Sunday, February 27, 2011

♥Ipoh Trip! :)

Well, I'm going to update about my Ipoh trip, eh-hem, last year. Lol. Okay okay, I know I'm not a VERY efficient blogger but hey at least I did post it up now right? ;) Better late than never, no? Actually we went all the way to Ipoh just to visit my dearest DARLING, Chris Chiam before he fly to UK. He's there for, errr, a year already? I think? I miss him a lot. It's like something is missing without him around for our Xmas celebration or New Year celebration. Anyway, I'm gonna spam this post with a lot of pictures. So enjoy readers :)

Introducing Mr. Chris Chiam :) Ain't he adorable? :D

Next up, let me introduce you Mr. Goh Kean Lit. He's like the cutest thing ever! :D

& Ms Vivian Chin! Okay, somebody kill her for having that perfect nose. Lol.

& nevertheless, yours truly! :)

Both hands on steering wheel KEANLIT!!! Lol.

Speaking of which, 4 of us are not very familiar with Ipoh road. There were a few times which we can't stop laughing for what Kean Lit done. When Chris, V & me were talking, he will become very silent for some moments, then we would realize that we entered into some kind of Taman roads. So one of us blurted,"Whoa Kean Lit, I can't believe you know all these roads in Ipoh. Awesome wei." Then you won't believe what he said,"Nah, I don't know this road at all. In fact I dont know why I ended up here."

... ... ... ... Silence for 30 seconds and...

WTF?! So three of us panicked & he can't stop laughing at us shouting & mumbling at the same time. Total chaos! Can you believe it?! He knew he lost but he still can drive so calmly like nothing happened! EPIC!

So in fact you wonder what happened next, we tried to get the hell outta the Taman, but always ended up in the same place again. & I don't know how we got out, but thanks god we did. :)

Was my hair... GOLD? Lol.

Okay, where's my bag? I couldn't find it now.

Eh hem! 18sx!

Found a hotel! Finally -.-

I like photo stickerrrr! Mana ours, HENDRY LIM?! :P

*yawn.* Up early, check out & food hunting! :)

Rise & shine! I'm lovin' the morning sunshine!
But 8 in the morning? Or not! :(
Now you know why I'm wearing my pyjamas :P

How can you not go Fusan for dimsum at Ipoh? ;)
I want Fusan! :( But the waitresses are freaking no manners! :(

Look at the crowd! Worth the wait though ;)

Kean Lit, promoting Kuih Red Bean :)

Char siew pau :D

My all time fave! EGG TARTS! :D

Makan makan!

Looking good there, Kean Lit! *wink!*

I'm lovin' this pictureeee! :D

Chill at WHY cafe.

Kami same height okay! :P

Interesting stuffs from Mags.

Infamous Ipoh Beansprout Chicken! :) Slrrrrrrp!
It's up to you whether you want it with rice or koey teow.
Both are equally heaven!

Wahaha! The tam chiak face! :P

Awesome memories! :)
I cant tell how much I love you guys :')

XX! Much lurves, Caryne.