Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm not feeling alone. Cus this life is filled with LOVE. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Chun they all were having steamboat at dinner last night.
They had it in hostel balcony.
Um yeah, HOSTEL
i remembered last time ying darling,keanlit,jr,my hubby and i had steamboat once in hostel.
but the tomyam soup that we made was inedible.

Darling got insomnia last night, AGAIN.
She came to my room with tears filmed her eyes.
8 AM class today made her even panic,and she cried out helplessly.
It was too sudden and i freaked out.
I tried to console darling and trying to let her know everything is okay.
Jiayin, darling and me slacked around,
hoping to slack off her heebie-jeebies.
Darling, i'm always here for you.
Dont be too timid to seek for my company even in the middle of the night.
Just promise me.
I'm not taking NO for an answer.
As a matter of fact, i insist. (:
Uh, unless you are not treating me as your darling?
♥ Hearts you,darling.

I am so not feeling well today.
Had tummy-ache and there's an ulser in my mouth.
Urgh.! I cant eat anything.The pain is killing me.
Oh god, i'm so hungry.
Starving to death,indeed.
Well,well. Fine,i'll treat this as my hunger strike.
Maybe i'll get thinner, who knows? *i know i'm dreaming.*
DUH. *insert eye-rolling*

And um, keanlit's birthday is on 31st of July.
I sent him a birthday message today.
And i thought i'm the one who get it wrong,
there were a lot of people wished him before me though.
So,i guess i dont have to be embarrased.? =p
Anyway,hope you'll get every of your wish come true, birthday boy.! ^^

Enough crapping.Time's to deal with assignment.
Toodles. (:

i found this very funny. XD

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

29.7.2008 ♥

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

yeaps,it may sounds like nothingbuttuesday
but it means ALOT to me.
it's our 1st year anniversary.gee. ^^
well,we went nowhere to celebrate our anniversary.
Since we're so being tests-and-assignments-bound,dear decided to give me a little surprise.
he asked me to go to his room at around 5 PM.

Once i reached 5th floor,hubby scampered out from his room.
He rushed towards me & hugged me. *blush*
He took my bulky lappie and hold my hand and led me into his room.
lol.looks like he's more excited than me.
He opened his room and i saw the light is off
and something is glowing in the dark.

My lovely hubby arranged the Ferroro Rochers into a perfect heart-shape.
Candles all around and did you notice the 2 fishfish?

This is such a perfection.
i was dazed by his wonderful piece of work.
i stood there like an idiot,staring at his surprise.
hubby hugged me from behind,asking me whether his surprise satisfy me?
well,what more could i request, honey?
This is the most thoughtful fish-like anniversary present ever.
I'm gonna remember this moment forever.
I mean,my honey is a romantic,who knew?Gee. ^^
And it's the ♥-heart-♥ that's all matters.
You listened to me,remembered what i'd mentioned
and gave me the anniversary celebration that i long for.

You know i love chocolate.So you made me a heart-shaped ferrero rochers.
You know i love yoga.So you bought me his CD.
You know i love Haagen Dasz.So you bought me ice cream cake from there.
You know i love strawberry.The cake topping is nothing but strawberry.

Haagen Dasz cake,specifically for me.

with my fave strawberry.yummy.& it costed 140++?!
So small size only wor.. ==

I love you,baby. For everything. (:

Monday, July 28, 2008

All it matters is YOUR LOVE. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Had Cost&Management accounting test today.
And,um,no comment.Hopefully not going to flunk.?
Jac Darling had a major emotional upset.
She chose the wrong question.
Darling,you tried your best.Dont blame yourself anymore (:
Everyone made mistakes right.?
So,dont be sad anymore~Cheer up.! =D

♥. Smile,simply because it makes your life great .

Life is definitely very busy.
I'm so running out of time.
Final is on NEXT NEXT WEEK.
Still,lecturers kept throwing tests and assignments to us.
Econ test 2 is procrastinated again,again and again.
Econ assignment due date on this thursday.
blahblahblah. ==

Thanks to my hubby,
cus he pleaded with me to assist him in his assignment,
which is totally none of my business.
thanks to my soft-hearted behavior,
cus i said YES,
which i shouldnt. ==
Urgh.!Why would i consent to his request?

