Sunday, March 30, 2008

8 months anniversary xD

yay yay~~ 29/3 is our 8 months anniversary~~ i was so so happy that we both could make it till now..

Dear hubby,
I'm quite surprise that we can make this relationship work so far~ indeed i never expect we would be together.. but fate is fate~ it brought us together, and both of us try very hard to maintain it~ simply because we love each others.. even we have some conflicts once in a while, still we manage to overcome them~ i can't express the happiness and sweet memories i had all through the moments with you~ i can't explain how much i treasure u, how much i need you, how much i care you, and how much i love u.. conflicts bring much understandings to both of us as well~

HUBBY, hope that we are still together even after 10 or 20 years~ as long as we still love each others, nothing could tear us apart~ don't ever give up~ not me, not u~ =))

~*HEART YOU~* muahx~ xD

my dear give me roxy wallet as the 8 months anniversary gift~ swt~ thanks hubby~ muahx

This is the present from me to my dear during his b'day~ so we're using couple wallet right now~ xD

having dinner in sakae sushi~ dear looked absolutely enjoying his SUSHI~~ xD

Friday, March 21, 2008


ezin was back in penang last 2 days ago~ and so, we went for clubbing..  i was shocked when i saw ezin!! he cut his hair until very short!! ohmygoodness!! i nearly cant recognize him~

it should be fun when clubbing, but weird that i'm not having much fun~ in fact, it was kinda boring~ anyway, i was soooo happy that finally i got the chance to meet my sweetie friend, wendy~ she was desperate to go mois but unfortunately mois was extremely full so we have to go glo~~ =.=!! (was a wrong desicion~) anyway, we met cheryl there, happy bday to my sweet lady~

the very next day, we went gurney to sing K~ but my hubby brought me to go shop for my bday present~ & finally, he got me a nike jacket~ ^^ thanks dear for the wonderful present~ we were so happy that day as we did not quarrel at all~ hahas~

ezin back today~ miss him soooo much~ hope that he could come penang more next time~ we could go hang out together~~~

i'd love to entertain more but i've kinda moody today~ so long for now~ xD

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hate my old campus~ =.=!!!

hubby bought me yummy dessert mocha ice cream which really cheer me up~ ^^ & i loved sharing something nice with my dearest friends, my yy darL~ sharing something with the one u loved does taste better, dont u say?

we moved in the new campus for the second day~ i personally prefer our old campus~ new campus seems to be much much smaller~ the classes are so small due to the insufficient places.. no field, no basketball court, no paintball field, it's so not CAMPUS LIFE for me~ kinda hate USM for taken over our old campus. sobs.. talking about our college catering really making me frustrated!! their food sucks and still, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive!! and for those students, lecturers or even staffs that drive to college even sick of finding place to park their cars.. as i know, there are only 200 parking lots in our campus, and there are over thousands of ppl!! and guess wat, our hostel is so crowded of CARS right now!! ohmigosh~

P/S: ANYBODY CAN FIX THE HOSTEL WIRELESS CONNECTION TO MAKE IT A LIL' BIT MORE FASTER??!! the connection is sooooooooooooooooooo annoying!! >.<

Monday, March 17, 2008

happy bday to me~~ 15th of march 2008 xD

when i was in secondary school, i am very, extremely, incredibly, looking forward my bday every year~ i would get sweet wishes and presents from my besties.. they even think of different surprises for me, and i never get bored of it~

however, this year bday is getting quieter and less warm~ only a part of my besties remember my birthday and was trying hard to make it for celebrating with me~ Vivian darling, thanks for coming penang all so far just to celebrate with me~ i knew u were afraid i will be all alone in my birthday, so u tried so hard to make it~~ i was so touched!! T.T wanna hug u tight!! & yy darL, she's such a sweetheart~~ she gave me my fave gel eyeliner as my present few days before my birthday!! my 1st present ~~ she even made me one FISHY'S birthday card~ ohmygoodness!! u cant imagine how much i love it~ my lovely roommate, she's such a cutieeeee~ even she dun have transport to go out and buy a present for me, she took the bus, went to BJ and bought me my fave lollipop doll~ and guess wat, she hide the present in my keep!! goodness, how could she think of this hiding place =.=!!! fortunately i found it hahaha xD p/s: thanks for ur apple pie, did lighten up my mood~ ^^

