Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movie, Movie and Movie. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Went for Hell Boy movie today.And no regret, the movie was nice.I love the Heroin.She is as cool as the Heroin in Doomsday.They're simply HOT,gorgeous,sophisticated,confidence and they totally got their own style.I bought myself a tee in Esprit and some girly stuffs in SASA.

Had our dinner in Sakae Sushi.And oh,the Macha Ice Cream is so damn nice.Wondering if Jusco is selling any.Back in hostel and found out roommate was out.She text me back that she was joining Bon Odori.Guess she'll have fun there. (: My baby called me afterwards and i told him where roommate is.He said,"OH,today is the day which i text you very first time in last year, darling." i was like, NO WAY.You still remember that?Aww,so sweet.But it's aint cool that our anniversary is on 29/7, which means he succeed to court me 10 days afterwards. =/ I shouldnt have accept him so early.LOL. jkjk. XD

I'm so lazy to upload the photos.It took me forever to upload even a photo.!!This is so not cool. I'm annoyed,indeed furious,over the hostel connection.Urgh.!!

Ciaoz. (: