Wednesday, October 15, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Went out with bff, Ying darl on Monday.
I always like to hang out with her~
She's shopaholic and we always get to cam-whore all the way!
Asked my hunny to go along as well, to be our camera-man.
Though he did not play his role in the end! -.-
Asked cheryl to join us, but she was too tired.
T.T and then she changed her mind, hence sms me.
When she got to know we reached qb, she changed her mind AGAIN.
As a conclusion, she did not join us -.-

And oh, darl, just so you know, your new haircut look nice and i FREAKING love your curl!
Dont you ever dare to make it disappear~ -.- lol!

Cam-whoring at Esprit and I looked hedious in All OF THE PICS!
Thanks to the double eyelid sticker which ruined my makeup! Grr~

Speaking of which, Y said her darl was not coming cus of his sis's birthday.
But i had a strong feeling that her darl will appear from nowhere to give her a surprise!

That was when we were lacking in Sasa, the sales girl shouted,'welcome to SaSa~'
And there he was, Y's bf~
She was um, sorta shocked! =X
Aww, what a sweet surprise!
I was indeed so damn envy her~ T.T

Next, we watched 'Painted Skin'.
Hunny and I watched for second time. xD

I was enjoying the movie, um, both of us were!
Pics can prove~ -.-

Lemon eye brightener in Skin Food.

As for mine,
things were like out of control and absolutely whimsicality!
Hell ya, i wish to know why!

I'm being humorsome.
Sometimes, i rather sorry for the mood swing.
Well, do you ever think about there're no waves without wind; there's no smoke without fire?

I'm sick of my hair and Y encourages me try on new hairstyle in which a trifle of waves in the end of hair.
I always want to try this hairstyle BUT um
Well, she knows i'm phobia of curl O_O She knows why xD

I finally bought my fave Esprit shirt! And so, I declare myself BROKE! -.-

TT Player Keep Repeating:
Britney Spears- Womanizer!

Can you believe that? I'm actually posting up my hedious pics! wtf?!
Ah, nevermind! Since my bff, Y looked charming, as always. (:(:(:

When thinspo met fatass!
When big eyes met fsmall eyes! XD