea where is One-stop but we were so fortunate that this lovely malay lady helped us.

- after a short walk, and yea there we were, GURNEY!

'V, *sniff sniff* i smelled shopping mall eventually,' i uttered when we were faltering on the lane to gurney & V laughed. :P

And oh, it was 6ish by then! how great, we took like 3 hours and more to reach Penang! Really salute us with the determination xDD

Believe it or not, we did our makeup at the Gurney toilet and it was SO SO SOOOO embarassing that the ladies coming in & out kept giving us the weird what-the-heck-are-these-insane-girls-doing looks! but hey not that we want this! hmph!

Too bad V and me didn't take any pics at all :( that was pretty sadddd!

Caught The Princess & the frog with babe! ahh, the movie that i longed for :) it was heart-touching and warming! Lurve lurve LURVESSS!

Jeslyn & Adeline fetch us up at 10 something then we headed to Richard's house for the changeover. And guess what, Khai Sian and Lik Xian joined the fun as well! Weeee~

The clubbing night was abso fun minus the i-kena-pok-mong parts DUH! Screw the bloody perverts!

Since KS can fetch us home yet i can't go back my own homie cause i don't want to risk myself being cuffed and extort a confession by mum :S she's definitely gonna kill me or i'm gonna be grounded for like FOREVER! how pathetic, i'm 20 and i have curfew plus punishment. GREAT, JUST GREAT!
While V didn't wanna wake her mum up in the midnight so we decided to sleepover at Jeslyn's house. Yay!

Girls are never too old for sleepover, baby!

We had our girls' talks until 10AM . oh yes, we didn't sleep at all. some more we went for breakfast together. Crazy, i know right?

Right after i reached my homie and changed my pyjama, i straightly crashed to my comfy bed and slept until 6pm! Of course larh, i did not sleep for 24 hours already for god sakes.

BUT it was fun! let's do it AGAIN! :D

Caught Princess & the Frog with the lurve, V.



Thursday, December 17, 2009

♥#1 rule: CARDIO! :) Run baby run!

♥Love & To Be Loved

Was able to catch Zombieland with Lee Ming, babe V and Lee Ming's friend (forgot his name, my bad).
As everyone knows, i'm a total coward & i never ever volunteer to watch horror movies.

But Zombieland is kind of horror movie plus comedy. Frankly, i found it pretty interesting! :) It is scary for my level but not to the extend that scare the shit out of us. The zombies are hideous and sort of ogreish though.

Throughout the movie, I kept repeating the same exclamatory for like N times such as,
Hope my friends were not fed up of me xD Plus i couldn't prevent myself from shouting at the sudden terrifying scenes! I mean c'mon the zombies are super gross! yikes :S

Okay guys, no laughing. -.-

Anyway i really salute those people, like V, who lurves to watch horror movie, ghost movie or whatever gruesome movies which i'm dead afraid of larh.

FYI, she laughed NON-STOP throughout the movie for god sakes! Seriously, i mean you can hear her laughing ALL THE TIME. REALLY. And since i know her, so i was okay with that larh. but the friend of lee ming was very curious and kept asking her what's so funny about. After that, she answered sambil laughing, "His (the male leading) face is so funny hahahaha, i couldn't help it hahaha", then his face was like, okay...

i tell you, the combination of both of 'em is real amusing LOLOLOL!


Monday, December 14, 2009

♥You say Hello, I say Goodbye! :D

♥Love & To Be Loved

I'm having migraine right now. Thanks to mumsie. *
rolls eyes*

I was in a deep sleep, rolling myself up with ma blankie, not until mumsie intruded into my room & shouted, "wake up girl, small uncle's here!"


I frowned with eyes tightly closed, grabbed a pillow and covered my face!
'GAHHH! Not now, mum!' i shouted back vaguely.

When i gonna ignore mum and get back to sleep,
-Mum's gonna kill me the second time she comes in-,
the thought flashed through my mind, SOMEHOW.
I dont know how, it just did. Plus i ain't even clear-headed that time. So you know how ghastful my mumsie is larh.