Tomorrow is our 1st anniversary.
I had no time in which to prepare for the oh-so-touching&special present for him.

Speaking of which,he prepared a surprise for me.
He told me so.
I mean, how if his so-called surprise is not giving me a surprise??
While my expected surprise is a REAL SURPRISE indeed.
I dont want a surprise which is so-not-in-my-expectation surprise.
Lol. Okay okay,i get it, i know i got you all in a great confusion.

♥. I'm keeping your love and oops,it's locked. =X .♥

Oopsy,it's 5.21 PM right now.
I am dozing off and i suppose to be on my bed.
I am in need of a good rest. Seriously.
Loads & Loads of Hugs and Kisses. (:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Heal my dark eye circles, please? ):

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Had been through an unpleasant night.
Well,it's not fun by tucking your head in those bulky-thicky-tedious-dull-and-so-damn-dead Law books.
i can barely clear my mind of the Law terms and they smothered me.

Struggled to attain sir's minimum requirement,8 pages for 2 question.
in fact I did 10 pages.kinda achievement huh? (2 thumbs up!)
it's been weeks that my sleeping time's procrastinated to 3am-4am.

Morning class,especially on 8am, is oppressive.
I'll be a walking zombie.Dead and unawaken.
And oh, roommate said that 8tv staffs are coming over inti tomorrow.
Sort of searching for prom king and prom queen,just like they did every year then.

i will be posting up if any interesting or laughably or preposterously or ludicrously event is going on tomorrow.
Eager for tomorrow.!
and all the best for my law assignment.hopefully i'll get a good marks. *fingers crossed*

yawn.time for meeting up my lovely and comfortable bed.
Ciaoz and ttyl.

Signing off, 3.17 AM.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Colour My Life. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Watched Gossip Girl AGAIN,with roommate.
And we went to bath together.
Different bathroom,of course. XD
I left her the nicer shower.
Suddenly roommate showed me her broken shower pipe which has no shower bud with a laugh.
She even splashed me over her bathroom when i teased her. ==
Naughty roommate.
Anyway,seems like my deed paid off.
jkjk. =P

I dont feel like completing the Law assignment at all.
Well, i guess i just go for a movie that ying darling gave me.
And will complete it tomorrow then.
The weeks after this week wont be easy for us anymore.

I can hardly wait to leave this place. =/

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

OH crap.
I am so fed up with the hostel wireless connection.
It's driving me CRAZYYYYYYYYY.!!

I've tried out Wretch.
Welcome to my newblog.
Of course,blogspot is still my choice. =D
Muahx. (:

When did your patient go missing, girl? =P

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Law assignment: Screwed up.
Hell yeah,most of our Law assignment get rejected.
Sir is so DAMN kind enough to guide us.
We're so fortunate huh.?
To have such wonderful lecturer. (:

And darling and I left our pendrive in Cyber Lab.
We not even realized it until we wanna use it.
Well,seems like darling's blurness will reach my level no longer. XD
Thanks my hubby for getting them back for us. <3

Am so madly in love with Sum 41 recently.
Idk why.
They're cool.They sing nice.!
OHgod,i just love them.And their songs,of course. (:
Somebody in our class just dont know when to shut up,isnt he.?
Gentleman, could you stop showing off your so-called-Australian accent,please.?Please!
You're stepping on Malaysia's land, mind you.
And most important, you couldnt speak with an Australian accent at all.!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I hate law.And i do mean HATE.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Roommate stayed hostel this weekends.Well, you can consider that as we had nothing to do at night,after i back from movie and she back from bon odori,we decided to watch gossip girl.I never get bored of it even i already watched it for almost over 10 times. XD And we ate up a pack of Twisties in a short time.!OHcrap.I'm getting fatter.I did not work out,still i got craving for LOADS and LOADS of food.!Wtheck is going with me.?

