Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jeez, Break it off!

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Watched GG episode 20.
I was, um, what to say,
OVERWHELMING by the ironic though not totally unexpected twist.

The scenarios were making me like whoa whoa whoa, wait a second!
Everything is unpredictable although got some hints from PINKISTHENEWBLOG that Nate and Blair might hook up again.
Likewise, Chuck and Vanessa? What incompatible?!
Aye, no, i dont want that to happen. =/
Nate is such a playboy and that's not cool AT ALL.
I know, i know he's good-looking and all but that doesnt mean he can be playboy! Urgh!
I just cant believe that Chuck and Blair are not together.
As i've said before, they're meant to be together!!!! :(

I dont like to get into conflicts, as everyone knows.
I dont mean to cause any scene to anyone.
Believe it or not, same as Lee Ming, I'm a peace lover as well. *5, dude! :)*
If i did, just so you know, i did not do it on purpose and i apologise for that.

Besides that, i love my bffs and i know we all will stand up for each others if anything happen.
That's what friends for, comfort them and care for them when they need someone,
Give them a helping hand when they fall.

For the message you left, i think you know exactly what you mean.
We cant do anything if you keep denying.
Just so you know, we really do not talk about you OR the past, let alone we dont even care.
All we want is to help our bff to recover from the pain she suffered.
So it's kind of pissing me off when we were misunderstood by others.
Not to mention humiliating others rudely. Calling people 'RETARDED'? Seriously, dude?
Perhaps i'm childlish in your opinion, but if you can criticizing others this way, you must be very grown up then, so please act like one.
Such as, respecting others in the first place?
My wisdom tooth is erupting and as is known to all, IT HURTS!
Not to mention the tooth is needless and still we have to bear the pain.
Grr~ =/

Holy crap! Been craving for way toooooo much carb since i'm home. :(
No - way!
I JUST cant resist yummy-licious food you see.

Am watching movies and serials for the holidays, so far.
The Women, Bride Wars, Wild Child, Lipstick Jungle, Gossip Girls, Heroes and so on.
I know some of them are somewhat demoded, those were enjoyable though!

After all, i even realized that how vital a bff plays a role in our life.
A bff is the only one that would remain loyal to you for good.
Though they would make you go wtf sometimes.
But hey, nobody is perfect, and hence people make mistakes, of course.
As for some people, for years you've known your husband or boyfriend and end up they betray your trust.
That's when you will feel like your bff is the only one who you can rely on.
THat's when you feel like they actually CARE about you,they actually LOVE you.
They would do anything to make you feel better and to build your confidence once again.
Their solicitude for you is real, i can tell.

They dont mind you ring them late at night or in the wee hours of the morning when you need someone.
in fact, they'll clear their head right away somehow, and listen to you patiently.
No complaining, at all. :') *tears in eyes*

They dont mind grimace or disguise as something that probably make them look silly, they dont even care,
because they just want to see you laughing again.
Even if both of you are having conflicts or perhaps you pissed them off,
they bear you no grudge straightaway when you need them.

A bff will stand up for you,
i know that because i would do exactly the same as i'm a bff for my bffs too. :)

Girls, watch this movie! Y'all will love it. :)
I shed tears for most of the scenes.
I can feel the love between the bffs.
And i hope my bffs would be with me for the rest of my life! :)

And oh, watched So You Think You Can Dance
It's cool and yet sexy!
Wondering how great if i get the chance to learn the dance. *sigh*

BTW, discovered something beyoooooond belief on 8tv late night talk show.
A man lives in Texas, who is called The Lizardman.
when i saw his pics and videos, i was like SERIOUSLY?!
I like body arts you see, tattoos and piercings.
I always wanted a shoulder tattoo/handwrist's tattoo or nose piercing
and of course i'm not gonna get one.
Are you kidding me? My mum would've killed me :S
But this guy did much ridiculous stuffs.
Okay, READ the descriptions below at your own risk.
Better dont puke
He actually tattooed his WHOLE BODY with green scales (just like a lizard)
*Okay, that's STILL acceptable right?*
Then i dont know how he did that but he doesnt have any eyebrows instead of something like several small tumours on both his eyebrow positions.
*Ewww, gettin' a lil' bit goosebumps*
*i wanna faint right away when i see him rolling his tongueS*
And and... he got this 'ABILITY' of stuffing anything (scissors, fork, iron wire or whatever it is) into his NOSE!

...Enough said.
No comment but you gotta see the videos all by yourself.
Just surf into and search for The Lizardman.
Have um, 'fun' watching the video? Jeez :S
FYI, unbelievably *no offence* he's married and he owned a PHD in arts.
So, who the hell knows that anything is possible? :p

That's it, then.
Until next time.