Saturday, July 5, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Go backforward to few days ago.June brought yy darling and me to have lunch at pan mee~
Glad that we get rid of BIG BITE!! XD

Notice our chopsticks.XD I think it's cool.Mwahaha~
And that was my darling's hand.V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

Okay.Back to today.
Went QB today, AGAIN..!! OH god.Going to be phobia about QB real soon. XD
Lunch at Old Town.Cheryl sms-ed me that she'll be coming QB with her dar as well.

We met up and decided to watch movie together.
I saw Kheejin's sis, she's so pretty sia~
Doomsday. Okay hubby, as you wished for. =.= he watched for 2nd times ady..
Thanks god it's not as horror as i thought it would be.
Most of the UNACCEPTABLE-BLOODY-VIOLENCE parts were cut.
And oh.Cheryl did not get scared at the violence part.BUT she cried when she saw an eagle.. LOL.Don't feel weird about that.She scares of any BIRDS or CHICKEN like animals. o.O

After the movie, we went for shopping.Esprit,MNG,and finally buy nothing but food.
Cheryl and her dar tried the new HongKong snacks while hubby and I got ourselves Hokkaido ice cream.
Yummy Yummy..~~ ^^

We had alot of fun at CYC.Played all sort of TINGTING~hehe.Hubby and I didn't went there for quite a time already.
I introduce cheryl hubby's fave TINGTING.They had fun..!! (:
Hubby and I broke 2 of the basketball TINGTING highest record ey~ XD

Hubby hit the highest score all by himself.
But with the help of a GOOD ASSISTANT, MR. KHOR KHEE JIN. XD

And the MR. KHOR KHEE JIN came out with this SUPER BRILLIANT idea to increase the possibilities of breaking the high score.
He moved all of the balls from one machine to the machine that we played.
BUT God-who-know there were too many balls and they all stucked inside the machine.LOL.
We're too ke gao already.. XD

Cheryl and her dar went back earlier.So hubby and I went dinner after I bought myself all the things I needed.
And finally,back to hostel. (:

OMG.I still can't find a nice wallet for my mum..!! ): any suggestions, guys?