Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is effing stress!

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Oh god! Long procrastination due to the final.
My blog is so dead.
Thanks to the lame hostel wireless connection as well.
It's been 3 days I cant go online.

Speaking of which, i gotta back to study already~ :S

Will update once the final end.
All the best to me!

xo xo. Caryne.

Monday, October 20, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

徘徊于 空白的回忆
穿梭于 杂乱的思绪

那些 触碰我心弦的
模糊我视线的 片断

如今 零零碎碎

曾试着回想 什么毕生难忘的
无奈 只扯痛头脑

回忆 锁不进内心城堡
也不能在想翻开来看时就拆封 解剖

时光荏苒 白驹过隙
时间从右手指缝间掠过 左手也抓不紧点点回忆

太多悲伤 太少欢乐
太多分离 太少相聚

回忆 总在隔壁

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Went out with bff, Ying darl on Monday.
I always like to hang out with her~
She's shopaholic and we always get to cam-whore all the way!
Asked my hunny to go along as well, to be our camera-man.
Though he did not play his role in the end! -.-
Asked cheryl to join us, but she was too tired.
T.T and then she changed her mind, hence sms me.
When she got to know we reached qb, she changed her mind AGAIN.
As a conclusion, she did not join us -.-

And oh, darl, just so you know, your new haircut look nice and i FREAKING love your curl!
Dont you ever dare to make it disappear~ -.- lol!

Cam-whoring at Esprit and I looked hedious in All OF THE PICS!
Thanks to the double eyelid sticker which ruined my makeup! Grr~

Speaking of which, Y said her darl was not coming cus of his sis's birthday.
But i had a strong feeling that her darl will appear from nowhere to give her a surprise!

That was when we were lacking in Sasa, the sales girl shouted,'welcome to SaSa~'
And there he was, Y's bf~
She was um, sorta shocked! =X
Aww, what a sweet surprise!
I was indeed so damn envy her~ T.T

Next, we watched 'Painted Skin'.
Hunny and I watched for second time. xD

I was enjoying the movie, um, both of us were!
Pics can prove~ -.-

Lemon eye brightener in Skin Food.

As for mine,
things were like out of control and absolutely whimsicality!
Hell ya, i wish to know why!

I'm being humorsome.
Sometimes, i rather sorry for the mood swing.
Well, do you ever think about there're no waves without wind; there's no smoke without fire?

I'm sick of my hair and Y encourages me try on new hairstyle in which a trifle of waves in the end of hair.
I always want to try this hairstyle BUT um
Well, she knows i'm phobia of curl O_O She knows why xD

I finally bought my fave Esprit shirt! And so, I declare myself BROKE! -.-

TT Player Keep Repeating:
Britney Spears- Womanizer!

Can you believe that? I'm actually posting up my hedious pics! wtf?!
Ah, nevermind! Since my bff, Y looked charming, as always. (:(:(:

When thinspo met fatass!
When big eyes met fsmall eyes! XD

Friday, October 10, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Standing ovation for Pretty Ass-Cheryl to join blogging world!
Anyone who wish to access to her blog,
simply click for the link 'PRETTY ASS-CHERYL' on my sidebar! *or here*


Recently, it took me quite a time to get me to sleep.
Hell no, i did not caught insomnia. Not even close.
Tension that i'm having now is not so serious to caused me so. :p
However, i skipped MPW class to do her assignment, and ACCIDENTALLY skipped Management class.

But my lappie did annoyed me.
It has so many problems that sometimes I wished I could just throw it away. =X
Though i cant. -.-
I still love it lah anyway.

And somebody poo poo in the hostel bathroom!
Now the whole bathroom is goddamn stink and it makes me wanna puke.
Wtf wtf wtf! Have you guys out of your mind?
We are all grown up and I think POO POO in the toilet is FDAMN easy common sense that we all ought to know right?!
So dont behave as if you have no common sense!
Grow up and act like one!
For god's sake, even a 7-year-old kid would not do such silly brainless things.
Enough said.

Congratz my darling for getting excellent result in her test.
Keep it up, my dear!

As for holiday, i was super excited for spending few days with my Vv darl in penang.
We went shopping and too bad did not take alot of pics.
We supposed to be cam-whoring all the way -.-
But dont ask me why we were not. O_O

I guess i'm getting fatter and fatter that i dont have passion in taking pics anymore?
FYI, my darl is getting thinner and thinner!
Speaking of which, me, as the fattest woman on earth, still got craving for food and indulgence!
I keep proscratinating on my diet plan
Oh gosh, this is so not happening!

HOWEVER, we crapped alot!
A pig and a fish squeezed themselves on single bed for 3 nights!
How amazing was that? xD
And of course, crapping, gossiping, heart-to-heart talk and LOL like nobody's business~
Darl get along well with my roommate O_O
Both of them even cooperate to 'perli' me -.-
i should've never pair them up. jkjk ^^

My holiday week at home.
1. Sis was back from matrix and another two sis were having holiday.

2. Went shopping with family at Jusco.

3. Our family kept going out almost everyday for the weekends.

And that's all.

I'm so damn addicted to gossip girl!
Oh chuck bass, i just love him so much! =X

B and Chuck are so meant to be together!
What a perfect and enviable couple~

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Songs in My Heart. Melody.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

My blog was coated in dust! *Wipe the dust off~Sneeze!* =X
Hell ya, i abandoned my blog for some time.
I have no idea what the hell is going on with my hostel wireless connection!
We couldnt online at all!
For god's sake, can anyone just fix that?!
Mr. Micheal Yap, how do you expect us to do our assignments?!
This is just ridiculous! Grr~
AND OH! I cant even download my Gossip Girl! Wtf?!

Speaking of which, LOADS and LOADS of assignments were distributed and due date is just around the corner! O_O
Got the result for Marketing test 1, it sucks, as I expected.
Well, what do I expect more? Wrong analyzing for the question,therefore wrote the wrong points. Sigh.
I am goddamn dumb.

Vv Darling caught insomnia last night.
Am so worrying about her.
Idk how to comfort her. Noob huh?
Luckily ying darl was beside me and she taught Vv darl how to cope with such situation.
And she also made her laughed. (:
I guess she felt better afterwards.

Darling, take it easy.
I totally understand Pharmacy is not an easy course.
But since you're in, that means you are endowed with such talent.
You got the requisition qualifications for this course!
So do not worry.
What you have to do now is-

And um, get yourself some french fries whenever you feel stress. ^^
Love ya LOADS, tsk tsk!

Next, happy belated birthday to our birthday boy, CHIAM KER YI~
Ying darl and I are missing you SO DAMN MUCH! (:

Oh, i miss cheese cake!
It's my favorite indulgence~ xD

Will post up something about my recent life soon.
So long, ciaoz.

♥ TT Player playing old songs:
Goo Goo Dolls- Iris.
Colby O'donis ft Akon- What You Got.
Taylor Swift- Change.
Beyonce- Listen.