Monday, July 28, 2008

All it matters is YOUR LOVE. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Had Cost&Management accounting test today.
And,um,no comment.Hopefully not going to flunk.?
Jac Darling had a major emotional upset.
She chose the wrong question.
Darling,you tried your best.Dont blame yourself anymore (:
Everyone made mistakes right.?
So,dont be sad anymore~Cheer up.! =D

♥. Smile,simply because it makes your life great .

Life is definitely very busy.
I'm so running out of time.
Final is on NEXT NEXT WEEK.
Still,lecturers kept throwing tests and assignments to us.
Econ test 2 is procrastinated again,again and again.
Econ assignment due date on this thursday.
blahblahblah. ==

Thanks to my hubby,
cus he pleaded with me to assist him in his assignment,
which is totally none of my business.
thanks to my soft-hearted behavior,
cus i said YES,
which i shouldnt. ==
Urgh.!Why would i consent to his request?

Tomorrow is our 1st anniversary.
I had no time in which to prepare for the oh-so-touching&special present for him.

Speaking of which,he prepared a surprise for me.
He told me so.
I mean, how if his so-called surprise is not giving me a surprise??
While my expected surprise is a REAL SURPRISE indeed.
I dont want a surprise which is so-not-in-my-expectation surprise.
Lol. Okay okay,i get it, i know i got you all in a great confusion.

♥. I'm keeping your love and oops,it's locked. =X .♥

Oopsy,it's 5.21 PM right now.
I am dozing off and i suppose to be on my bed.
I am in need of a good rest. Seriously.
Loads & Loads of Hugs and Kisses. (: