Monday, April 13, 2009

You're Not Sorry.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Repeated Wild Child once again.
A great movie after all.
Poppy Moore is an insanely lovely 'trouble' and Freddie is just GORGEOUS.
Wtf, Poppy is unbe-bloody-lievably slim as a rake!
As to me, SLIMDOWN baby, SLIMDOWN!
For god's sake, stop craving for indulgence, TOO MUCH carbs and sugars.
I love Kiki as well. :) I think she's pretty
And like i always always ALWAYS repeat*till y'all wanna puke when you read this*,
i adore such friendship.
I know i've been talking about movies and serials WAY TOO MUCH but duh, i've done nothing except watching these everyday!
My holiday is dull, i know.
WHAT-E-VER! Like i give a shit.
As a matter of fact,I enjoy it! :D

FYI, my aunt went overseas for few weeks and my mum wants me to help my uncle.
I dont understand why my help is needed since they got maid.
You know what, babysitting my cousin gives me migraine. :(

I've been saving my skin since i'm back. :)
You wont even believe it, nor do i, i do masque once every two days,
apply every skin care STEP BY STEP, twice everyday.
And um, yeah, fingers crossed that my skin will get well.
FYI, for those who KNOW me, would be so damn surprise that
THE WORLD LAZIEST GIRL a.k.a CARYNE LAW is actually *or should i say FINALLY* utterly ruthless in my determination to rescue my skin!
Hell yeah, i adhere to bff, W's consultation steadfastly.
Absolutely proud of myself.
And in any case, i dont fancy having unacceptably rough skin for good!
So, practical action is imperative before it's too late.

'Potions' that may rescue my skin.
A-da-ca-da-bra! :p

BTW, i made something for my bffs.
Call me crazy. :p
To bff, V, i know it's hard to stay sane under such awful pressure, hope this can to reduce the tension a lil' bit. ^^
To bff, J (Justhrin), hope this can make her rofl and make her pain go away :D
To bff, J (Jac), hope she can get well soon. :p
To bff, J (Joanne), hope she can get well soon TOO. :)

And finally, to all of the lost souls that lose faith in true love.

p/s; girls, why your name all started with J~ Confusingggggg @.@

When love fades, it is faded.
When the feeling goes away, it is gone, for good.
Even if the love and the feeling do come back someday, somehow they never be the same anymore.
Even if the wound heals, the scar is still there.
Love is enduring; Love is fleeting.
If it's yours, it stays with you no matter what the obstacles are.
If it's not yours, it slips through your fingers even you clench it tight in your fist.
So just let go if it not happen to be yours. Get over. and Move ON.
Never ever force yourself to not to reminicsce the past of both of yours.
Simply because you wouldnt want to EVADE the fact forever.
Yes, let bygones be bygones. Dont runaway from it.
Anyway, when the past memories strike you, let it be.
Feel free to cry. In fact, it makes you feeling better.
Because someday you will realise that it's been ages the memories call to mind.
And even they do, you feel only numb.
For you, those memories are nothing but memories.
You know that's the time you finally get over.
And yeah, you can move on with your fabulous life and you'll notice that you never feel that great and happy before.

J, you can do it.
I did, idk whether i'm halfway or whatever, but i enjoy a life of splendour.
Little do i feel alone.
I become aware of so many precious treasures who always there all along.

That's it, then.
Until next time.