Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Heal my dark eye circles, please? ):

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Had been through an unpleasant night.
Well,it's not fun by tucking your head in those bulky-thicky-tedious-dull-and-so-damn-dead Law books.
i can barely clear my mind of the Law terms and they smothered me.

Struggled to attain sir's minimum requirement,8 pages for 2 question.
in fact I did 10 pages.kinda achievement huh? (2 thumbs up!)
it's been weeks that my sleeping time's procrastinated to 3am-4am.

Morning class,especially on 8am, is oppressive.
I'll be a walking zombie.Dead and unawaken.
And oh, roommate said that 8tv staffs are coming over inti tomorrow.
Sort of searching for prom king and prom queen,just like they did every year then.

i will be posting up if any interesting or laughably or preposterously or ludicrously event is going on tomorrow.
Eager for tomorrow.!
and all the best for my law assignment.hopefully i'll get a good marks. *fingers crossed*

yawn.time for meeting up my lovely and comfortable bed.
Ciaoz and ttyl.

Signing off, 3.17 AM.