Wednesday, March 12, 2008


it's rainy day again~ there's been 1 week of continous rainy day, for my goodness sake~!! & the basketball match kept delaying delaying & delaying... it's 12/3 already.. & they havent make it to the final~ im afraid my hubby still have to deal with the games in the 15th coming~ it's my BIRTHDAY!! wish he could accompany me with all his heart~ i mean, if the games is not over yet, his heart sure in the games still~ haihs... saddie~ GOD, can pls stop raining for few days?? pls pls pls~~~ T.T

anyway.. GRATZ TO MY HUBBY & his teammates~ for winning the AUP for 1st round lar~ WHOA HOOOOOOOOOOO *wink* hahaz~ still 2 rounds left~ *pray hard xD* hope tat his team could win..