Friday, March 21, 2008


ezin was back in penang last 2 days ago~ and so, we went for clubbing..  i was shocked when i saw ezin!! he cut his hair until very short!! ohmygoodness!! i nearly cant recognize him~

it should be fun when clubbing, but weird that i'm not having much fun~ in fact, it was kinda boring~ anyway, i was soooo happy that finally i got the chance to meet my sweetie friend, wendy~ she was desperate to go mois but unfortunately mois was extremely full so we have to go glo~~ =.=!! (was a wrong desicion~) anyway, we met cheryl there, happy bday to my sweet lady~

the very next day, we went gurney to sing K~ but my hubby brought me to go shop for my bday present~ & finally, he got me a nike jacket~ ^^ thanks dear for the wonderful present~ we were so happy that day as we did not quarrel at all~ hahas~

ezin back today~ miss him soooo much~ hope that he could come penang more next time~ we could go hang out together~~~

i'd love to entertain more but i've kinda moody today~ so long for now~ xD