Sunday, July 20, 2008

I hate law.And i do mean HATE.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Roommate stayed hostel this weekends.Well, you can consider that as we had nothing to do at night,after i back from movie and she back from bon odori,we decided to watch gossip girl.I never get bored of it even i already watched it for almost over 10 times. XD And we ate up a pack of Twisties in a short time.!OHcrap.I'm getting fatter.I did not work out,still i got craving for LOADS and LOADS of food.!Wtheck is going with me.?

Roommate fall asleep at around 2-3am.And I was crazy enough to online and download some songs.Idk why,i just suddenly feel like to listen to those songs.Ended up by going to bed at 4.30am. =X

Gotta stay low and ignore the FUN for a while.Mind you, there's a Law assignment haunted you.The due date is by tomorrow,yet you're still giving yourself so much holiday? WAKE UP.!!I hate to say this but hey,can you COMPLETE all of your ASSIGNMENTS and REVISIONS please? Please.

Well, well.I have to deal with my law assignment after all, no matter how unwilling i am.Duh.Ttyl.