Tuesday, February 1, 2011

♥뻑이가요Ppeogigayo :)

Hey people! CNY is like 2 days away, so are you ready? ;) To be honest, CNY used to be my favourite festival (minus the fact that there's mindfcked CNY songs playing repeatedly everywhere) because I get to shop for A LOT of new clothes, new shoes, new bags & what else? :P But sisters and I don't really shop for CNY clothes this year. What a bum! It's like everyone is so busy to go shopping. And I'm feeling so freaking fat right nao, and I think that's the reason I don't have the 'OHM' to shop. Can you imagine, me, a shopaholic who stop shopping like a mad girl? UNBELIEVABLE? BELIEVE IT. :)

But anyway, HAPPY CNY LOVES! :D Can't wait to spend time this awesome holiday with you all plus my hunny TIAN RAN is back! Woots! <3 HUN, FYI, I NEED UPDATES!

I decided to turn a blind eye to what happened to me because I'm so exhausted of these dramas. I hope thought it has come to an end, turns out not really. I said I won't torture myself if this happened again, but epic fail. But I'm getting better in handling this issue. Oh well, practise makes perfect, isn't it? :) A big bear hug for my loverboy & my darling, Doreen. What am I gonna do without both of you? Thanks for listening to me patiently & always help me through this. As for that someone, you thought you covered yourself well with all those dirty little wiles, think twice. Have you ever think about you'll give the show away when you do it way too often? :3

And on a short notice, went to saloon and wtf I have super ugly bangs right now. Boyfie even said I looked LALA. FML! Oh well, his is not much better than mine. So whateverrrr :D But I'm a happy girl now cause MY BLACK HAIR ROOTS IS GONEEEEE! <3 *moves to the KNOCKOUT beats by TOP&GD *

XX! With much lurves, Caryne.


SuFang (Careen) said...

Happy bunny year! Have a great and awesome year :D

Kreavitz said...

Nice blog. just saw ur comment it been almost 6month. thx for commenting .