Friday, April 3, 2009


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪
Hedious pic. I know.

Woke up last morning.
Looked into the cell phone and WHATTHEHELL, I'M LATE!
8 AM class and i woke up at 7.51 AM!
Seriously, Caryne?!

That's not the focal point.
It's when I felt like my eyes were swollen, i thought nothing serious at first, perhaps just some mild pinkeye.
That was when i looked into the mirror and OMFG, my right eyeball is swollen!
You get it, i thought it was my eyelid, but it's my EYEBALL!
It's like, freaking scary.
I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO afraid that i'm going to blind.
At that moment, i so regretted wearing lens yesterday.
It must be infections due to my lens! :(

Thanks June for fetching me to clinic.
And thanks Jac for accompanying me.
I felt my heart beat incredibly violently when i was waiting for the doc.
Was keeping my fingers crossed that i do not need any surgery.
Bff, Jac was giggling at me and was like, CHILL OKAY? Of course there's no such need. LMAO
Once i stepped into the doc's room,
she said i was heightening tension, SO OBVIOUSLY, because i kept murmuring about my infections.
OHMYGOD, what an embarassment!
And the doc was like, okay okay, later doc check ya~ O_O
Well, i did not even realize what a gaffe i'd made not until J told me so. LMAO

And we went to visit Dell afterwards.
It was a lesser fun and much boring.
Anyway, hanging out with bffs would makes a difference, isnt it?
Had alot of secret talks with J.
That's the reason why i glad that i went.
Discovered something beyond belief and sure enough i understood the whole situation at present.
Wondering how dumb was I?
Apologize to my dearest bff, J.
I never wanted to neglect you before this, i swear.

Bff, J's stuffs and mine.
Dear said it has been years since she took a bus ride. XD

Inside this were dear's fave songs. :)
Since we have same taste, then consider mine also lah~ LOL.

My hands and bff, J's hand. :)

And a round of applause to me!
Here's the story goes.
Miss CARYNE, that's me, actually got a FREE PASS to skip Law class this morning. :)
And guess what?
Yeap, I-DID-NOT-SKIP-CLASS (which is so not my style) and SURPRISINGLY woke up at 8.15 in the morning and walked to college with J and attended class.
Another SURPISINGLY, I paid attention on class!
Hmm, way to go, girl! WEEeeeee~ ^^
Someone has influenced me. YOU-KNOW-WHO-YOU-ARE!
The one who always be beside me. :)

P/S; Hostel wireless is getting worse, and it drove me crazy.

To HIM/HER: Seriously? That's it? That's all what you can do? All the mischief-makings and artifices?
Manipulating others to reach your purpose?
Talk about being bitchy.
I dont need to hear all the ridiculous whys and wherefores of this. Not anymore.

That's it then.
Until next time.

♥Caryne. :)

Last but not least, a pic of mine.
Dare not to wear lens currently. :S
I know i looked nerd, but, whatever. :p