Roommate fall asleep at around 2-3am.And I was crazy enough to online and download some songs.Idk why,i just suddenly feel like to listen to those songs.Ended up by going to bed at 4.30am. =X

Gotta stay low and ignore the FUN for a while.Mind you, there's a Law assignment haunted you.The due date is by tomorrow,yet you're still giving yourself so much holiday? WAKE UP.!!I hate to say this but hey,can you COMPLETE all of your ASSIGNMENTS and REVISIONS please? Please.

Well, well.I have to deal with my law assignment after all, no matter how unwilling i am.Duh.Ttyl.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movie, Movie and Movie. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Went for Hell Boy movie today.And no regret, the movie was nice.I love the Heroin.She is as cool as the Heroin in Doomsday.They're simply HOT,gorgeous,sophisticated,confidence and they totally got their own style.I bought myself a tee in Esprit and some girly stuffs in SASA.

Had our dinner in Sakae Sushi.And oh,the Macha Ice Cream is so damn nice.Wondering if Jusco is selling any.Back in hostel and found out roommate was out.She text me back that she was joining Bon Odori.Guess she'll have fun there. (: My baby called me afterwards and i told him where roommate is.He said,"OH,today is the day which i text you very first time in last year, darling." i was like, NO WAY.You still remember that?Aww,so sweet.But it's aint cool that our anniversary is on 29/7, which means he succeed to court me 10 days afterwards. =/ I shouldnt have accept him so early.LOL. jkjk. XD

I'm so lazy to upload the photos.It took me forever to upload even a photo.!!This is so not cool. I'm annoyed,indeed furious,over the hostel connection.Urgh.!!

Ciaoz. (:

Friday, July 18, 2008

He's a Secret Guardian instead of a Hero. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Went to watch movie today.
The Dark Knight.
Quite a nice movie.
And oh,my hubby is SOOOOOO crazy of Hero's motorcycle.
Talking non-stop about it.
He even thinking to buy one in the future.!
Oh my god.
Hopefully he is JUST KIDDING. =/
Even that's cool, though.
I prefer a sport car. XD
which i think i wont own it for my whole life.!!
The Hero's Lamborghini is damn cool.

My hubby met up with his b.f.f.
His long-lost-arabian friend.
They're so happy with each others now.
And i've been left out. == LOL.jkjk.

So long for now.Ciaoz. (:

Thursday, July 17, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Thursday,time to pass up our Econ assignment.9am Econ class and Miss Sara gave us another ASSIGNMENT again.!OMG.Are you kidding me.?We just struggled and done the group assignment,and here come another individual assignment AGAIN.?its been ages since i've had myself a good time.OHcrap, just kill me.!

However,ACC 278 was cancelled today.HOORAY.!!I was like so damn excited. XD Ying darling,June and I were rushing here and there to print our assignment.From finance to GO,from GO to library,from library to INSO and lastly to cyber lab.!!We were freaking exhausted.Why INTI staffs are so inefficient and so uncertain of our college management.?Ying and June were flat out.We even took lift to 3rd floor from 2nd floor. == And from 2nd floor to 3rd floor again.LOL.

Done everything and we went back to hostel.
Ciaoz&ttyl.Gtg to watch my movie. (:

i found someone who could let me bully already.
lol. XD
Ohya,i was worrying about my darling in IMU.
She was like not really get used to the life there.
Hopefully she'll get through this hard moment A.S.A.P.
*finger crossed.*


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Done my Econ assignment,FINALLY.
Next,Law assignment.
After that,Finance assignment.
Move on to Cost & Management Accounting test.
Nevertheless,Econ test.


Isnt this crazy?
What's the different from locking me up in hostel? == DUH.
My dark eye circles are gettin' worse.
When i mean worse,they are REALLY REALLY gettin' worse.
I looked shaggy.
& i've been moody recently.
Worst still,idk why.!

Please kindly extend the time to 48 hours per day instead of 24.!! =/
Please send me someone with FREAKING-BRILLIANT brain to help me work out all of these whatsoever assignments and tests.
And oh,somehow change my TIMETABLE,please,PLEASE.!!

Signing off, 2:04am

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Help, I'm a little fish.!!