=X oopsie, mummy, i lurve you still, you're the loveliest mother ever! hehe

By having no choice, i literally dragged myself off the bed & luckily i didn't smack small uncle's head for causing me to wake up this super early wtf!
you owed me a thanks-me-for-helping-you-to-transfer-songs-to-your-mp4 a.k.a birthday present, uncle! i don't care.

Heck larh, i have nothing to update. Well, speaking of holiday, mine has been so far so good.
Random movie outings with buddies.
(I wanna watch -princess & the frog- lar wei, anyone??)

Shopping theraphy. (i need to pamper myself what, even it's just window-shopping sometimes)
Random gathering with babes.
(i lurve them so much because we can talk about ANYTHING. We gossip, we rant on our problems, we have heart-to-heart talks, we joke, we do silly stuffs & so on. All come down to one thing, WE HAVE HEAPS OF FUN! :)


Pretty Wynne with the oh-so-top-model pose !

with darling bff.
Ahh, how i wish i have her big-round-enticing-attractive eyes! :(

Have you seen her so normal before?
haha she's actually charming as hell, isn't she?

become all wacky & crazy again !
Girls in action yo!

ghostly W. :S
looks pretty scary & frightful.

Cupcake earring?? xDD

P/S: Check out for more at my fb! :D


Sunday, December 13, 2009

♥My Baby Girl. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Okay, forgive my procrastination for this post but what to do? i only REMEMBER to pass it to V last night and i can't post this up because there will be no surprise already mar. Well, to be more precisely, V REMINDED me ! xD so yea, HOPE YOU LIKE IT SWEETHEART~

It's 3D! :)

The 'loveletter' ! *blush*

The precious moments. :)


Friday, December 11, 2009

Yes, the party is rockin'! :D

♥Love & To Be Loved

Sorry babes, for the long procrastination . I know it's been like what, A MONTH since i updated? Jeez :S
And Yeeing sayang, i never forgotten you :) how could i?? and congratz that you finished your spm ! Time to party yo!
Bel darling, i'm alright ! I miss you ~ :D
Samuel di, i updated!

Anyway, here goes my update :) Woke up this morning (or rather afternoon) and as usual i grabbed my cellphone on my left handside. Trying so hard to open my eyes, i found out there are 4 messages and 2 missed calls. I don't even bother to read the messages so i threw the cellphone back to whatever place & snuggle back to my comfy-cosie bed. 5 minutes, just give me 5 more minutes, i thought to myself.I found it's hard to drag myself out of the bed. People do. Holiday has been so far so good, i guess? Well i just spend most of the time laze around at home sweet home, curling myself up with an interesting novel, watching soap dramas & spending time with family~ The only one who is not so happy with my laziness is, who else besides the greatest mum! So yea, everything is great minus the nagging part :) Sheesh. Am going to find a job because the holiday is so damn long & seriously, i crave for high-carbs-and-high-fats food! & not to mention there's too many food temptations to resist at home omg! So yes, i appear to be in this terrible-horrible-hideous-plump funk! NUDGE NUDGE!

Hello miss, Diet plan?!

I lurve hanging out with my babes. They're such sweethearts that you couldn't resist! All the gossips & heart-to-heart talks we had plus the silly thingy we did, talk about the wacky moments! anyway, that's my girls!

And oh, met up with with Wan Hoe. (I know it was so past tense but hey i did post up right?)It was a great outing after all. Not to mention the outing wouldn't be better if Jin Chee, Chyndee, T-yee, Lee Ming & V were absent. It's like this HSC gathering . =) Btw, i was so surprised to figure out that T-yee didn't know the presence of Lee Ming during HSC! OMFG, i thought they were close since HSC xDD Ended up they only knew each others after they off to Monash U. Well, interesting.
God , i laughed hard because V is enough drolly (not that it's not in my prediction) and now there she was, Jin Chee! This girl is unbe-bloody-lievably funny. She got the potential yo! Trust me *wink* Haha, and yes V, my brain was lack of oxygen that day, AGAIN! :P

indulging myself with a great novel of Cecelia Ahern - Thanks for the memories

My craves :)