Monday, July 14, 2008

I found 20th bday present for myself.!! (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Woke up late today.7.30am.
Forgot to set my alarm last night.DUH.

Econ class was torturing me.Boredom kills. ==
I was dozing off.So was my pig pig darling. XD
8 am class.OHCrap,I'm a walking zombieeee~
I'm so dead and not even awake yet.

Darling and I went library to renew our books.
& found out ah chun was enjoying his muffin and drinks outside of the MPH.
Slacking around with him.We thought he was just joking that he'll donate blood as well.
Nah,he's serious.!!
he has the guts man.!Well,you know,i wouldn't have such courage to do so.
He waved goodbye to us and utter,byebye,我要去壮烈牺牲了, after he done with his muffin.
For that very moment,I felt like he was glowing like an angel.Much handsome than ever.
LOL.I know i'm being exaggerating.

Rang my hubby.He was mumbling.Obviously still on his bed.
I asked him to join the blood donation.He freaked out.
I was like,
OHgod, you must be kidding me.!!i saw a tiny-skinny-pale girl who i think she needed someone else to donate her some blood indeed,BUT hey she went inside the MPH without saying a thing.
Smile on her face instead of tears in her eyes.
HELLOOOO.!You are 10 times bigger size than her and you dont even dare to face the pinch of pain of the needle.?
So L-A-M-E.!!

Watched chun's whole process of donating blood.
Aww,we're such a sweet friends.We tried to give him support marhh~LOL
and we captured his oh-so-hero appearance.


I did not join the blood donation today.

So I'm going to give myself my-very-first-blood-donation present as my 20th bday present.!(though i dont wanna be 20.i wanna stay forever 19.!!18,if possible.)
I think it's meaningful.
Well,i would fight the fear of pain.! =D
I'm serious!when i mean im serious, I AM serious.

p/s: will post up some overdue pics ASAP. (: