Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scream out LOUD.!!

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Went QB today.Straightaway to House of Notebook.Darling wanna fix her AVG.We planned to rush back after dinner at first since LOADS n LOADS of assignments need to be done.Law and Econ are driving me crazy.However,planning changed cuz Law assignment due date had been postponed to next monday.Aww,sir,you're the best of all.!

We should treat ourselves better,and yes,we window-shopped a while.But not shopping-theraphy.We are undergoing money-saving plan.A big applause to my darling,she was able to control herself and did not buy even a tee.KEEP IT UP.! =D Went Jusco to buy some mee cup,milk and bread.Dinner at Nandos.We crapped,laughed hilariously,and cam-whoring all the way.We were like not even stop for a second.Pretty amazing huh?Even we see each others everyday,still there's ALOT of topics that we could discover. (:

Went few outlet to search for my mum's wallet.Too bad i cant find any.Sighh.Give up on my mum's wallet and we went forever 21.Well,we were not thinking of buying those clothes.Just cam-whoring inside the fitting room.We would never get bored of that.I know i know,we shouldnt have do so.But who cares.?They wont make any loss =X Seriously,I gotta slim down.!!I looked freaking FAT.!!i should be thrown to Africa for 1 year.OHgod.As my darling is so well-known of her nice figure,perfect face features,i shouldnt have evolving into fatter & fatter fish.!DUH.

And oh,our hands were like not our hands anymore.No strength at all.!!Thanks to the damn-so-heavy food from Jusco and darling's laptop.Well,nevermind,I guess we did some exercises and burned our arms' cholesterol. (: Hopefully.

OH,i heart you,my darling.

wtheck.!!What's wrong with the hostel wireless connection.? it's like taking me a decad to upload my pics.AHH..i seriously need some rest.Will upload some overdue pics tomorrow.Ciaoz & ttyl. (:

Dinner at Nando's.


I love this Carlsberg's tin.Ain't it special?

Signing off at 2:10am

p/s:I've uploaded these pics as i promised. (: