Thursday, October 29, 2009

♥ Can't read your pokerface.

♥Love & To Be Loved

I wonder why good things always come to an end?
It just doesn't make sense.
Everything started flawless but the ending of stories shattered into fractions.

I know, people says that life's imperfect and there's always matter for regret.
I get it yet all these unexpected facts and reality are such a cruel blow.
The unbelievably fragile friendships & the materialistic selfish relatives ?
I don't get it, how could they do something that certainly hurt me while I truly deeply sincerely treat 'em as my dearest one?
You won't understand such feeling unless you go through this yourself.
It sucks, BIG TIME. :(

Come to the worst, you don't even know the reason they turned their back against you.
Which makes you hell miserable & lost.
& seriously, i feel like a fool.

In a word, things OFTEN do not come out what you expected.
As you grow up, the disappointment is growing more & more obvious . Heck!
Honestly? I hope to decelerate or simply stop the time.
Can i retrieve the innocent & pure cheeriness in the past?
What to do? You tell me .

xoxo. Signingoff.