Saturday, July 12, 2008

OH.Sweetie,your heart is where i belong.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I've been missing my sis.

Idiot matrix.It seperated me and my sis.
For god sakes,I could only meet her once or twice a month.

It's ironic.

When she's around, you don't even care.

Now she's not beside you anymore,
You started to miss her.

Sleeping on the bed next to hers.
She's not there.
We used to crap before we fell asleep.

Sitting on the couch.Watching movie alone.
She's not there.
I used to lean on her shoulder.

Havin' lunch & dinner.Her favorite dishes.
She's not there.
She used to pick all the fish bones before give me the fish.

OHyeah,she's a fantastic sister and daughter.
She chose to study at Matrix because she afraid daddy & mummy couldn't afford both of us at the same time.
For me.And for Daddy & Mummy.

She gives up on buying something she likes so much.PSP,for instance.
She doesn't want to waste Dad&Mum's money.
She thought that it's unfair for her sisters.
For sisters.And for Daddy & Mummy.

Daddy promised her to buy her a cellphone for her wonderful SPM results.
Financial problems occurred.
She's fine with that.She's not nagging at daddy.
For Daddy.

I just miss her SOOOOOO much.


& I hate missing you that much.

But at least

I know you are missing us as well.

Sweetie.We're always here for you no matter what happened.
Talk to us whenever you need someone.

& always remember, ♥ I LOVE YOU.
LOADS & LOADS of Hugs & Kisses. <3