Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Good Old Days. :)))

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Finally, back at home sweet home.

IT was kinda disappointing that we could not make it to RedBox on last friday.
But um, whatever, there are lotsa chances after holiday. :)
My babies, promise me that we will find some times to hang out together.
You know, shopping theraphy, cam-whoring, enjoying girly movies, starbucks, sipping hot mocha latte and gossiping, heart-to-heart talks and most important LOL like.. WHO CARES? :p
This is not a request, i'll drag y'all out if the promise is broken. ROAR
I'm looking forward to the outing~ WEeeeeee :D

Ohmyeffinggod! I've been missing my mum's FINGER-LICKING GOOD cooking like hell!
You'll understand why if you stay in my hostel for the whole damn three weeks!
Oh yeah, threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bloody weeks!

I dont cook, literally saying, i CANT cook and hence delivery is the only food source that kept me alive.
Chinese delivery inflated RIDICULOUSLY and the quantity reduced SIGNIFICANTLY.
This seriously makes me go WTF.
Malay delivery, in the other hand, taste quite delicious but when you gotta have malay food for three weeks in a row, that makes it a different matter.

SO.. yeah, pretty much sum up to the reason why-i-miss-my-mum-cooking so much.

Well guys, my mum cancelled Astro due to the reason that we stick our face in front of the TV for like almost 24 hours per day.
Therefore, we have only NTV7 and 8TV.
Sounds pathetic huh? :p
But i found there are quite many interesting shows, in fact my fave shows,
such as Desperate Housewives, Lost, Ugly Betty, American Next Top Model, American Idol and so on.
and i am actually LOVIN' it! :)
CELEBRITY APPRENTICE is pretty interesting.

Went for grocery-shopping with my two baby sis. :)
And i bought some products from bff, W (Winnie).
Daddy started to nag at me already. Economy recession, his shop ain't run so well blah blah blah...
)*$#@!*&(-+ and blah blah blah...
AYE-AYE, SIR! Whatever you wish for.
No more squandering money, spend with restraint, i promise.
I cant bear naggings, i just CANT.
My adrenalin will increase, eventually i notice i'm totally out of control, and end up bursting into arguments with daddy.
I assure of that.
What's for? So better just keep my mouth shut instead of contradicting his principles.

Bff, V, told me that she miss the good old days we had in HSC so damn much.
Babe, i dont know how if i dont have you as well. And, for the record, You mean so much to me.
BTW, CK said what he's missing the most is driving his three babies in his Kembara.
Oh, CK, i'm about the same! :')
Reminiscing about the past and realizing that those days were gone, already makes me feeling rather bad.
V said she damn miss the time we went to dinner together every night, chortled gleefully even for no reason.
Silly, i know.
Those days we watched '1 LITRE TEARS' together and I cry until cant breath. *No exaggerating, pals*

V: Why do we have to miss the past? Why cant everything remain the same forever? I remember we went beach to play during midnight. Damn fun man. Everything just gone and never come back. How i wish HSC is forever, even i have to get scolded by Leela everyday.. Haiz.. Miss nia~ Remember we all hold hands and wait for the wave, and promise not to run away, but then those ah chun they all run away, lastly our pants got wet totally... Damn siao. Now you can never get anyone who will do this kind of things with me. Uni damn lame. Haiz, i even miss Leela scolding me... Miss the anxiety i had in class.

Speaking of which, we even tricked Ezin to naked!
After that, ahchun they all throw him into the sea and in the meantime we grabbed his clothes and ran as fast as we could to the parking lot!
Leaving the poor guy chasing us from the back xD

Wtf wtf wtf! How come the joy and fun in the past faded away?
What about the moments of 'just cut the cord and go nuts!' ?
I really wonder you know, will we lost this forever?
Do we have to live with this torturing, brooding life forever?
I dare not to think about that because cant you see, that ll be sucks to the core!
But i do know they're my lifetime bffs and with them in my deep heart's core, i can weather the storm and yet not alone.
Toasts to our friendships that endure all things and never fails. P/S; Thanks J (Jac), for you as my lifetime bff as well. :) ILOVEYOUALL! HEARTSYOUALL!

And to bff, Justhrin, you know you always have us by your side. WE LOVE YOU! :) Tsk tsk.
You deserve better.
Love yourself and fight for yourself, will ya?

That's it, then.
Until next time.