Friday, July 30, 2010

♥She is love; He is love. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

I caught some lines from Beverly Hills 90210.
It's really meaningful :) & of course it makes sense!

She likes flowers. Well, all girls like flower.
But he never ever brought her flowers
She used to hint him w all sort of ways.
She would hint. She would sulk. She would open magazines to photos of flowers,
but he would never ever get the clues.

Birthday, Valentine's Day, no flowers.
Finally, she came up w something very crafty, very clever.

She said, " I want flowers. " :)

You see, people aren't mind readers. Even people who are really close.
If you upset w someone or unhappy w what they did, you can't expect them to just know that.
you have to tell them and be direct. That's the way to really sort things out. :)

With much lurves,


Saturday, July 24, 2010

♥Smile Because It Happened. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Don't frown, even when life lets you down.

Smile cause smile holds more meaning than words :)

Smile because fate brought us together :)

Smile because you want to see someone smiling back at you too ;)

Smile because you don't know how much it means to someone :)

Afterall, smile is a curve that sets everything right :)

To someone:
Do smile always, alright? 'cause that makes me smile too :)


Thursday, July 15, 2010

♥ Can’t Help But Wait.

Nothing much to update about my holiday. That's one of the reasons why I didn't update my blog.

Pretty much about lazing around home sweet home w a good novel or yum char or movies w friends.

Haven't get the pichas from friend for dinner at Vintage Bulgari, still. I'm getting a lil' bit impatient already -.-

Supposed to head KL last Saturday, failed.

No, no Genting please.

Langkawi, I think somebody should plan it w redoubled care. Gawd.

Perlis & Ipoh & Taiping :)

I wish my plans could work. *fingers crossed*

BTW, I'm pretty disappointed recently. I'm not being emo though, my Tian Ran babe! Lol ;)

I really don't appreciate people who treat friendship like substitution. Like, friends are important IF & ONLY IF you don't have a boyfriend or boy friend to accompany you.

And when there's one, you don't give a fck damn about friends. *insert eye-rolling here*

So, whatever.

Went for sleepover at darling's :) Beloved Ying.

I miss her already :(

Yours truly.


Friday, July 9, 2010

♥What If I'm a Russian Spy?

♥Love & To Be Loved

Well, this is my first time writing a post HOPING to win the chance to catch SALT movie premier & of course *take off my glasses*, yea, I'm eye-ing on you: Sony bloggie™ camera worth RM899! Hee!

I'm a movie freak. I watch every movie at cinema. & call me crazy, I even watched twice for most of 'em!

So here we go.

First thing first, What If I'm a Russian Spy?

I mean helloo? Me, a spy? Seriously, look at me. I have no criteria that a spy should have.

1. I'll make sure I undergo some surgery.

Can't you see every girl spy is smoking hawt w gorgeous face & not to mention jaw-dropping curvey body!

& of course the mission would be a piece of cake for a beauty!
At least it's easier for 'em to get close to a target. Accept it, blonde hottie is irresistible ;)
Okay, let's ask the guy's opinion. Do you guys melt seeing someone who looks like this? *See Below*

Sarah Walker from Chuck.
p/s: Make sure I work on my weight to squeeze myself into the typical spy outfits like this -.-

So guys? Of course you do ;)

2. I'll make sure I improve my driving skills in order to stay alive.

Besides all the crazy martial arts moves, best fights & stunts going on in a spy movie, the most awaiting scenes for me would be all the car races & crashes I could possibly desire.

I would LOVE to lay my hands on those sexy sport cars, IF & ONLY IF I improve my driving skills -.-

3. Get a hot hunk as my partner ;)

I don't think I need to explain much here.
Pichas ll do the talk :)

Bryce Larkins from the Chuck.

Or this?
Daniel Shaw from Chuck.
Ahh... I'm melting :)


I think my cover would be a rich independent successful businesswoman or something who fly all over the world in order to complete my mission! *smirks happily, I wish Lol*
I live in a big fabulous villa w all sorts of jaw-dropping high tech equipments which are, of course, for the sake of my missions la.

Then my mission would be collecting secret information & tracking down the bad guys. After that I'll leave, *scratch that* I mean pass the subsequent works to the other spies.

Again, I wish my first contesting post could win the Premier screen ticket! :D
& of course......

Sony bloggie™ camera worth RM899!

p/s: Please comment on my blog & click my ads people. Lurvessss.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

♥My Life, My Everything. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

For those who know me for long, they would not be surprised w all of the album folders I have in my lappie.

Well erm, there’s quite a lot ;)

I love to take pichas & keep them because it feels really great to reminisce those moments by looking back all of ‘em.

So yea, less wordy post here. I’m gonna spam my post w a lot of pichas ;)

Mois Fabuless Event.

Forgot to bring cam, hence no picha! :(

Some Hard Rock poolside event. Before i have my hair cut short.

My girls.

The lurves.

The gorgeous bffs.

Okay, silly candid. I dont know what were we doing.

Friendsssss :)

KL trip!
I really miss Pasta Zanmai can!

Too early for Genting wei! :(
Haha! See i told you. Rise & shine babes! ;)

All got forced by me to go Dinosaur Land & Merry Go Round. LOL.

Emo kid -.-

Drink @ V's hostel. After that got chased by the guards wtf.

Guys, I so not look like a secretary here la please :/
I'm glad that I changed my specs.
Classic. Lol. Before M.O.S.

1st day outing w the lurve after holiday! Everything is cleared :)

Before i have my hair dyed. :) Ignore my red nose. Cried like crazy while watching movie.

Tambun. They tagged me for every fish :/
Even this. Aftermath.

Ignore my hideous face. Miss them! :(

Sunset Bistro!

Vivi. The cutest girl ever! :)

Babe, Lillian.

Alright, I'll end the post by vain pichas of mine.
Yours sincerely, Caryne Ze Fish.