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I supposed to finish my Econ assignment by today afternoon.Cheryl and Khee Jin came hostel for the discussion.Ended up with frustating of the hostel connection and slacking.!Well,i should predict this situation to be happened.LOL.Imagine that all friends stay together and you expect them to DISCUSS ASSIGNMENT.?NO WAY.!!Gossiping indeed. XD YingYing darling was so fed up as she couldnt online AT ALL.Poor girl,she was not feeling well too,suffering of tummyache.OH dear,get well soon ya~

As the hostel connection is so SUCKS,and even caused Ying and Cheryl's lappie couldnt online at all,we decided to do our assignment in hubby's room.Streamyx will be MUCH MUCH better than inti wireless.! God-know-what reason that only my lappie could online there.?!Seriously,wtheck.? & its so embarassing that my hubby's room is totally in a AFTER-GREAT-BIG-WORLD-WAR-III MESS.Dirty clothes thrown everywhere,tables with no space for extra thing at all,books,blankets and towels on the bed and etc.NO EXAGGERATING.*Fainted* And oh,i'd locked hubby's key in his room,caused him couldnt bath and change his clothes.LOL.SORRY BABY~

Went for steamboat-ing afterwards.June joined us as well.But she left earlier.We had lotsa fun there.Took LOADS & LOADS of food and hellyeah,couldnt managed to finish all.!!I was full like all of the food i ate had reached the top of my lungs.!!And my baby was so tender enough to peel the prawn for me.Heart him so much.Cheryl got craving for aint no other food but VEGE.!!Last but not the least,Khee Jin was busying promote his SPECIAL-SECRET-EGGIE tomyam soup recipe. Okok,it's very very nice.!!Happy?LOL. On the way back to hostel,we sang along with the Jay Chow's songs.Cheryl suggested us to go for redbox someday.And this Redbox kaki(Ms Tan YingYing) couldnt have agree more.!! XD

Thanks for fetching us back,sweetie and her beloved dar.You all are such a sweet couple and nice guys as well. (:

Watched Help,I'm a little fish.GREAT CARTOON MOVIE.!!Am
freaking love it.!!Gotta continue on my assignment.DUH.

And again,will post up some funny pics and VIDEOS,if possible. (:

Whoa.I'm doing magic. XD

Oh,i just love steamboat-ing.

Cheryl: Give me VEGE.!!!

From dusk......

to night. ==

Aww,so sweet~ *wink* =D

♥.Signing off. 1.54am. <3

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

URGH.!!!!Rewind Rewind the time.!!!

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I used up my sebum gel.

Slept EXTREMELY late recently.
And yeah,my pimples keep reappear.!Wtheck.!!
Shoo you pimples,
could you just get the hell out of my face.!!Or even my life.!

Scream out LOUD.!!

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Went QB today.Straightaway to House of Notebook.Darling wanna fix her AVG.We planned to rush back after dinner at first since LOADS n LOADS of assignments need to be done.Law and Econ are driving me crazy.However,planning changed cuz Law assignment due date had been postponed to next monday.Aww,sir,you're the best of all.!

We should treat ourselves better,and yes,we window-shopped a while.But not shopping-theraphy.We are undergoing money-saving plan.A big applause to my darling,she was able to control herself and did not buy even a tee.KEEP IT UP.! =D Went Jusco to buy some mee cup,milk and bread.Dinner at Nandos.We crapped,laughed hilariously,and cam-whoring all the way.We were like not even stop for a second.Pretty amazing huh?Even we see each others everyday,still there's ALOT of topics that we could discover. (:

Went few outlet to search for my mum's wallet.Too bad i cant find any.Sighh.Give up on my mum's wallet and we went forever 21.Well,we were not thinking of buying those clothes.Just cam-whoring inside the fitting room.We would never get bored of that.I know i know,we shouldnt have do so.But who cares.?They wont make any loss =X Seriously,I gotta slim down.!!I looked freaking FAT.!!i should be thrown to Africa for 1 year.OHgod.As my darling is so well-known of her nice figure,perfect face features,i shouldnt have evolving into fatter & fatter fish.!DUH.

And oh,our hands were like not our hands anymore.No strength at all.!!Thanks to the damn-so-heavy food from Jusco and darling's laptop.Well,nevermind,I guess we did some exercises and burned our arms' cholesterol. (: Hopefully.

