Saturday, October 31, 2009

♥Already Gone. :(

♥Love & To Be Loved

It's a heartbreak when thing comes this way.
It hurts even more when I reminisce the good ol' times by looking at those pics.
The lovely moments i'd like to retrieve.
But too bad, it's already gone.

& it's will never ever be the same anymore
because the huge chasm between us ll not be healed facilely.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

♥ Can't read your pokerface.

♥Love & To Be Loved

I wonder why good things always come to an end?
It just doesn't make sense.
Everything started flawless but the ending of stories shattered into fractions.

I know, people says that life's imperfect and there's always matter for regret.
I get it yet all these unexpected facts and reality are such a cruel blow.
The unbelievably fragile friendships & the materialistic selfish relatives ?
I don't get it, how could they do something that certainly hurt me while I truly deeply sincerely treat 'em as my dearest one?
You won't understand such feeling unless you go through this yourself.
It sucks, BIG TIME. :(

Come to the worst, you don't even know the reason they turned their back against you.
Which makes you hell miserable & lost.
& seriously, i feel like a fool.

In a word, things OFTEN do not come out what you expected.
As you grow up, the disappointment is growing more & more obvious . Heck!
Honestly? I hope to decelerate or simply stop the time.
Can i retrieve the innocent & pure cheeriness in the past?
What to do? You tell me .

xoxo. Signingoff.

Monday, October 26, 2009

♥I spent my time just thinkin' thinkin' thinking 'bout you! :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hmm... CIB final report- sent!
and i'm not going to bother it anymore.

Fingers crossed that i can scoreeeeeeeeee! :S

I am totally exhausted right now.
Lack of sleep cus chit chatting with dear roommie last night UNTIL 3AM!
Oh yes, freaking crazy aye?

We laughed so loud to the extend that the guard came to knock at my door and asked us to slow down our voices :S ROFL!
That's why i havta say i pretty lurve this roommie. it's like we can actually communicate.
No miscommunication nor conflicts.

Thumbs up!

I'm having final on next next week so...
anyone up for any movie or any plan?
I don't wanna stuck in this unbe-bloody-lievably deadly stuffy room anymore :(
so yea, do ring me up for any plan kay?
muahx lurvesssss!

p/s; i think i'm having diarrhea since last night -.-
and oh, am totally in lurve with long dress!
gotta get myself 1 piece sooooon! :D

Caryne's typical pose :)

nevertheless, my oh-so-random-adorable-wacky babe! :D

xoxo . Signingoff .

Friday, October 23, 2009

♥ xoxo, Gossip Girls. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

I am so so SO madly in love with Chuck Bass!
He is smokin' hot!
I mean his accent, his every movement,
well what could i say? He's just everything that i asked for a man,
minus the fact that he WAS a playboy. :)
but yeah, he aint a playboy anymore, isnt he?

And OMGGGG, the girls' dresses are simply fabulous!
Lurve Jenny Humphrey's fashion sense! She totally rocks!

p/s; waiting for dad to come and fetch me ! :)
Too bad sis is not going back this week sigh.
I miss you muchieee sis!


♥The Reflections.

♥Love & To Be Loved

Seriously, i don't feel like doing anything right now.
The report is the pain in ass for god sakes!
How i wish i could laze around & yeah just do NO NOTHING! Grrr
Slap me! =/

While i paused in doing the bloody report! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

♥ :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Thanks god the operation is a success
and right now my baby is alright. :)
But it just makes me heart ache to know that
she's still suffering from the pain due to operation.
Keeping my fingers crossed so that her pain ll ease soon.
Jia Jie, are you going to visit her tomorrow??!! Fetch me goooooo! :(

As to my baby V, don't be sadddd kay?
Dang! Lame me, i don't know how to comfort you
but you know i lurve you right?
I'm here if you need me! :)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

