Monday, April 16, 2012

Give your heart a break.

♥Love & To Be Loved

Needless me to say this since everyone is very well aware of the minor tremors happening all over Penang & some other states today. It should be an enjoyable public holiday not until I found out I need to work today & it turned out to be my worst & scariest day EVER!

I’m working at 14th floor at a building near Northam tower. I used to LOVE my working place because it has this magnificient breathtaking ocean view which I think everyone desires for. Not until today I found out how dangerous this location may put us into. It was just like any other working day where everyone’s concentrating on their works & rushing up so that they could go off early.

And then around 4pm, I felt a bit dizzy I thought it was only me feeling sleepy. Then I realized my monitors were dangling so I stood up seeing everyone panic out. Our office was shaking pretty badly you could feel yourself can’t even standing properly. My seniors shouted at us, RUN RUN! And we just grabbed our purse phones then we rushed to the emergency exit. You know where people always say shit USUALLY happens during emergency. YUP. That’s what happened to us as well. Nobody is able to open the emergency door until one of the managers smacked the knot opened. Can you imagine how panic everyone is when they found out they were stuck in 14th floor while the whole office was literally shaking. I almost tear. Don’t tell me how dramatic or how exaggerating I am until you put yourself in that situation. It was overwhelming.

When the emergency door opened, everyone tried to squeeze in that tiny narrow staircases which made me felt even dizzy & I felt like fainted. I guess it was due to panic attack, my hands and legs are shivering pretty badly I can’t even walk. Thanks to my seniors I’m able to make it. You see, this is the time where you figured whose are those who truly concern about you and will be there even all they should do is run for their life. While others are pushing me just to get ahead me & run for life, my senior held me worried of me & grabbing my shoulders to help me walk. I know it was pretty ridiculous to comfort people it’s gonna be okay at that moment, but he kept on repeating that beside me to make me feel better. Come to think of it, who gives a damn about you during this critical moment?

And when I reached downstairs, my phone was blasted by my friends’ calls worrying about me & kept on asking me to be careful. Thanks love, for non-stop calling me almost every half an hour to make sure I’m alright. :) Calls from Ipoh, KayElle, Kulim, Alor Setar, Penang & all. Don’t worry everything is fine right now. and I love you all. So damn much.

I’m exhausted. Mentally & physically. And what happened today really gives me a lot of thoughts that I never think of. I guess I need to work on those and see how things should go already. : )

Nights world. Hopefully everyone has a safe night & a safe happy day ahead tomorrow.

Yours blurry happy truly. :)