OH,i heart you,my darling.

wtheck.!!What's wrong with the hostel wireless connection.? it's like taking me a decad to upload my pics.AHH..i seriously need some rest.Will upload some overdue pics tomorrow.Ciaoz & ttyl. (:

Dinner at Nando's.


I love this Carlsberg's tin.Ain't it special?

Signing off at 2:10am

p/s:I've uploaded these pics as i promised. (:

Monday, July 14, 2008

I found 20th bday present for myself.!! (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Woke up late today.7.30am.
Forgot to set my alarm last night.DUH.

Econ class was torturing me.Boredom kills. ==
I was dozing off.So was my pig pig darling. XD
8 am class.OHCrap,I'm a walking zombieeee~
I'm so dead and not even awake yet.

Darling and I went library to renew our books.
& found out ah chun was enjoying his muffin and drinks outside of the MPH.
Slacking around with him.We thought he was just joking that he'll donate blood as well.
Nah,he's serious.!!
he has the guts man.!Well,you know,i wouldn't have such courage to do so.
He waved goodbye to us and utter,byebye,我要去壮烈牺牲了, after he done with his muffin.
For that very moment,I felt like he was glowing like an angel.Much handsome than ever.
LOL.I know i'm being exaggerating.

Rang my hubby.He was mumbling.Obviously still on his bed.
I asked him to join the blood donation.He freaked out.
I was like,
OHgod, you must be kidding me.!!i saw a tiny-skinny-pale girl who i think she needed someone else to donate her some blood indeed,BUT hey she went inside the MPH without saying a thing.
Smile on her face instead of tears in her eyes.
HELLOOOO.!You are 10 times bigger size than her and you dont even dare to face the pinch of pain of the needle.?
So L-A-M-E.!!

Watched chun's whole process of donating blood.
Aww,we're such a sweet friends.We tried to give him support marhh~LOL
and we captured his oh-so-hero appearance.


I did not join the blood donation today.

So I'm going to give myself my-very-first-blood-donation present as my 20th bday present.!(though i dont wanna be 20.i wanna stay forever 19.!!18,if possible.)
I think it's meaningful.
Well,i would fight the fear of pain.! =D
I'm serious!when i mean im serious, I AM serious.

p/s: will post up some overdue pics ASAP. (:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random Post. =P

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Read back my old blog.Roommate praised my chinese is so good. =D happy happy.
I LOVEEE chinese.
So,I'm going to post up my chinese essays. =P



屏幕上有很多陌生的搭讪,语言上似乎盼望着真挚的友谊,甜言蜜语足以让你冲昏了头,而实际上呢?却虚伪得让人心寒吧!煞那,涌上心头的是空虚,不踏实。。。问号充斥着脑海,为何人与人之间看似接近彼此,心灵上却隔着一道墙?我感慨,现代社会 的发达既能开拓外太空的视野,却无法拉近人与人在心灵上的距离。






钢琴流淌着快乐跳跃的音符 好似悠悠的泉水
随着它的步伐 踏着飘飘的小云朵 翱翔于没有烦恼的天宇
晴空 没有沉重的乌云
少了一份忧郁的沉重 却多了一份无忧无虑的快活
结束了梦 回到了现在

Saturday, July 12, 2008

OH.Sweetie,your heart is where i belong.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I've been missing my sis.

Idiot matrix.It seperated me and my sis.
For god sakes,I could only meet her once or twice a month.

It's ironic.

When she's around, you don't even care.

Now she's not beside you anymore,
You started to miss her.

Sleeping on the bed next to hers.
She's not there.
We used to crap before we fell asleep.

Sitting on the couch.Watching movie alone.
She's not there.
I used to lean on her shoulder.

Havin' lunch & dinner.Her favorite dishes.
She's not there.
She used to pick all the fish bones before give me the fish.

OHyeah,she's a fantastic sister and daughter.
She chose to study at Matrix because she afraid daddy & mummy couldn't afford both of us at the same time.
For me.And for Daddy & Mummy.

She gives up on buying something she likes so much.PSP,for instance.
She doesn't want to waste Dad&Mum's money.
She thought that it's unfair for her sisters.
For sisters.And for Daddy & Mummy.

