Monday, December 21, 2009

♥Mind your own business.

♥Love & To Be Loved

She doesnt know what happened recently.
It's like some rumours are been spreading by you-know-who-you-are, she hopes she was thinking too much.
But instinct tells her, it's not.
No, she's not having a guilty conscience but things are too obvious that she couldn't ignore 'em.
A clean sheet speaks for herself.

She eventually understand gossip is a fearful thing.
It's not just some irrelevant topics during the chit-chats or whatsoever, it tears friendship apart.
Okay, let's take a celebrity as example, no matter how many charity she participated, how many good deeds she done, once she did something wrong (even it's no big deal), the negative comments of her will very soon overshadow her angelic roles.

What she's trying to say is, no matter how sincere she treats the bff, no matter how many obstacles they been through together, no matter how much lurves she poured, it ll be all irrelevant due to some gossips? nto to mention some gossips told by some people the bff dont even spend much time with? Ain't she deserved the opportunity to stand up & defend herself?

Not even close.
She wished the bff could just ask before she is judged.

One question, do you even know her true personality that you trust everything she said?

Some gossips just simply overshadow the friendship? so-called strong solid friendship?

She thinks that the friendship is totally ruined. Thanks to the rumours-spreader.
She doesn't know what his/her intention is, but if war is what she wants. Congratulations, he/she succeed.
But beware, she keeps quiet because she doesn't want to cause more troubles. She got his/her secrets, his/her ugly truths, & the badtalks he/she did. It's just that she wants everything to stop, right now.
She refused to believe that SHE'S THE ONE who teared everything apart.
Seriously, get a life. Don't you think it's so old-school for everything?
Mind your own business. Sheesh!
And wtf you do it you admit it. it's not like somebody gonna cuff you and extort a confession from you!
Or you're so afraid that your evildoing is gonna be exposed?! What a villain.

When the trusts fade away, there's nothing left between 'em, she sighed.

To her dearest bff,
You may not trust her. But think again. All the things you girls shared & been through, the feelings are something that can't be fake.
She never forget the promises made. How she wished you could have faith in her, even if A WHIT BIT of faith.