Monday, March 17, 2008

happy bday to me~~ 15th of march 2008 xD

when i was in secondary school, i am very, extremely, incredibly, looking forward my bday every year~ i would get sweet wishes and presents from my besties.. they even think of different surprises for me, and i never get bored of it~

however, this year bday is getting quieter and less warm~ only a part of my besties remember my birthday and was trying hard to make it for celebrating with me~ Vivian darling, thanks for coming penang all so far just to celebrate with me~ i knew u were afraid i will be all alone in my birthday, so u tried so hard to make it~~ i was so touched!! T.T wanna hug u tight!! & yy darL, she's such a sweetheart~~ she gave me my fave gel eyeliner as my present few days before my birthday!! my 1st present ~~ she even made me one FISHY'S birthday card~ ohmygoodness!! u cant imagine how much i love it~ my lovely roommate, she's such a cutieeeee~ even she dun have transport to go out and buy a present for me, she took the bus, went to BJ and bought me my fave lollipop doll~ and guess wat, she hide the present in my keep!! goodness, how could she think of this hiding place =.=!!! fortunately i found it hahaha xD p/s: thanks for ur apple pie, did lighten up my mood~ ^^

And lastly, my lovely hubby~ haihz, he's not romantic at all T.T not even thinking of writing me a card, a loveletter, nor a short note!! >.< but he brought me to redbox with a group of friends and we had quite a good time there~ thanks LOYAU & RYAN, for coming all so far from kampar to celebrate my bday!! T.T and keanlit & jr~ hahax~ i tot my old buddies would celebrate my bday with me, but how come i felt tat my new friends were those who put a BIG BIG smile on my face instead of my old buddies? i dont get it~ kinda sad & blue when this thoughts come across my mind~ however!! thanks for trying to leave a good memory on my bday, my dearest friends & hubby~ i love u all, and i really do~ XOXO~ lastly , happy belated-birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeee~ xD
dear's 'bi feng gang mee'~ SOooooooooo big!! -.-!!!

my birthday celebration~~!! my lappie wallpaper xD
Roommate's gave me this apple pie to lighten up my mood~ xD
fishy's birthday card from YY DarL