Friday, July 4, 2008

SHE. lighten up my life (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Read YINGYING darling's blog just now.
Found out she was sorry for neglecting me at Kim Gary yesterday.
Aww, it's okay lar dear.
You don't really neglect me actually.
In fact,I forgot this completely. (:
All i know is i had great times with you all.
You tried to influence me to let go and have fun in REDBOX,
aren't ya? (:
You afraid i would be bored.This shows you care about me.

I'm truly glad to have you by my side.
Sometimes i wonder how pathetic I am if there's without you.
You guided me on my studies.Help me whenever i screw up something.Listen to me whenever i was depressed.Stand up for me whenever i got blamed for nothing.

OH,there's so much more.
Perhaps,we misunderstood each others somehow,we'll get over it. right?
You still remember our promises.
Be honest to each others.Ask when you doubted something.
Never ever let anything ruin our friendship.
I love you and I treasure you SOOOOO much. (:

Heart you, darling. <3