Wednesday, March 12, 2008

exhausted day~ T.T

we had 11 am class today~ & i just dont get it why were we so exhausted today~ we were like, COM' ON!! WHEN WILL THE CLASS DISMISS!! especially the 3 hours STA's driving me crazy man!! no offence but the lecturer is way too boring!! T.T kinda hypnotized me~lol.. & my YY dear & me were like crazy when the class was going to end(probably we were too excited as the class is going to dismiss), we laughed like insane & we couldnt help it.. xD awww~ my dear was sooooooooooooooooo cute!!

i have to say..I LOVE MY ACCOUNTING TEACHER!! but YY dear loves her like crazy~ -___- she even called her as 'MRS BRIGHT' as she always have wonderful smile all the times~ ^^

i cant wait to watch my hubby's match today~ SOBA VS. AUP~ how cool will this match be, oh man! however, the match stopped halfway as the heavy rain cant seem to stop~ & the match will continue in the very next day~ HUBBY,JIAYOU JIAYOU!! have faith in urself~ dun be panic~
i will always support u ~~ ^^ muahx~