Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Help, I'm a little fish.!!

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I supposed to finish my Econ assignment by today afternoon.Cheryl and Khee Jin came hostel for the discussion.Ended up with frustating of the hostel connection and slacking.!Well,i should predict this situation to be happened.LOL.Imagine that all friends stay together and you expect them to DISCUSS ASSIGNMENT.?NO WAY.!!Gossiping indeed. XD YingYing darling was so fed up as she couldnt online AT ALL.Poor girl,she was not feeling well too,suffering of tummyache.OH dear,get well soon ya~

As the hostel connection is so SUCKS,and even caused Ying and Cheryl's lappie couldnt online at all,we decided to do our assignment in hubby's room.Streamyx will be MUCH MUCH better than inti wireless.! God-know-what reason that only my lappie could online there.?!Seriously,wtheck.? & its so embarassing that my hubby's room is totally in a AFTER-GREAT-BIG-WORLD-WAR-III MESS.Dirty clothes thrown everywhere,tables with no space for extra thing at all,books,blankets and towels on the bed and etc.NO EXAGGERATING.*Fainted* And oh,i'd locked hubby's key in his room,caused him couldnt bath and change his clothes.LOL.SORRY BABY~

Went for steamboat-ing afterwards.June joined us as well.But she left earlier.We had lotsa fun there.Took LOADS & LOADS of food and hellyeah,couldnt managed to finish all.!!I was full like all of the food i ate had reached the top of my lungs.!!And my baby was so tender enough to peel the prawn for me.Heart him so much.Cheryl got craving for aint no other food but VEGE.!!Last but not the least,Khee Jin was busying promote his SPECIAL-SECRET-EGGIE tomyam soup recipe. Okok,it's very very nice.!!Happy?LOL. On the way back to hostel,we sang along with the Jay Chow's songs.Cheryl suggested us to go for redbox someday.And this Redbox kaki(Ms Tan YingYing) couldnt have agree more.!! XD

Thanks for fetching us back,sweetie and her beloved dar.You all are such a sweet couple and nice guys as well. (:

Watched Help,I'm a little fish.GREAT CARTOON MOVIE.!!Am
freaking love it.!!Gotta continue on my assignment.DUH.

And again,will post up some funny pics and VIDEOS,if possible. (:

Whoa.I'm doing magic. XD

Oh,i just love steamboat-ing.

Cheryl: Give me VEGE.!!!

From dusk......

to night. ==

Aww,so sweet~ *wink* =D

♥.Signing off. 1.54am. <3