Saturday, October 27, 2012

DG x Alesso Partayy!

♥Love & To Be Loved

Morning morning. I'm up to blog & to catch my HK drama. Someone just gotta show me where to watch online-streaming American drama :( I miss gossip girls, pretty little liars, 90210 & fringe.


Ah how I love my lovely morning back at home. I love my Penang home but most of the time (weekends)  I was home alone because housemates were too busy hanging out or attending class or working part times. But we still try our best to make times for our housemates-get-together and hang-outs, which is superbly AWESOME haha!

And being at hometown, I don't have to be annoyed of what-to-eat for every freaking meals. Once I wakeup & open my eyes, I'll find my fave breakkie on the table & all my fave dishes during lunch & dinner! Feel loved. :3

Moving on, I used to go on road trips/short getaways awfully a lot. And I can’t believe I’m stuck in island for like few months without getting my ass anywhere else. Ah I just miss going on a road trip/short getaways spontaneously. So, David Guetta live in M’sia on 12/Oct just gave me a huge excuse to have a weekend getaway at Kayelle. I was so thrilled that I get to shop like crazy & I get to see my Alesso! 
Speaking of the DG party, it was mind-blowing! I had so much of fun and I can’t believe I saw ALESSO & DAVID GUETTA LIVE, JUST RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES! SO INCREDIBLY UNREALLLL OMGGG! And to held it in Sepang International Circuit, other than the fact that its way too far from the city and that it was so isolated, I think it has the perfect spacious areas for the massive crowds.

Road trip yayy!

Loveryboy went out to get us some food for the long night while I getting myself dolled up & selca!
And yes, I was in my comfy Nike dri-fit huge tee. It's my pajama actually haha!I always have the habit of doing my makeup & hair in comfy house-wear and only change ma outfit the moment before I head out.

Traffic congestion, typical Kayelle. SEPANG WHY U SO FAR AWAY!!

The sweats, the cheers & the exhilarated crowds just add whole lots of spices to the party itself.


The beer was f*cking overpriced that we couldn't get ourselves drunk lol. However, after down a can of beer, I started to get the mojo to partayy!



I'm loving the glitters.So dreamy!

Guess who's spinning now...

The crowd went totally mad when Alesso appeared!So I am! It may seems a bit far from this angle, but I swear I can see him clearly.I just couldn't figure where was my zoom button for my cam!Please forgive me, my baby is new for me haha!

Spinning his most increditble pieces!YEARS, Don't you worry child, & the epic THE CALLING!

Are you looking forward for... DAVID GUETTA?!

Put your f"cking hands up! *stole this from babe's insta*

And when we were back at home, it was around  3-4am, perhaps?
Heard loverboy's friend said that they were people died there due to some fights idk. I'm jsut glad we left a lil' bit early.

Kayelle has this magnificient beautiful city night view. Ahh. Never knew it can be so cold and quiet. *taking a deep breath*



Mini garden with little dwarfs. :3


Lastly, yours truly.

There goes the night that we looked forward so much. I'm so glad we decided to go. I'd regret badly cause the party was amazingly overwhelming. 

I'm gonna blog about the irresistable food I had during this short trip. Better don't read it if you're empty stomach loves hehe!

Peace out x.

Ted the evil teddy. >:]

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hola loves. My long-working hour job with overloaded new job allocations drives me insane. I feel awfully tensed & I feel like I can barely able to breath. I really wish I could take a short break, and have a short getaway at somewhere chilling. Someone should just say yes and go with me, no? :/

It's really frustrated that everything's not going well for myself. October, why can't you be good to me? :( I started to feel like I need some changes in my work,that I need something more flexible. My friendships are not in a good stake right now, like everyone just showed their true colors. Betrayal, MIA, you name it. It was pretty heartbreaking consider that I'm one that treasure friendships. Not to mention my so-called relationship is in a BIG MESS. I just don't get it why is it so hard to find someone that truly care and adore you. Why is it so hard to just fall in love without any worries & just let yourself being pampered. Just spare me some drama, thats the least thing I need right now. Now that October has come to an end, I'm praying hard that November will be exceptionally nice to me. Pretty please?

But they said some people are meant to be passerby in your life, gave u a lesson & chao; while some destined to stay, those who are supportive & always be there at your worst. True that true that. And all this while, I've lost some of my precious girlfriends idk why but I've got this 2 lovely ladies came into my life. Knowing them is really fate. really. I mean 3 of us don't know each others, all from different states, different schools, different colleges. But surprisingly, we have so much in commons after days of getting together!And I'm introducing you all, my fave housemates ever. (: I just gotta let you girls know, I love both of you so much. This is like my 2nd home hence my 2nd family. I never felt this way before. Being away from my own home, but still feel like I'm home. Okay, I'm having goosebumps right now haha! Such a shame that I dont have their pictures right now but I PROMISE I'll show you all their beautiful pictures really soon aite? :)

Bytheway, I've watched Ted and it was unexpectedly hilarious!I want the teddy bear alsooo! So the plot of the story is like romance vs bromance. well I've gotta say at some points the jokes are offensive, raunchy & crude, but hey I laughed so hard I thought I couldn't stop inside the cinema haha. Frankly, I don't think I'd tolerate a irresponsible boyfriend like Lori did. But good for her, he did changed in the end. YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY WATCH IT!I PROMISE YOU WON'T REGRET I SWEAR! :D I don't mind watching it for 2nd time I think this is the best comedy so far.

Yours truly.


I"m keeping my fringe longggg.

I curled my hair myself. Do you like it? :) Tsk tsk.

 Its already midnight now mum found out I'm still not in the bed. Gotta chao world!
Sugar dreams x.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tinkerbell x Eiffel tower x Pisces x Keytomyheart

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hello October!

I’M LATE I KNOW. It’s already mid of October! Time flies like crazy!
I’ve got this new baby that explains my urge to blog again. Heh heh. So don’t be too surprise if I’m gone MIA again like I always do. I love love LOVE this new gadget I can’t stop snapping all around on every single thing. I’m such a lazy person and this baby works superb for me. Everything is in auto so I don't have any difficulty in getting a nice picture. As for the price, I know I could get a nice DSLR instead. But I understand myself, I don't think I’d carry a huge bulky DSLR around whenever I’m going for a trip / for a hangout with ma girls. I’m sucha lazy bum :(
As a conclusion, this baby, comes in an easily fitting inside a shirt pocket/clutch/handbags size, impressively features LARGER sensor, which is able to perform ALMOST the same outcome as DSLR, no doubt, is the perfect option for me.

Btw, just to share about this really cute charm bracelet stall I’ve found just in front of Gurney GSC. Most of the girls are pretty crazy over charm bracelet, let it be Thomas Sabo Pandora Tiff&Co or etc, I found this pretty interesting as well. And it doesn't cost a bomb. 10bucks, and you could get yourself a charm bracelet inclusive 4 charms on your choice. Well, I got myself one of this cute thingy as well.

#1 Welcome

#2 Necklace

#3 The charm bracelet I've been talking about.

#4 You could get yourself some customized keychain as well.

#5 Zodiac bracelet.

I always have the perception of knowing someone's attitude/preferences/dreams through her charm bracelet. Its like something customized based on her characteristics.

As for mine: 
Tinkerbell - feisty & hot-tempered, fly free (freedom), go for my dream & love.
Eiffel tower - I dream of falling in love in Paris. L'amour.
Pisces - Defines me. Intuitive.
Key - To my heartlock. That one loverboy, my soulmate.

So do you think you know me? :)
Please do share me about your charms. I'd love to guess your characteristics/dreams.


#7 Yours truly.

Peace out x.