Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chocolate, Yummy-licious. :)

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I watched '从世界出发' and i realized that how assiduous the acrobats are.
No matter how much they suffer from massive aches, they remain steadfast in their determination to pursue their dream.
Their dream to become renowned in the entire globe with their skilful, amazing, and impressing acrobatic feats.

Do you guys know that an acrobat has to endure many many MANY hardships?
For 10 minutes they perform on stage, that may took them months or years to come out with it.
And needless to say, it's not easy to practise all of the difficult acts or movements with the body.
Such as, arch one's back to the extend, bend the legs from behind to the head, play a big clay jar with head, balance body with one hand for hours, swing lotsa hula hoops with himself/herself hang in the midair, and stuffs.
Not to mention many of the acrobats started to practise all of these stunts when they were like, 5?
I mean, what were you doing when you were 5 years old?
Perhaps some of us still need our mama to feed us.
Like DUH~

It's very very VERY painful to extend a child's tendon.
Yet, they do not get into a huff AT ALL!
When they feel extremely-superdupertothemax-exceedingly-fcking severe pain, they just drop tears silently.
IT really really made me heart ache to see that scene.
My heart is bleeding inside.
When the host interviewed them, they answered so optimistically as if they never go through the hardships.

Besides that, their life after practising doesnt seem to be comfortable or less tense.
The house, which the students live in together, is old and crumbling of age.
Well, around 30 students share a cramped uncomfortably small bed.
i cant believe it. How can they sleep well to prepare themselves vigorously for the practising next day?
And us, who live in the city, can obtain anything we want as easy as blowing off dust.
yet we're still grumbling about everything like, ALL THE TIME?
As for them, having a bowl of rice or a slice of meat or chicken or fish for their meals are their extravagance.
All they have are one bowl of porridge, veges, and one and a half steamed bread. *just raised dough with NO FILLING*
Hell yeah, each of them cant have more than that because the food are inadequate to support all of the students.
Back to us, talk about partiality for certain foods, anti-vege, bulimia and stuffs?
I know i know, i hate sprouts though.
What, it gross! :S

Ohmygoodness. We should really reflect on our thoughts and actions. REALLY.
God has endowed us with many bounties so we should appreciate them and be thankful. :)
Be content with one's lot because contentment brings happiness.

FYI, Amercian Idol 8 is interesting.
they invited some cool HOT singers such as, FLO RIDA, LADY GAGA and so on.
And oh, aye, J (Jac), David Archuleta is CUTEEEEE! :p

p/s; my far far far distantly related coussie is so damn irresistably adorable!
i love talkin to this sweetheart and in fact i felt like kidnapping her! =X
Wtfish. :D

That's it, then.
Until next time.