Sunday, March 30, 2008

8 months anniversary xD

yay yay~~ 29/3 is our 8 months anniversary~~ i was so so happy that we both could make it till now..

Dear hubby,
I'm quite surprise that we can make this relationship work so far~ indeed i never expect we would be together.. but fate is fate~ it brought us together, and both of us try very hard to maintain it~ simply because we love each others.. even we have some conflicts once in a while, still we manage to overcome them~ i can't express the happiness and sweet memories i had all through the moments with you~ i can't explain how much i treasure u, how much i need you, how much i care you, and how much i love u.. conflicts bring much understandings to both of us as well~

HUBBY, hope that we are still together even after 10 or 20 years~ as long as we still love each others, nothing could tear us apart~ don't ever give up~ not me, not u~ =))

~*HEART YOU~* muahx~ xD

my dear give me roxy wallet as the 8 months anniversary gift~ swt~ thanks hubby~ muahx

This is the present from me to my dear during his b'day~ so we're using couple wallet right now~ xD

having dinner in sakae sushi~ dear looked absolutely enjoying his SUSHI~~ xD