Wednesday, April 29, 2009


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Weee! Outing! :)

Well, well.
When it strikes holiday, my girls started ringing up each others for errr, what else if not planning for a great outing! :)
Admit it. girls just cant get enough of shopping theraphy, gossiping, LOL like nobody's business and therefore shopping center would be a great choice to do everything at once.
i wish i dont make us sounds like you know, bimbos of kinds cause we aint one anyway.
We study hard and play hard at the same time.

Singing is so not my thing, I CANT SING! I REALLY REALLY CANT SING!
I'm tone-deaf, which means i always go detonieren and OMFG i just cant sing.
Yet who the hell cares if it involves your bffs.
So yeah, we went redbox. (happy bffs Jac & Justhrin)
We camwhored like ALOOOOOT, to the extend that the flash made me having migraine right now! No kidding!
Took over 200 pics with bff, Jac's camera and not to mention those in my cellphone and bff, Justhrin's.
We're crazy, i know. :)
Taking photos with my 2 oh-so-thin bffs ALWAYS make me look F.HUGE. And i do mean HUGE.
And thus, they're definitely my driving force to slim down! ^^

Oopsy! P.D.A? :p

The lover.

I cant tell how well they can sing!
Ultimate XXX , collect skin lah! =X

With one accord we all stood up and had mad time singing! XD

Simply LOVE this pic!

BFF authentication. Eternally. :)

The wackiest hottie that never be normal.
Pictures will do the justice.

The sweet babes. :)

The charming girl.

Triples. :)

The gorgeous lady.

That pretty much sums up our day. ♥

p/s; I LOVE MY GIRLS! Really. It defies description.
I hope bff, Justhrin ll feel better after all.
bff, Jac & I are pretty well in entertaining peoples you know. XD
Anway, if you guys expecting more pics, feel free to drop by MY FACEBOOK. :)

That's it, then.
Until next time.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Go ahead and be as bitchy as you want. =/

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

ON A LIGHTER NOTE: WTF i wrote the post and accidentally deleted ALL!
I have to write EVERYTHING once again!
Seriously wanna kill myself! URgh!

Wonder why someone can be so silly and immature.
People can be so self-contradictory you know.
Or rather face it, they can mercilessly lampooned others yet they're behaving like one.

They said if a love relationship comes to an end, the parties ll be hurted the most.
Thus why must smash the already broken hearts into scatters even more?
Even though there's no intention to patch up.

And i thought we should comfort the victims instead of descending to personal abuse?
It's awful enough for one to encounter such pain, dont make him/her feel worse.
If you're a gentleman or a lady to the fingertips, then act like one.
Be liberality instead of being all grundy & insularity.
Because you indirectly make a muff of yourself.
Given the fact that revenge is so not cool.
Like hellooooo, one party can part as friends, strangers or whatever it is but enemies? Unh unh, that top it all off.

It's inerrable to move one with your life after such mess.
but hey, dont you think it's certainly no harm for being a lil' bit considerate for one's weak moment?
Girls are borne bitchy, i would say. (dont tell me you're not. like duh, it's impossible kay?)
And oh just a second, that's not girls' priority anymore.
Why? Because some guys nowadays are evolving into one, too. Admit it :)
Well, well. What a surprise!

We all know that only the parties involved understand exactly what's what.
For us, who are the outsiders, for god's sake please just stop interfering!
We dont know the exact fact; so what we say were pure conjecture.
That being so utterly-absolutely-bloody-fcking unfair for the privies.
Mind our own business, dont be nosy. PEACE MAN! :)
Think, and i do mean THINK before you talk.
If that's none of your business, just stay out of it. Really.
Let the concerned parties do the justice.

P/S; Fie, for shame simply accusing people! i really dont appreciate that. *insert eyes-rolling here*
Please note that my post is extremely not a pointed comment.
Thus dont take my words on your own conceit. Geez~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sky of Love. :)))

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I'm weird, you know.
i found it's so hard for me myself to understand the common sense that,
Given the fact that all of the soap dramas can wait! Jeez

I love love LOVE Koizura a.k.a Sky Of Love.
It was a beautiful yet heart-wrenching love story between a high school student named Mika (Yui Aragaki), and the school gangster named Hiro (Haruma Miura).
It can totally move you to tears, though it is nothing more than a over-embellished love story of a kind.
However, indeed i adore the love between them that can be permanent and so true.
Their affection to each others is so simple yet deep and sincere.
The kind of love that i always desired.
Talking about one and the only one in a relationship, which is unlikely possible in modern days.
Like i always said, there's too much inveiglement, seduction and temptation to be yielded thus making love brittle and frail.

Hiro: I want to become the sky. become the sky and always look after Mika from above.

Mika: Then every time i look at the sky, I'll think of Hiro. A clear sky means, Hiro is in a good mood. A rainy day means, Hiro is crying. A sunset means Hiro is embarassed. A night sky means, Hiro is warmly hugging me. *Tears in eyes*

Hiro: I only bought you a cheap ring. To make it up to you, I'll give you all the stars in the universe.

They were having this conversation when Mika found out Hiro had cancer and she was taking care of him at hospital.
Who knows that was their last conversation. T.T

Why cant they be together? :(

In the end, this is what Mika thought.

Mika: the happy times i spent with Hiro havent become a memories. it is because, no matter when i feel you by my side. Hiro, I still love the blue sky. Hiro. I still love the blue sky. From this day and always, this love will last... FOREVER.

Speaking of which, HARUMA MIURA is oh-so-fcking-gorgeous!
How i wish i could have such boyfriend who is freaking loyal, good-looking and caring!
Aint he perfect?
You'll definitely fall for him when you see the way he treats his girlfriend. Awww~

I love HIM! :)))

p/s; GOSSIP GIRL S02E21 finally available~ Yay!

That's it then.
Until next time.