♥Baby, it's just that good thing is yet to come. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Dang, i'm so reluctant to deal with the CIB final assignment! :(
Havin' visiting lecturer classes tomorrow again, for god sakes~~~
FYI, we have to attend 12-hours class per visiting lecture's subject IN 3 DAYS!
Which means that bloody 4-hours class per day and exclude our already-fixed daily classes!
Well, perhaps now you know why we always have an aversion to have visiting lecturers ! Duh

My outing pics with babesss piled up and yea the super lazy procrastinator a.k.a Miss Caryne is sooooooo lazy to upload 'em all!
So sorry people, i'm a slacker and i admit it ! :P
And my baby V is going to fetch me tomorrow to visit Jeslyn ~
Fingers crossed that she'll be fine & as for me and V, that we won't be lost in Pulau Tikussssss!
Or rather, we won't lose our way before we reach Pulau Tikus LMAO!

so yea, that's all for now.
I'm gonna crush to bed and enjoy my nap~ :) Lurvessss!


Monday, October 19, 2009

♥Happy belated birthday, baby sis!

♥Love & To Be Loved

Back at home sweet home :)
God, it feels so good to be at home.
I miss my mummy, my daddy and of course my baby sisters~~~
Went McD to celebrate my baby sis's birthday ! yay!
And oh, my crave for cheesecake is finally fulfilled. yum yum

Happy birthday sis :) i owe you a prezzie~
you know da jie lurves you muchieeee !

Happy 15th birthday baby!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

♥Hey Girl, Party Time yo! :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Accounting Managerial Control- Mid-term test (check)
Finance Portfolio Management- Assignment (check)
Communication in Business- Presentation (check)

Hallelujah, i wanna toast myself for surviving the toughest weeks ever
Right now, these burdens are off my shoulders, so i can ease off like finally :)
I know there are more upcoming assignments
and the final is just around the corner.
I'm so gonna indulge myself with desserts and movies and shopping sprees
and outing with my babes & hell lots more which i deserved. :)
At the very least, this weekend!
Holy crap, i was deprived of all the entertainments
due to the assignmentssss and testssss! Sheesh
So yea, pampering myself after all of these
crazy & totally-making-us-feeling-light-headedness courseworks is a MUST!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Fish Is Ain't A Dreamer, No More. :(

♥Love & To Be Loved

Somehow i miss the days i can sleep whenever i want to.
I can slack how much i wish to.
I can do whatever i love to.
Sheesh! My life sucks, super duper to the max. *sobssss*

Miss my girls! Lurvessssssss :)


Saturday, October 10, 2009

♥Bad Day. :(

♥Love & To Be Loved

This is the very first time i felt so humiliated that i actually tears :(
Well, to be more precisely, twice !
Nah, i'm not being dramatic.
it's like i dont like this kinda person but when i was being accused as if i'm the one,
it hurts deep inside.
i have no appetite & i cant sleep well.
i stare at my assignment and was like goes blank.
The critics keep rushing through my mind.
I just cant get rid of the negative thoughts.
Seriously, i aint this kinda girl kay?
i do concern about my assignment.
i certainly understand you're stress out but we are too.
So cant we just tolerate and at the very least,
TRY to be in each others' shoes?
If you are not satisfy with our attitude, do tell us face to face,
i think everything can be solve.
This is nothing big deal actually,
just that we dont know you feel that way.
Miscommunication aye?
just voice out, let us know.
Afterall, things will come out all right in the wash.