And lastly, my lovely hubby~ haihz, he's not romantic at all T.T not even thinking of writing me a card, a loveletter, nor a short note!! >.< but he brought me to redbox with a group of friends and we had quite a good time there~ thanks LOYAU & RYAN, for coming all so far from kampar to celebrate my bday!! T.T and keanlit & jr~ hahax~ i tot my old buddies would celebrate my bday with me, but how come i felt tat my new friends were those who put a BIG BIG smile on my face instead of my old buddies? i dont get it~ kinda sad & blue when this thoughts come across my mind~ however!! thanks for trying to leave a good memory on my bday, my dearest friends & hubby~ i love u all, and i really do~ XOXO~ lastly , happy belated-birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeee~ xD
dear's 'bi feng gang mee'~ SOooooooooo big!! -.-!!!

my birthday celebration~~!! my lappie wallpaper xD
Roommate's gave me this apple pie to lighten up my mood~ xD
fishy's birthday card from YY DarL

Friday, March 14, 2008

hate my bday!!

i hate my bday sooooooooooooooo much!! 2 more hours to go~ but i didnt feel excited at all... was having a complicated feelings right now~ like im forgotten by the whole world~

*anyway, gratz for my hubby's victory of his basketball match!! applause applause~ it was a GREAT match~

i love my hubby~~

hubby's team won the 2nd round of the basketball match~ ^^ im looking forward for the final match tomorrow!! >.<
hubby was sooooooooooo excited as their team won & he did superb all through the games~ (at least i think so, hugs & kissess ^^) and i felt, of course, absolutely totally happy for him~ i felt his passion for the basketball, and i will definitely support him~ thinking of buying a basketball sport shoes for him as a present~ *wink*

i love spending time chatting with him, love hugging him tight and love his everything~ he made my life complete, i need him like a heart need a beat, im thinking about him every moment and i love him as if every second like our last one.. baby, you are my addiction~

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


it's rainy day again~ there's been 1 week of continous rainy day, for my goodness sake~!! & the basketball match kept delaying delaying & delaying... it's 12/3 already.. & they havent make it to the final~ im afraid my hubby still have to deal with the games in the 15th coming~ it's my BIRTHDAY!! wish he could accompany me with all his heart~ i mean, if the games is not over yet, his heart sure in the games still~ haihs... saddie~ GOD, can pls stop raining for few days?? pls pls pls~~~ T.T

anyway.. GRATZ TO MY HUBBY & his teammates~ for winning the AUP for 1st round lar~ WHOA HOOOOOOOOOOO *wink* hahaz~ still 2 rounds left~ *pray hard xD* hope tat his team could win..

exhausted day~ T.T

we had 11 am class today~ & i just dont get it why were we so exhausted today~ we were like, COM' ON!! WHEN WILL THE CLASS DISMISS!! especially the 3 hours STA's driving me crazy man!! no offence but the lecturer is way too boring!! T.T kinda hypnotized me~lol.. & my YY dear & me were like crazy when the class was going to end(probably we were too excited as the class is going to dismiss), we laughed like insane & we couldnt help it.. xD awww~ my dear was sooooooooooooooooo cute!!

i have to say..I LOVE MY ACCOUNTING TEACHER!! but YY dear loves her like crazy~ -___- she even called her as 'MRS BRIGHT' as she always have wonderful smile all the times~ ^^

i cant wait to watch my hubby's match today~ SOBA VS. AUP~ how cool will this match be, oh man! however, the match stopped halfway as the heavy rain cant seem to stop~ & the match will continue in the very next day~ HUBBY,JIAYOU JIAYOU!! have faith in urself~ dun be panic~
i will always support u ~~ ^^ muahx~

Monday, March 10, 2008

dear's basketball match~ ^^

my dear joined the inti basketball match~ he was sooooooo obsessed of basketball~ well, sometimes he might neglect my feeling due to his practises, his games and so on, still i felt happy as he finally put effort in something he really like~ ^^ however,he's kinda lack of confidence in himself~ or maybe his teammates are way too strong~ anyway,dear~ just try ur best in every games~ dun push urself too hard~ enjoy the games!! ^^ u can do it~

dear, jiayou jiayou~ =] love ya~ muahx~

Sunday, March 9, 2008

yay~ my bday is coming soon~~
however i've got my very first present from my YY darL already~
it's my dreamt gel eyeliner from THE FACE SHOP~~~
thanks darL~~ XOXO~
u r the best~~~~

hope tat our friendship will last forever~~~ (^.^)v