Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Songs in My Heart. Melody.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

My blog was coated in dust! *Wipe the dust off~Sneeze!* =X
Hell ya, i abandoned my blog for some time.
I have no idea what the hell is going on with my hostel wireless connection!
We couldnt online at all!
For god's sake, can anyone just fix that?!
Mr. Micheal Yap, how do you expect us to do our assignments?!
This is just ridiculous! Grr~
AND OH! I cant even download my Gossip Girl! Wtf?!

Speaking of which, LOADS and LOADS of assignments were distributed and due date is just around the corner! O_O
Got the result for Marketing test 1, it sucks, as I expected.
Well, what do I expect more? Wrong analyzing for the question,therefore wrote the wrong points. Sigh.
I am goddamn dumb.

Vv Darling caught insomnia last night.
Am so worrying about her.
Idk how to comfort her. Noob huh?
Luckily ying darl was beside me and she taught Vv darl how to cope with such situation.
And she also made her laughed. (:
I guess she felt better afterwards.

Darling, take it easy.
I totally understand Pharmacy is not an easy course.
But since you're in, that means you are endowed with such talent.
You got the requisition qualifications for this course!
So do not worry.
What you have to do now is-

And um, get yourself some french fries whenever you feel stress. ^^
Love ya LOADS, tsk tsk!

Next, happy belated birthday to our birthday boy, CHIAM KER YI~
Ying darl and I are missing you SO DAMN MUCH! (:

Oh, i miss cheese cake!
It's my favorite indulgence~ xD

Will post up something about my recent life soon.
So long, ciaoz.

♥ TT Player playing old songs:
Goo Goo Dolls- Iris.
Colby O'donis ft Akon- What You Got.
Taylor Swift- Change.
Beyonce- Listen.