Btw, thanks bff Justhrin for buying us tomyam maggie for supper.
Been craving for tomyam maggie for like what WEEKS?
and it did lighten up my day a little bit bit :)
Well, nevertheless my craving has been fulfilled,
FINALLY for god sakes. *big grin* :D
in case Samuel bro read this, jie so sorry,
i just cant resist the food temptation :( Dang!
And nothing change, you still owe me tomyam steamboat~ :D
and oh, ice mocha :)

Heck! Sometimes comes to the end,
i dont really know what are we fighting for?
i mean the uncountable stay-up-late nightssss to prepare for exams
and to finish up assignments,
sometimes havin' conflicts with groupmates due to the assignment
(the issue that i'm havin right now, awfully hurts),
and not to mention mismatch of times to meet up with long-lost friends
(like i cant get to meet up with hun, Tian Ran when she came back m'sia few weeks ago or cant club together with babe Jeslyn at Mois).
i thought life is about live it to the fullest
in the sense that we enjoy ourselves ,
we are able to do whatever we feel like doing .
But taking this Curtin programme makes me feel like
i ALWAYS flooded with courseworks and tests like FOR GOOD.
Like baby Jac said, think twice before you go for Curtin programme.
Seriously no jokes.
The tense is indescribable, dreadful killers man!

okay, i ll stop being emo .
enough ranting here.

I dont wanna bore the lovely readers of mine to death. :)
I totally worn out. Gotta crush to bed and continue doing my assignment after that.
Anyway i love you guys and god bless everyone ! Lurvessssss!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

♥Curtin Life Sucks! :(

♥Love & To Be Loved

Am feeling really stressful recently.
I wish i could have more than 24 hours per day . WHATTHEHECK!
Been so busy with the courseworks, presentations and tests :(
Talk about life Sheesh!
All of these craps make me feeling emo like all the time.
Not to mention i got really low marks for many of my assignments.
Idk why. still that knocks me down BIG TIME.
Anyway thanks V for cheering me up :) fingers crossed for my test kay?
Aww, how i miss the girls' hang out and stuffs . Darn!
Chill at Starbucks or any coffee shop and do all the girls' chit chatting.
Or just simply curl myself up with a nice novel and sipping hot chocolate.
The life without stress. How great is that.
Roommie a.k.a my junior started to nag at the heavy courseworks already XD
Seriously these will drive us crazy! Curtin students don't have a life duh~

p/s; awfully craves for Tomyam Maggi larrrrrr~ Sienzzz!

That's it then.
Until next time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

♥The Majestic Rendezvous '09

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hello people, sorry for the long procrastination.
My hostel connection is facing the same old problem like AGAIN. and yes i cant online AT ALL for god sakes.
If you wonder how i online right now, currently using roommie's broadband :(

anyway, last friday prom was a blast.
Needless to say, camwhore hell loads. :P
In order to purchase dress and accessories needed for the prom, we shopped recently.
hence, money squandering!
but i spent more on the casual wears more than the prom wear indeed. Heck! :S
Always run out of the topic wtf!!!
Of course lar, i'm so not the kind of girl who would gone crazy for dresses, i prefer tee and shorts :P
so i couldnt find any dress that i REALLYYY like & i decided to borrow dress from friends. i mean it's just 1 night what. *better spend the budget on casual wears right? evil grin*
After that bff, Justhrin complaint the dress that i prepared for the prom is way too simple, not elegant and formal enough, so yeah we tried to look for a nice one.
Hallelujah, found 1 piece that is quite nice at Nagoya and it costed way cheaper than others i looked for. Cool shit.

Thanks my darlings Doreen and Jeslyn as well. Heart my girls! :)
Thanks my babes, Jaclyn and Joanne cus they walk until the soles of theirs shoes were almost broken in order to accompany me to look for my accessories and shoes. Huggiesssss!
And oh, i bought the heels in the morning of the prom, cool i know right?!
Again, thanks Justhrin, i know i'm such a picker & it's not easy to choose a pair of heels for me.

Gosh, i got so much stuffs to be update.
Look forward for my next update guys. Lurvesssss!

Nevertheless, the pics of the night.
That's it for the spam
More pics will be coming soon.

That's it then.
Until next time.

Monday, October 5, 2009

♥Preview of The Prom. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

A little peep at my prom's pics :)

♥The babes.

♥The lurve. :)

♥I look tipsy but i'm not -.-

So lovely guys, look forward for my next post! :D

That's it then.
Until next time.