Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh,take care darling. <3

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Darling is leaving to KL today.
I guess she's very excited but abit blue, for a home-sick girl like her. XD
I never worry whether she'll get friends there,
because i know she'll definitely get along with anyone. =D

Hmm.We've been friends for several years.
Since form 3, i suppose?
Well,we been through alot of sweet and sour memories.
We hated each others due to some misunderstandings;
Solved the problems among us with some helps from friends(Cheryl =p),
and became good together again.

We even get closer & closer in HSC last year.
We spent almost 24 hours together.Did everything together.LOL
Attending classes.Walking back hostel.Having lunch.Taking nap(even in our own room).Ordered delivery.Having dinner.OR go out for dinner.Playing pc games.Chit chatting.Editing photos.Showering. etc etc etc.
Last,our behavior and attitude turned into so similar. XD

I wanna thanks my darling for helping me so much throughout my HSC life.
She really do care for me.Mind my feelings.Be there for me.
She always say I'm blur==
And always threaten me that she won't care if i keep forgotting my keys.
yet she's the one who always accompany me to find irene. =P
If we take bus together,she always hold my hand tight and keep reminding me to grab my bag tightly.
Once we are in the bus,she'll ask me whether i wanna sit beside the window.
Cuz it's much safe to sit inside.
Along the way, she'll ask me whether I'm comfortable with my position.
OH.She's such a sweetheart.(touching.eyes watering.)

Aww,and we just love to hang out together.
Wherever she is, there'll be laughter.Crazy huh?
OHya, never dare her to do anything.
I'm serious. ==
Cuz she'll do anything.LOL. XD

OHgod.I gotta be missing her ALOT.
Darling.Take good care of yourself ya.

Remember to buy a pepper spray and keep it with you always ya.
Don't go out alone.
Walk in the group of friends.
Don't wear too sexy.(Even i know casual is your style.Big tee and pants.LOL.)

And of course,study hard,play hard and get many nice friends.!!
Behave yourself hor~


Gotta miss you LOADS & LOADS.