Daddy promised her to buy her a cellphone for her wonderful SPM results.
Financial problems occurred.
She's fine with that.She's not nagging at daddy.
For Daddy.

I just miss her SOOOOOO much.


& I hate missing you that much.

But at least

I know you are missing us as well.

Sweetie.We're always here for you no matter what happened.
Talk to us whenever you need someone.

& always remember, ♥ I LOVE YOU.
LOADS & LOADS of Hugs & Kisses. <3

Oh,take care darling. <3

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Darling is leaving to KL today.
I guess she's very excited but abit blue, for a home-sick girl like her. XD
I never worry whether she'll get friends there,
because i know she'll definitely get along with anyone. =D

Hmm.We've been friends for several years.
Since form 3, i suppose?
Well,we been through alot of sweet and sour memories.
We hated each others due to some misunderstandings;
Solved the problems among us with some helps from friends(Cheryl =p),
and became good together again.

We even get closer & closer in HSC last year.
We spent almost 24 hours together.Did everything together.LOL
Attending classes.Walking back hostel.Having lunch.Taking nap(even in our own room).Ordered delivery.Having dinner.OR go out for dinner.Playing pc games.Chit chatting.Editing photos.Showering. etc etc etc.
Last,our behavior and attitude turned into so similar. XD

I wanna thanks my darling for helping me so much throughout my HSC life.
She really do care for me.Mind my feelings.Be there for me.
She always say I'm blur==
And always threaten me that she won't care if i keep forgotting my keys.
yet she's the one who always accompany me to find irene. =P
If we take bus together,she always hold my hand tight and keep reminding me to grab my bag tightly.
Once we are in the bus,she'll ask me whether i wanna sit beside the window.
Cuz it's much safe to sit inside.
Along the way, she'll ask me whether I'm comfortable with my position.
OH.She's such a sweetheart.(touching.eyes watering.)

Aww,and we just love to hang out together.
Wherever she is, there'll be laughter.Crazy huh?
OHya, never dare her to do anything.
I'm serious. ==
Cuz she'll do anything.LOL. XD

OHgod.I gotta be missing her ALOT.
Darling.Take good care of yourself ya.

Remember to buy a pepper spray and keep it with you always ya.
Don't go out alone.
Walk in the group of friends.
Don't wear too sexy.(Even i know casual is your style.Big tee and pants.LOL.)

And of course,study hard,play hard and get many nice friends.!!
Behave yourself hor~


Gotta miss you LOADS & LOADS.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I found out the current trend of INTI DCMAU recently.Do you have any idea of it?No?I'll tell ya.





OHya, definitely.Better still, these happened on both girls and boys.Cool huh?

Boys could be bitchy as well. XD I think that's cool.Don't you feel the same way?

Well, we're 19 and 20 but still acting like 9 or 10.!!OMG.We were trying to be young okay.!!These are what teenagers always do.!! (:

OH, we love to be mean.This is so fun.You know,watching people to be left out,to be sitting all alone in class,to be having lunch all by him/herself,to be accused by others for something he/she never done.Gosh,this is so much fun.!!

Huh? I'll hurt their feelings?OH please,what do I care?As long as I'm being popular and happy,I'll do anything. (:

OHOHOH,and I LOVE showing off my richness.I must do so,you know?To ensure I get the spotlight.!!Maybe I could be oh-so-Blair.Whoooot~ =D

Want me to be your friend?Fine,make sure you'll let me know you are beneficial to me.Or else I wont waste my time.Friends are treasures, of course.Because you can a
lways use them for your purposes, sooner or later.So,go and get a friend(who is USEFUL).

Last, please don't think that I'm being mean, bitchy or slutty.I don't think I'm wrong.Instead, I'm enjoying my life.

XOXO, Pathetic girl. (:

DAMN.This is SO true.
That's why I simply LOVE this see,i even edited it to suit me more. (:

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mission Possible..? =/

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Kerry Law is RIDICULOUSLY F-A-T..!!
She is so damn lazy to work out.Yet she got craving for LOTSA food.!!
Somebody help her!!Choke her or whatever.
Just stop her from getting fatter and fatter =/
OH god.
I wanna be thinner..!!
But it seems to be IMPOSSIBLE.
This is so infuriating.

