Wednesday, October 7, 2009

♥The Majestic Rendezvous '09

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hello people, sorry for the long procrastination.
My hostel connection is facing the same old problem like AGAIN. and yes i cant online AT ALL for god sakes.
If you wonder how i online right now, currently using roommie's broadband :(

anyway, last friday prom was a blast.
Needless to say, camwhore hell loads. :P
In order to purchase dress and accessories needed for the prom, we shopped recently.
hence, money squandering!
but i spent more on the casual wears more than the prom wear indeed. Heck! :S
Always run out of the topic wtf!!!
Of course lar, i'm so not the kind of girl who would gone crazy for dresses, i prefer tee and shorts :P
so i couldnt find any dress that i REALLYYY like & i decided to borrow dress from friends. i mean it's just 1 night what. *better spend the budget on casual wears right? evil grin*
After that bff, Justhrin complaint the dress that i prepared for the prom is way too simple, not elegant and formal enough, so yeah we tried to look for a nice one.
Hallelujah, found 1 piece that is quite nice at Nagoya and it costed way cheaper than others i looked for. Cool shit.

Thanks my darlings Doreen and Jeslyn as well. Heart my girls! :)
Thanks my babes, Jaclyn and Joanne cus they walk until the soles of theirs shoes were almost broken in order to accompany me to look for my accessories and shoes. Huggiesssss!
And oh, i bought the heels in the morning of the prom, cool i know right?!
Again, thanks Justhrin, i know i'm such a picker & it's not easy to choose a pair of heels for me.

Gosh, i got so much stuffs to be update.
Look forward for my next update guys. Lurvesssss!

Nevertheless, the pics of the night.
That's it for the spam
More pics will be coming soon.

That's it then.
Until next time.