1. Eat less.
2. Work out more.
3. Lastly, GET THINNER..!! >.<

God bless.
Keeping my fingers crossed that i'll complete this mission IMPOSSIBLE.
All the best.To the future-oh-so-slim ME. (:

Sunday, July 6, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

YY darling told me lecturer had postponed the assignment due date to 16~
I gave myself HOLIDAY.Whoooooooot.
Went out today AGAIN.With cheryl, her dar and my hubby.
Aww,they're so sweet.As if nobody can seperate them.
Poor us,treated invisible by both of them.LOL.

Watched almost every new movies.
Doomsday.Wanted.Made of Honor.Get Smart.The Hulk.Hancock.
You name it.
Perhaps I gave myself too much freedom.
DAMN.i should give up the fun.
I abandoned my studies.
Now it's time for me to start completing my assignments & to sort things out.

Worst still final is coming soon. =/
OH crap.
Party times over,girl.

Am waiting for Gossip Girl Season 2..!!
Oh goddddddddd!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Go backforward to few days ago.June brought yy darling and me to have lunch at pan mee~
Glad that we get rid of BIG BITE!! XD

Notice our chopsticks.XD I think it's cool.Mwahaha~
And that was my darling's hand.V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

Okay.Back to today.
Went QB today, AGAIN..!! OH god.Going to be phobia about QB real soon. XD
Lunch at Old Town.Cheryl sms-ed me that she'll be coming QB with her dar as well.

We met up and decided to watch movie together.
I saw Kheejin's sis, she's so pretty sia~
Doomsday. Okay hubby, as you wished for. =.= he watched for 2nd times ady..
Thanks god it's not as horror as i thought it would be.
Most of the UNACCEPTABLE-BLOODY-VIOLENCE parts were cut.
And oh.Cheryl did not get scared at the violence part.BUT she cried when she saw an eagle.. LOL.Don't feel weird about that.She scares of any BIRDS or CHICKEN like animals. o.O

After the movie, we went for shopping.Esprit,MNG,and finally buy nothing but food.
Cheryl and her dar tried the new HongKong snacks while hubby and I got ourselves Hokkaido ice cream.
Yummy Yummy..~~ ^^

We had alot of fun at CYC.Played all sort of TINGTING~hehe.Hubby and I didn't went there for quite a time already.
I introduce cheryl hubby's fave TINGTING.They had fun..!! (:
Hubby and I broke 2 of the basketball TINGTING highest record ey~ XD

Hubby hit the highest score all by himself.
But with the help of a GOOD ASSISTANT, MR. KHOR KHEE JIN. XD

And the MR. KHOR KHEE JIN came out with this SUPER BRILLIANT idea to increase the possibilities of breaking the high score.
He moved all of the balls from one machine to the machine that we played.
BUT God-who-know there were too many balls and they all stucked inside the machine.LOL.
We're too ke gao already.. XD

Cheryl and her dar went back earlier.So hubby and I went dinner after I bought myself all the things I needed.
And finally,back to hostel. (:

OMG.I still can't find a nice wallet for my mum..!! ): any suggestions, guys?

HopHop & Touch the Bright Blue Sky. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Hubby's basketball team failed to make it to the final.
Today is the final for the basketball competition.AUP vs SOEAT.
And so we went to watch the match.
Ohya, my roommate was there as well. (:
Ended by AUP was the champion.Well, they did play well.So were SOEAT.
Perhaps they were just not lucky enough.

Went queensbay for dinner as hubby suggested.
TGI was so full.Waited about 10 minutes to get a seat.
While waiting, we went Watson to buy contact lens solution.
The sensor rang while we going out.that was so EMBARASSING..!!
Well,anyway,we didn't caught many people attention, i suppose..?

OH god.I found some new menu in TGI, FINALLY.LOL.
It was like they never change their menu for almost a decad.
HELLOOOO.Customers need INNOVATION, don't you know?

Lovely keychain. <3


OH god.Blur Fish got craving for CHEESE CAKE..!!

It was still early when we finished our dinner,so we went Esprit.The sensor rang AGAIN..!!
Luckily the salesgirl was so nice to help us find out what stupid stuff in my bag that triggered the sensor..!!
So we stood by the sensor,trying to wave anything in my bag one by one through the sensor.
That is when hubby waved my calculator and the sensor rang.
Okay,it was my fault.I forgot to take out the calculator from my bag yesterday after class. ):
And we all laughed at the same time.LOL.
Hubby was taking my bag and when we were going out, i told him to go out by right side and i'm going out by left side.
And the salesgirl laughed.LOL. =p

Went to watch Hancock after that.I think it was a nice movie.The storyline was quite touching.And i just love to watch movie by lying on hubby's shoulder.I felt so secure and warm. *blush*

OH.I'm so tired right now.Gotta go to my lovely bed.
XO XO, BlurFish. (:

Friday, July 4, 2008

SHE. lighten up my life (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Read YINGYING darling's blog just now.
Found out she was sorry for neglecting me at Kim Gary yesterday.
Aww, it's okay lar dear.
You don't really neglect me actually.
In fact,I forgot this completely. (:
All i know is i had great times with you all.
You tried to influence me to let go and have fun in REDBOX,
aren't ya? (:
You afraid i would be bored.This shows you care about me.

I'm truly glad to have you by my side.
Sometimes i wonder how pathetic I am if there's without you.
You guided me on my studies.Help me whenever i screw up something.Listen to me whenever i was depressed.Stand up for me whenever i got blamed for nothing.

OH,there's so much more.
Perhaps,we misunderstood each others somehow,we'll get over it. right?
You still remember our promises.
Be honest to each others.Ask when you doubted something.
Never ever let anything ruin our friendship.
I love you and I treasure you SOOOOO much. (:

Heart you, darling. <3


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

♥ 3 July.
Cost & Management Accounting Test: Uncertain. Probably screwed up?
Yy darling & I got too excited the night before the test day.
We can't pay attention on our revision anymore. =p
Pig, monkey and a human are coming today.
OMG. This is so fun!
And errmm, when we were having this test, Yy darling asked me to take a look at the tiny window at the door outside.
A monkey head popped out.
& suddenly a pig head appeared out from no where.
Obviously half of her head. LOL.
Hell ya, they're Vivian and LeeMing lar. xD
Wenhui came as well.. And she got her new hairstyle, lightning perm~
Sounds cool huh~She always try out some new things.
I mean, she cut her long-black-silky hair.!!
This need lotsa courage.

Oh Crap.
I left my handphone and room key inside the room.
Realized it right after i slammed my door.
And it locked.
My handphone=My camera.
This is so irritating.Gotta be missed out alot of crazy snapshots.Sigh.
Went gurney.Straight to Redbox.yeah,yy's darling fave.
She's been DESPERATING for it for almost few weeks.
She sings wonderfully. and i do mean WONDERFUL.
she should go for the Astro singing competition, seriously.
I don't like to sing.I can't sing either.
So I don't like sing K.
However, i have to say this is the best moment i ever had in REDBOX..!!
These guys were crazy..!! LOL.
We cam-whoring.Stepping on the couch.Jumping on it.Did the stupid&hilarious dancing.
Cheryl joined us later.Ah yes, the hot but crazy lady.
Well,from her case,i definitely agree that never ever judge the book due to its cover.LOL
OH God.
I was so starving after the great fun.
Went Kim Gary.AHH..So full after the meal.
Watched Wanted.
Angeline Jolie is SOOOO HOT!The sport cars and the guns were impressing me.
I am so into sport cars and cool weapons.
Ohya,the bullets are so unique.
Overall, i enjoyed the movie. (:
Reached hostel at about 11pm, i suppose?
It's really fun to hang out with friends.
Especially those that you haven't meet up for quite a time.
Gotta be miss them alot.
Will post up some overdue pics once I get them.Vv darling,send me the pics ASAP.
I'll love you ALOT. xD
Anyway, ttyl.Gotta back to my movie, House. (:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

无奈 (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

鱼 被捕了

鱼 离海了

鱼 被煮了
煎 蒸 炒 炸

鱼 被吃了